7 Things You Should Have in Check Before Hurricane Dorian Arrives

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7 Things You Should Have in Check Before Hurricane Dorian Arrives

With Hurricane Dorian getting closer and closer, people in Florida are starting to get their property ready before it’s too late.

We rounded up the most important items and things you should have ready by today so you don’t run into any serious problem next week.

1. Emergency Packs

This may be something logical and obvious to have, but with all the chaos that will probably start in all of the shops, you may forget about it altogether.

Most pharmacies sell emergency packs that have most of the items you need if a situation occurs, but we suggest you create your own so you get all of the items a normal emergency pack would have and also add items your family would benefit from.

These are the items any emergency pack should have.

  • Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra Batteries (for phones)
  • Battery-free flashlight
  • Pet food (just in case)
  • Radio
  • 3-day food kit (at least one for each person)
  • Non-prescriptive medication (pain killers, antacids, etc)
  • High energy food (nuts, protein bars)

Think before creating the emergency pack and see which items you and your family need the most so you don’t spend more than you have to.

2. Know Your Way to the Closest Hospital

You never know what may happen when the hurricane strikes or what can occur in the days you are stuck in your house, so be prepared and know how to get to the 3 closest hospitals you have just in case.

3. Buy a Physical Map

You may be thinking, “why the hell would I buy a map if I have my phone?” And the short answer is that you need to preserve as much battery on your phone as possible, this way you can call if necessary.

Plus, you may not even have a signal to use google maps.

Buy a map of your city so you know where everything is and you don’t have to be guessing if you have to look for something in particular.

4. Read the Evacuation Guidelines 

It’s important you know what to do in case there’s an evacuation in your zone.

Read this page Evacuation Plan and save it in your phone by using an app like Pocket so you know what to do if that happens.

5. Have a Few Radio Stations Ready

If the lines go out, your best bet to know what is going on is by radio!

Get a list of radio stations that tend to transmit news and information so you know what’s happening and what steps to take in case something else happens.

6.  Make Sure Your House is Well Protected

This means you should have all of the windows and doors safely secured in order to avoid them breaking.

Check if there is any place water can come into your house and look for a way to block it.

The idea is to make your house as safe as possible so you don’t run any risk while waiting for the hurricane to pass.

Here’s an article that tells you what you should check in your house before and after the hurricane passes.

Hurricane Home Safety

7. Get All of Your Documents 

It’s important you have all of your family documents as well as your house documents with you or in a safe place away from any water so if the house is damaged or water starts leaking, you run no risk of it getting wet and or destroyed.

It’s also a good idea to get all of your digital documents to the cloud so you avoid any mishaps.

We suggest you double-check this list and make sure you have everything you need before the hurricane arrives.

All of the Wegacha team hopes you and your family are safe next week!

If you are in Florida and want to receive alerts to your phone about hurricane Dorian, go to this website Florida Disaster and sign up to their message list and they’ll keep you notified of everything going on.

From the Wegacha team! Please be safe and take this matter seriously


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