10 reasons why Content Marketing really worth it

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10 reasons why Content Marketing really worth it

Of course Content Marketing really worth it! Here are 10 reason (and maybe more) for us to say it out loud:


1) It takes organic visibility higher

It is proven that the coherent and quality content is much more likely to be positioned in search engines organically. Curiously more than a half of  today websites traffic comes from its content than from the services pages or homepages themselves. Organic growth is the best way that brands have managed to increase their exposure to new potential customers and help with information those already achieved . It is very important for brands to become a valuable source of help during the purchase process and even after it. This helps increase not only the traffic but also the profits. Here you can learn more about it.

2) It shows reliability and credibility to the public

The reliability and credibility projected to the public at the moment of having contact with them via web is fundamental . A good way to develop this connection is to show testimonials and experiences reviews of customers satisfied with the brand. This will not only expose the values ​​of the company, but also generate trust among the public and motivate them to share their information more calmly and without reservations.

Good content, characterized by knowledge and professionalism, also offers the possibility of showing the brand as the most knowledgeable in terms of what is offered, increasing public trust among the public.


3) It shows professionalism and fair play to search engines

Credibility not only should be projected towards the public, but also towards search engines, which at the end define the place of your website in the list of recommendations under its parameters and algorithms. Therefore, when optimizing content, you must follow all established rules and demonstrate your expertise, your values, your authority and integrity. If you do it properly, you'll win a very good spot and more traffic.

4) It allows you to accompany the public in all buying stages

The creation of a content strategy that accompanies the public until they become customers is extremely beneficial. When creating content, the objectives should be expanded and begin by placing the focus in the phase of attraction, persuasion and convincement of the public, once they become buyers, they should also be accompanied during the process of acquiring the product, good or service to make them the process easier, using, for example, a purchase manual. Finally we go further, once they have become buyers, they can be followed up to know their satisfaction level and project this to future customers, completing a cycle. Here are some valuable tips that could be helpful.

5) It make things easier for the public

Today, practically all knowledge and information is just a click away, making life easier for everyone, so you should not underestimate the public and leave it to their fate. The brands must also be immersed in that spectrum and offer content that includes absolutely all the necessary information about it, from its origin to the methods of purchase, going through all the necessary data of what is intended to sell (especially if it is a product , good or complex service) to the contacts information. This way no sale opportunity will be missed.

6) Content marketing is for everybody

Content Marketing, unlike Digital Marketing, has the advantage that it works on its own in all sales sectors, whether for B2B or B2C publics. Both are always going to need valuable and detailed information about what they need to buy, here is where content will make its special entrance.


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7) Emotions have a huge impact

Regardless of the business sector for which Content Marketing is created, it must always be friendly and easy to understand. If the sector is not estrictly serious it could be fittable to develop content based on emotions, feelings and humor. These factors are the most successful in social media, which is one of the most used platforms today. It is in social media where the customers fidelity usually strengthened, and they themselves become multipliers of the brand messages, that is why content must always have enough quality.

8) It brings you closer to customers

Content Marketing offers the opportunity to get very close to the public. After doing a research work you can determine the most specific needs, concerns and interests of potential clients, and based on the results, you can segment the population according to these criteria and create content aimed to especially those segments, generating empathy and motivating them to become buyers.

9) It creates brand awareness

Creating brand awareness stopped been so difficult and expensive since Content Marketing came up. A simple shopping manual or a funny video that goes viral on social media can be the first stage of a long relationship between a brand and a new customer. Creativity and professionalism are the key to make a wonderful presentation card.

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10) Content works long after publishing

Content Marketing usually has a longer shelf life than any other piece. However, in order to keep it always fresh it requires a process of renewal and constant updating, depending on how the business universe in question evolves. Maybe that evolution does not occur at such a frenetic pace, that way the content will last and it won't be necessary to create more day after day.


11) To infinity and beyond... blogs

Beyond blogs, there is currently a very wide range of platforms in which Content Marketing can be published and developed, such as LinkedIn, Medium and YouTube. Even spaces that can be created by companies to share more closely with its customers, answer their concerns, ask for suggestions and offer them exclusive benefits. This can generate more traffic and more exposure to the brand.


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