7 Reasons Why Your Company Should be Using Hubspot

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7 Reasons Why Your Company Should be Using Hubspot

When people talk about an inbound marketing tool that does more than the competition, they end up going to Hubspot for the sheer amount of content and power it has.

Still, with all of its popularity, some brands don’t know why they would even give it a chance since they can do it all themselves and save some money.

We will give you 7 important reasons why you should consider going to HubSpot right now!

Let’s talk about something important first. If your company can spend a maximum of $1500 a month then you should consider using the budget on something else rather than putting $750 on HubSpot since it won’t be the best bang for your buck.

Hubspot is a tool which isn’t automated, this means you will have to invest time and effort to make it work.

Some brands would prefer to pay for people to do it but like you know, this makes your total expense go up.

1. It’s Great for an Inbound Strategy.

Hubspot’s software for marketing is one the best simply because it lets you track and analyze everything to your heart's content. This means you are able to tailor your content depending on where the user is in their journey with the company.

2. It Monitors all of the Buyer’s Journey.

When talking about inbound marketing you cannot leave out the journey your customers have to go through to get something out of the brand.

Hubspot lets you know when they first become a lead, when they become a customer, and even tells you in which page they were at.

Having the advantage to see the lifespan of leads helps you know at what point they are in the buyer’s journey and when it would be ideal for you to contact them.


3. Hubspot is Easy to Use.

The Hubspot space is simple to use even to those without knowledge in the subject by giving simple and fast analytic reports.

The simplicity of its interface lets you find all of the tools faster than with similar marketing competitors.

While anybody can use it, in order to take advantage of everything it has to offer you still have to be trained. You can still use it without the training but you won’t get all you can out of the software.

4. You Can Measure the ROI

One of the key problems most brands face with inbound marketing is that they see other people talking about how it’s impossible to measure the ROI of an inbound strategy.

With Hubspot, you can measure how every aspect of your marketing is doing.

It goes deep enough to show you metrics like email performance, sources, competitor analysis, keyword ranking, and others.

5. Personalization on Pages.

Having the power to personalize everything even the pages can give you an edge over others since it makes it more engaging and targeted rather than a stale generic page.

Hubspot makes it easy for you to personalize web pages, emails, and blogs.

Having a personalized website lets you have more long-term relationships with customers by making a custom experience for them that will not be the same as the next visitor that comes along.

6. Marketing Can be Automated

Hubspot has the ability to automate emails after the customer does a specific action like signing up for emails, making a purchase and many others.

Most people don't want to buy from you immediately and following up with content tailored for them is one of the core principles of inbound marketing.

7. It Has Social Media Integration.

There are some good social media management tools out there people use daily like Buffer but sometimes it’s annoying to change from one app to another, Hubspot lets you do everything in the same place by letting you integrate your brand’s social media accounts.

It’s more convenient and less time consuming than jumping from Buffer to Hubspot all day in order to publish content on a regular basis.

These are just 7 reasons why you should be using Hubspot but there are many more!

If you’re still doubtful on whether you should take the plunge or not, remember that the founders of it are Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan who are one of the leaders on inbound marketing right now.

They made this platform to solve the problems we had before regarding inbound marketing and digital marketing in general, making safe to assume its high quality.

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