The McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight - Top 10 Marketing Lessons to Learn

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The McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight - Top 10 Marketing Lessons to Learn

For sport lovers the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight was the biggest and most expected event of the year, everyone was excited to see how it would go. For those who don’t like sports it was an opportunity to begin watching and enjoying it. From the young to the oldest people were attentive to the results and how it would develop.

Why, you may ask. What’s the difference between this and any other fight? The marketing process involved in it. Both participants are great at building their brand, and letting people know who they are. Both are more are than just athletes, they both have a brand name that attracts not only sponsors, but thousands of viewers.

Everyone in the marketing world is going crazy over it, and it is no surprise. A fight that was considered the event of the decade, with earnings over $100 million, has definitely many lessons to teach to both, marketers and entrepreneurs.

  • Create yourself an image: Think of the main values of your brand, which is it directed to, what benefits it has to offer, and how it can improve consumer’s life. What’s your brand personality and believes. Once you have this figure out, work towards letting people know who you are. If we look at McGregor social media we see a “bad guy” tattooed, who loves fast cars and sports, isn’t it the living image of a fighter? His presence in social media leaves no doubt of whom he is, and what he does.
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Let’s see some tips on how present an image that goes accordingly to your business:

  • Your image must explain what you do without using words. Social media is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to brand themselves. Many people turn to Facebook to search for companies, so make sure when they look for you they understand what you do just looking at your pictures.
  • Be consistent: Avoid posting random images that may confuse your audience, keep them engage by sticking to the theme and image you choose for your brand.
  • Focus on you audience, get to know who they are and what is the best way to attract them. It is impossible to engage everyone to your brand, so make sure your direct your efforts towards those who are really likely to become buyers.
  • Define your voice: If we look at McGregor we can see he’s a heavy trash talker, it is the way he is and it works for him, it is not forced, but it’s part of his personality and it’s what makes many people follow him. He speaks his mind without fear or inhibition, and his fans identify with him. His voice represent what he is and does, there’s coherence in every part of him.
  • Produce results: Imagine that besides his entire “bad guy” look and branding strategies, when put on the ring McGregor would be terrible a fighter, would he still have so many followers? Would so many people support him and his brand? The answer is a clear NO. So it is necessary that you focus not only on creating your brand and your voice but also to deliver what you promise, otherwise, you’ll get a lot of people disappointed and that’s probably one of the worst things that could happen to your brand. Remember that we can consider as results anything that can give faith of what your business has to offer.
  • Breathe confidence: When looking at McGregor and Mayweather you can easily see both fighters are confident they are the best fighter, and have no doubt they can easily beat anyone. This self-confidence is key in earning your consumer’s trust. If you believe in your abilities and in the quality of your products and services people will come to you for solutions. Just remember there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance, you need proof that backs you up.
  • Be unique: Look at your competitors, analyze what they are doing, and what things they are missing so you can work hard on offering exactly that, those elements they don’t have. Imitating successful business won’t get you loyal customers, authenticity will. The best way to stand out from the crowd is by giving your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. Find your brand’s true essence and let it impregnate every aspect of your marketing strategies.
  • Keep an “over the top” element: People love excitement, anticipation, that’s why the crazy or even exaggerated lifestyle that Connor McGregor keeps has his followers on to everything he does. He’s loud, confident and can even be considered as fearless. Of course, this definition does not apply to every business, but keeping one element that gives this surprise “over the top” sensation to your followers is a great way to keep them talking about your brand. By giving them anticipation and excitement you are ensuring yourself followers who keep constantly checking up on you, and waiting to see what new things you have to offer.
  • Build the right team: Neither Mayweather nor McGregor would be in the top where they are today, without the team of coaches, counselors, sponsors, managers. This same rule applies to any business; you need a team with the bests to support your job. It is impossible that one single person manages all the aspects in branding a company. Make sure you surround yourself with A+ professional who are as passionate as you are about your business. They need to believe in your brand as much as you do. Have you ever heard someone talk so good about the company they work for that it has made you empathize with them? Find people who want to grow along with your business.
  • Be consistent: Once you’ve found your image and voice, stick to it. Don’t let too much time go by without posting, but at the same time avoid putting up too much content that will make you look spammy. You need to find the balance, offer your followers high quality content every time in a way that everything is connected. If you look at Macgregor’s social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you’ll notice how all of his posts are related and consistent without falling into creating spam. His main goal through social media is to keep followers up to date with his schedules, training and events, and to follow the brands he sponsors. Your goal is to attract and convert leads, exposing your brand and letting people know who you are.

You don’t need to spend too much time on weekly basis for your social media; you can use tools such as Hootsuite, for planning your monthly queue of posts

  • Social media can be enough for your branding: When you Google Connor McGregor the first results that show up are his social media accounts rather than his website. He is the living proof that social media, when used right, can be more than enough to create your brand. People look for real interaction, they like to know what is going on with him, the same applies for companies, if you constantly post high quality content that adds value to your customers they will not only follow you, but share it bringing new leads to you. By keeping social media active allowing followers to check your content out, you will give them the opportunity to interact with you, knowing your business better.

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  • Accept and overcome loss: After losing the fight, McGregor didn’t change his approach or lost confidence, in fact completely the opposite; he talked about it with as a learning process, a challenge to overcome. Social media gives you the opportunity to redeem yourself after a failure. Use these negative situations as a chance to learn and overcome setbacks, it is part of marketing your brand. Accept that mistakes and bad things happen, but it doesn’t mean the end of your business, use it to learn and come back stronger.

One important way to help your business succeed is take every opportunity to learn from the bests and apply the strategies that worked for them, adapting them to suit your needs and features. Whenever a big event like this takes place, analyze it from every point of view and take the best and the worst of it, thinking on how things are done on such a big scale.

Neither of this men are marketers or advertisers but they both understand how to earn followers and keep them attentive on what they are up to, keeping track of every one of their steps and support them along the way.

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