Top 8 Shopify Apps to Up Your Sales Game + Bonus

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Top 8 Shopify Apps to Up Your Sales Game + Bonus

Selling your products or services on Shopify may seem like it’s near impossible sometimes since you have to juggle so many things at the time in order to make it happen that you might be thinking of quitting altogether.

We got a better plan than quitting that you might want to read! We are going to show you the best apps people are using in order to get better leads and sales in general for their Shopify powered business.

Persistent Cart

We’ve all been there when shopping online in place other than Amazon and add a lot of products to the cart and leave because you are not sure if you want to buy it all, so when you go back to see what you picked all the items are GONE.

This app solves that and takes away the frustration of having to add every single item to the cart every time you enter the site.

It may sound like a simple app that doesn't do much to some but it helps you sale more by saving the customers time!

Bulk Discounts

This app made by Shopify lets you create thousands of discount codes with easy to follow steps. All of the unique codes can be configured to a single time use, limited use or an unlimited amount of uses.

It also lets you track a code by giving it a unique prefix in order to see how many times it has been used and it calculates the conversion rates of the discounts set.


Getting new people hooked on buying your products is harder than having to sell the same products to a customer which has bought from you before, that’s why this app was created!

They don’t want to focus on new clients because they understand it takes an extra effort to make them buy a product from you, instead, they focus on the existing customers by showing them a loyalty program that is easy to enter and beneficial for them.

Swell gives customers the opportunity to grab points in different ways, it could be by creating an account, sharing the brand on social media, referring friends and many more!

Their idea is for you to not get caught up in strict marketing rules and make the experience better for the customer by giving them rewards for sharing and caring about the brand!


This app is one that lets you create an AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger which can help you drive your audience from your Facebook page to your website.

Chattypeople is simple to use and you can design a functional bot in a matter of hours! You don’t know how to code? No problem! You won’t need to touch a single line of code in order to create your first bot.

You can use this regardless of what your brand is about, meaning that you don’t need a company with 200 employees in order to make it useful.

Out of Stock

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a lot of sales on a specific product and then running out of stock. This app lets customers pre-order items that you don’t have in your inventory yet.

By doing this you can prevent losing revenue due to high demand and be able to alert people via social media and mail to go and pre-order new items.

Although it’s a simple app, most brands need it at some point in their journey, so it’s better to have it active as soon as possible.


One of the biggest problems brands face is not knowing how to keep growing on a consistent basis without having to waste more than half of their revenue to achieve it.

Sumo created a solution for companies around the world who are looking to grow organically, it’s called Sumo Shortcuts.

Sumo lets you grow your email list, increase average order value, convert window shoppers, and even reduce the amount of time people leave their carts without purchasing anything.

If you still aren’t sure if Sumo is for you then you can go and sign up and try their 14-day trial session in order to see how good if a fit it is for your store!

Easy Google Shopping Feed

Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process.


Does this seem like too much for you to be doing on top of managing your brand? We can help you out! Check out our services here!

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