10 Benefits of Hiring The Wegacha Team to Write Your Blog Posts

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10 Benefits of Hiring The Wegacha Team to Write Your Blog Posts

Writing a blog is not so hard, but sit down and think about this: do you have enough time to select the topic you will write about, the keywords you will need and the target audience you want to convince?

Since the Internet has become one of the most powerful tools to boost a business, content marketing agencies are increasingly becoming one of the best ways to advertise the products or services you want to sell.

You are your brand, and the functions of a good content marketing agency are similar to the ones from a school or a nanny: they take care of your little ones, and try to introduce them to new knowledge and games that will boost them to be better people when you come back for them. Well… at least that happens when the school you chose hires excellent teachers and your nanny really looks after your children with love and dedication.

Keeping your blog on will be exactly the same, and it is the hardest part, and the one that many brands should care about: you know how professional your brand is, but convincing others is the real deal. For that reason, we are proud to show you Wegacha, the best way to save time and money and, at the same time, take care of your brand without too much effort.

Here are 10 reasons why you should think of hiring Wegacha if you want to boost your business!

1. 100% Unique and Original

Why do so many agencies fail on content creation? It's because they do not care about creating, and this is the main reason why agencies are commissioned. The same happens with designers, architects, actors… if they repeat, they annoy, and people will always see it!

Writers are content creators, but some of them just copy and paste from other articles, and people know when this happens: it is not necessary for ordinary individuals to have a tool that searches for copied content; people just know when something is not original because they are the ones exposed to this type of content every single day! They are the target audience, and they want fresh flavors to taste, not the rotten ones left to attract flies.

2. We are not an agency

You might ask: 'Why is that a benefit?'. Well, unlike agencies, we don't ask you to sign contracts and agree to a minimum number of words before we work on your project.
Sounds great, right?

    3. High-quality articles at the fairest price possible

    Without having to pay extra fees for extra people that will give you the same results, your articles will have a great quality to leave the best impression on customers. And we will make sure that your website gets the expected number of visitors and more, if possible.

    4. Your time is yours

    As we said before, you won’t have to worry about your blog content because we will do everything for you. You just have to take care of your visitors once they start commenting, asking questions… or just visiting!

    5. Professional content writers

    Let us know what you want to achieve with the content and we'll get the right person for the job to make it happen. Could you find it simpler in any other place?

    6. We provide solutions

    If you don’t know what you want (it happens more than you think), we can brainstorm with you until we come up with the right message you want to convey!

    7. Content for each and every social network

    In Wegacha we know that a content posted on Facebook won’t have the same impact on LinkedIn or Twitter, so we know the best way to reach out to your target audience.

    8. We are your own Content Marketing department

    Wegacha does what you need so you don't have to hire a whole team for Content Marketing. One thing is hiring people for the Marketing department, and another thing is hiring people for the Content department.

    • The former is necessary if you need to launch effective campaigns in order to get to reach more people.
    • The latter is not that necessary, because even when it is important for you as a brand, you don’t really need to hire a full team of people with schedules and a fixed salary to write articles from time to time.

    9. If a writer is not the right one, you can always ask for another

    That’s one of the best advantages. We have writers that can meet your requirements, and if your writer turns out to be unfamiliar with the project's topic, you can ask for another one. End of story.

    10.The best talent is here

    And if you consider this article is not enough to speak for itself… what else would do it?

    Do you want more advantages? Wegacha can describe tons of them, but we are completely sure your experience with us will be the great. Try us: questions are for free!


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