Give me just 7 minutes and I’ll show you my secret formula for wealthy affiliate marketing

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Give me just 7 minutes and I’ll show you my secret formula for wealthy affiliate marketing

Every day the number of online purchases continues to get bigger and bigger. With the great benefits of online stores it is only fair to assume that eCommerce will continue to expand and grow itself every year. That’s why many people have found the internet as a source of income whether it is selling different products or services, or promoting them. Advertising on your site other people’s products is one of the best ways to earn lots and lots of money through passive income.

This is called affiliate marketing, and done correctly can become a great your best source for passive income (income while couchpotating). It is key to understand each side of this business and how this relationship works for the benefit of all parties involved.

  • Advertiser: It is the company, or person selling goods or services, it can be from beauty products to insurance policies. Anyone who is willing to pay other people to advertise and promote their product is considered an advertiser.
  • Publisher: It is person or company who promotes the advertiser’s products earning a commission for the sale. Publishers use their own website or websites to expose the product to an audience that the advertiser wouldn’t get otherwise.
  • Consumer: The final party is the consumer who purchases the product or service offered.


There are plenty of ways to become a publisher, using different strategies and means to do so, and it will all depend on you, what is your passion, find what moves you and you are good at and use that to develop a an affiliate marketer website that generates income while working on something you enjoy. Depending on the type of content you want to manage you can choose the best option for you:


  • Network and General content sites: Big media sites, with general content to specific topics usually bring a great traffic to their website.
  • Review or comparison sites/blogs: This type of website writes reviews or comparison among products of a specific niche and is directed towards a specific audience. For example, think of a beauty blog that compares different brands of make-up, suing different channels to post their content, videos, blog posts, social media, charts, etc.,
  • Solution apps: Through this media, the publisher uses an app to direct traffic to a specific product, for example, a travel app that recommends hotels and restaurants in specific areas.
  • Bloggers: They create a blog directed towards some specific audience, creating content that leads readers to the benefits of the product or service they are talking about.
  • Influencers: They are famous through social media and have an already built audience, so they recommend follower certain products, giving testimonial of their use. This term being so trendy nowadays is a great way to get a great number of people.
  • Workshops, live events and courses: Many live events are currently adopting this strategy of using the audience attending to the events to promote different advertisers. Through online courses and workshops that are usually free, or at a low cost, different products related to the information taught are promoted.

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When you choose to become a publisher, you affiliate yourself to the advertiser, set a fee that will be the percentage you will receive for the sales and start promoting their products on your website. Of course, your earnings will depend on the traffic you get to your page and the number of conversion you get done, so let’s look at the best strategies to succeed on affiliate marketing:


  • Start with only a fee niches: If you are handling 20 different niches it will be hard for you to deeper and develop properly each one. Start by choosing a small amount, so you can work closely to each one and handle them closely. Once you’ve successfully established your business you can start opening up and experiment with new ones.
  • Be honest and communicative with the advertisers: Leave every detail clear enough and be clear with the strategy you will use. Being honest will help you cultivate strong relationships that will surely benefit all parties involved.
  • Don’t depend on only one traffic source: After Google released the initial panda update on 2011 many companies lost most of its traffic due to the changes in the algorithm for ranking pages. Make sure your audience comes from different places, and as long as possible avoid renting traffic.
  • Work with periodical revenues: We all know it is true, that one single payment for $1000 is way more profitable that ten payments for $100 over a period of ten months. But, since affiliate marketing is a constantly changing business it is impossible to be sure that your initial strategy will be the same in two months. On the other hand, it is important to consider external factors, such as increase in the costs of media use, update in the Google ranking algorithms, so it is crucial that you are properly prepared to face these situations, if you receive just a yearly payment it will be very hard for you to overcome this issues. Set a monthly fee to keep the cash flow moving.
  • Add value: Don’t just focus on giving your advertisers visibility, but work towards building a brand and adding value to your consumers. Present the product as part of a whole brand identity to which consumers can feel involved, take the extra mile and add value to the products you offer.
  • Be competitive: While being an affiliate marketer gets you great benefits, it is a hard work to succeed on nowadays. You have to prove advertisers your worth, and the best way to do so is through competitive content. Analyze your competition, see what is missing from the man and offer it yourself. One big benefit you have over marketing companies is that you don’t need to go through the decision process before applying new strategies, so go for it.
  • Develop creative content: Don’t be afraid to be creative and to experiment with the content you publish, there are many options available for you to create an original content that will lead to a sales conversion anyway. Don’t settle for recommending a product, you can create solution apps, surveys, and comparison or review different products. Find creative ways to advertise with your content.
  • Be always aware of trends: If you want your website to succeed you need to advertise the right products, those who are trend and will have a high volume of demand. Seasonal trends are those that are predictable, and reach a trending peak you can prepare for; Google Trends is an excellent tool for this process. While breakout trends are unpredictable you need to keep reading about your industry, to be up-to-date to all changes and new products. Use TrendWatching to help you know what products are likely to become a trend.
  • Be mobile friendly: The number of users of smartphones in constantly growing, so it’s not a surprise to say that in 2014, 46% of ad clicks and 25% of affiliate retails sales came from mobile devices. So, if your website is compatible with mobile version you are losing a great number of traffic that might even become a sale. To make sure you website is compatible with mobile version, check it out on the Google App to check website-friendliness.
  • Focus on topics and not keywords: Instead of simply adding keywords, analyze the latest trends and think of ways to use complete descriptive phrases that better suit your product.


Now that you have the basics to get started as a publisher there are different options on where to start, one of the best available tools to do so is Wealthy Affiliate, and where starting from zero you can develop a successful site in only a few steps:


  1. Choose an interest: Think of a topic you are passionate about, something that motivates you. The website offers some pre-selected topics to help you in case you are not sure on what you want. Consider this, there are over 3 Billion people online, so any idea that you choose with the right strategies has the possibility to be successful.
  2. Build your Website: Think of it as the storefront of your business so it is key to create a beautiful, complete and mobile friendly website. All revenues will come from it, so is crucial to develop the right site; on WealthyAffiliate they offer you the best platforms to create your site, quickly and easy. It has many different options and tools, presented in such a simple way that even beginners would enjoy working with.
  3. Get visitors: The first and most important step to start earning revenues from a website is with visitors, real people to get to your site. Your possible audience will be anyone who’s online searching for information, so it is important to develop the right techniques to attract as much traffic as possible, through different means, SEO; Social Media and Pay Per Click (PPC)
  4. Get revenues: Get into the different affiliate programs and start earning money by commission, with the referrals you get to the company page you associate with.

It’s time you start earning thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer for the best products in the market.


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