4 Things Digital Marketers Need to Stop Doing

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4 Things Digital Marketers Need to Stop Doing

When people think of marketing they assume most of their work has to do with bringing sales and conversions towards their brand. While this is true, the biggest amount of work marketers have to put into a business comes in finding new ways of gaining the attention of new people who might be interested in their products.

It's an experiment full of trials and errors which could be easier by avoiding some key mistakes marketers tend to make with brands all too often.

Creating Little To No Content.

It doesn't matter if your working in a B2B or B2C environment, your main goal should be to post as much content as you can.

Most brands, especially in the B2B scene think they shouldn't be posting every day on the social media platforms they're on because it wouldn't attract any new leads and it would be a waste of resources and time which could be used to create articles for their blog.

Yes, when creating content for business professionals, it's better to create written content like blog posts since they will have a higher click rate than videos, but in a world which is shifting to a new generation of people who have been watching videos and using social media for most of their life, do you think it's good to forget about it?

We recommend companies working in a B2B environment to create a video and blog post of the same idea so you can reach a bigger amount of people with your content.

They should also be posting content talking about news in their industry on their social media on a consistent basis, daily if it's possible.

Now, brands working in a B2C scene think that creating content on social media is the only way they should be doing it. More times than not, they aren't even on several social media platforms, but rather focus most of their attention to a platform like Instagram.

Yes, Instagram is the most popular social media platform right now, but what happens if all of a sudden it disappears? Will your social media presence disappear with it too?

Need a killer Instagram account?

Brands should be thinking of all social media platforms when creating content, not only the ones that are "popular" because we never know what could happen in the future.

Another big mistake which happens a lot with B2C companies is they forget to create blog posts and content that goes deeper than their normal posts on social media.

We're talking about an article that gives people actionable steps into doing something or informs them of something in a specific niche. (kind of like this article)

The beautiful thing about it is that you can use the article to create content for your social media accounts by sharing the link, using part of the article as an idea or even sharing it like a blog post for platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.

This means you will be able to create more content for social media by creating content for your website! That's a win/win in our book!

A perfect example of a company that creates a lot of content both for their blog and for their social media accounts is Native Instruments. It doesn't matter in what type of industry your in, your goal should be to create the amount of quality content that Native Instruments is making.

Their Content is Boring

Great, so now you have a consistent flow of content for the brand on every single platform, but there is a problem, your content isn't appealing.

We have to stop thinking content topped to the brim with information is the only way to go. You can create amazing posts for social media with little to no content as well as you could create a blog post with thousands of words which is annoying to read.

Like we talked about in the beginning, a digital marketer's goal is to bring the attention of the consumer towards the brand, but if the content they create makes newspaper ads look interesting, then there's a problem.

You shouldn't be afraid of putting in a bit of wit to your content from time to time, people get bored FAST and they know there are other brands out there with a similar product and maybe better content.

Here at Wegacha we think that having fun and getting our audience to have fun with our content is key when it comes to getting people to fall in love with our brand in the long run.

It doesn't matter if your content is strictly B2B, make it an enjoyable experience for the reader and they'll come back time and time again.

Taking Risks Isn't In Their Vocabulary

Don't get us wrong here, we aren't telling you to go and spend all of your budget on PPC because you think it's a good idea. You will still need to research and check if the risk is worth it.

What we are saying is for you to take calculated risks. Is there a new social media platform?

Start making content tailored to it and see where it leads. The worst thing that could happen is that it never gets popular and disappears, and that is not a dealbreaker.

Are your articles getting stale? (See the reason above.) Start engaging more with the reader inside of the article by asking them questions and or using a casual approach.

Are you seeing a positive ROI when using Facebook ads? Then use more of your budget on it and take some away from places that aren't giving the brand anything.

Two things can happen when you take risks, you either mess it up and have to start all over again or you get a positive result and keep on doing it. Both results are better than not doing anything different.

They Don't Put Their Audience First

Creating content that YOU think will benefit your audience is not the same as creating content that the audience needs.

Use your social media platforms to ask them what they would like to see more of and start tweaking from there.

We recommend using Instagram Stories and putting the "poll" sticker with the ideas you think are good and letting the audience decide, or using the same poll option but on Twitter.

You will still need to come up with ideas by yourself but by asking the audience from time to time if they enjoy the content, you'll be able to change it as soon as it starts getting boring and repetitive.

Take your audience in consideration every single time your creating content and you'll be surprised at how good your content starts to perform.

Were you doing any of these or did you have all of them in check? We'd love to know!


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