How to Create an Amazing Social Media Calendar

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How to Create an Amazing Social Media Calendar

Social media is all about posting content on a consistent basis and if your brand isn’t putting out enough content week after week, people might start to lose interest and unfollow the account altogether.

Now, we don’t want you to think that you need to be posting 5 times per day in order to avoid people unfollowing your account, but instead, think you should be posting at a good ratio while still being able to mix things up an experiment in an organized fashion.

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This is where a social media calendar can help you out since it lets you pan out all of the content in a given month (or weeks if you don’t want to plan that much) and lets you see how your posts would look when posted and gives you a better picture of what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your content.

In this article, we’ll show you what you need to do in order to create a solid social media calendar. So, let’s dive into it.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

First, you should know which platforms work best for your brand and the type of content you should be creating for it.

Most brands tend to go with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as their main accounts but we like when companies go for other platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest since they are taking the risk and seeing if it works for their brand or not.

It’s hard to get any results on social media if you are only on one social media platform, so if your brand isn’t in more than one platform, you should consider expanding!

Don’t Forget Any Special Day!

It might be easy to forget important days when creating a content calendar, more if they’re not as common, (we’re talking about you, pizza day) but still, you should create a reminder to check if there are any close by before you start creating any content at all!

After you know which dates you want to include in your calendar, double check if they fit with your brand!

If they do match your brand, take a moment to see how you could make it stand out to the other thousands of brands who will be trying to use those same days to their advantage.

Creating a post for these dates before you even begin with your brand’s ‘core’ content is great if you want to know how to organize your calendar around those days!

Learn to Mix Your Content.

Although we suggest you use the calendar to organize all of your social media content, we don’t advise you to create all of your content the same!

This means you shouldn’t be posting the same type of picture with a similar caption every single time or you’ll risk boring your followers.

Learn to change things up by creating a different style of post from time to time.

If you post images with short captions, why don’t you create a post with a long and in-depth caption?

If your brand’s images are starting to look stale on Instagram, why not post a video or create a carousel-type post where you can show your content in a more engaging way?

The idea is to always try to look for ways you can make your brand stand out with its content.

Take Advantage of Each Social Media Platform

Another point to take into consideration when creating your content calendar is where the content itself is going to be posted. Not only because each social media has it’s own image sizes, (which is important to know too) but because each platform has its own set of features.

You should take into consideration creating content for Instagram stories for example, or setting a time and topic for a live broadcast on Facebook.

Brands like Wilson love to take advantage of Instagram’s stories by creating polls and seeing what type of products their followers like more and then adjusting their stock.


Other brands use Facebook live to interact with their followers and do sort of a Q&A with them.

There are thousands of other ways brands all over the world use these features, so start testing them!

So now that you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your social media calendar, you can start creating content for it in an organized fashion and never run out of content ideas again!




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