7 Tips to Get and Improved User Experience

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7 Tips to Get and Improved User Experience

Maybe you haven’t noticed that your website has a unique power of being a 24/7 seller. Yes, it does, and the only way you can fully understand it is through the power of doing of it the best website ever. How? Improving something called User Experience.

Your website can be really useful and bring lots of help if you just know how to make it user friendly. Remember that humans are the ones who interact with the website, not machines, robots, or trackers.

The point here is that technology is changing a lot and websites are not technical anymore: of course they do have technical terms, but they do not totally count on them. They count on the interaction humans have with them, because final consumers are, after all, human.

1. Speed, speed, speed!

Speed is important because it will add facilities to your website. How? Just making it faster? No, also making it more interactive and user friendly. If your website is slow, people can go, make a sandwich, get married, have children, almost die as grandparents and still the website will be thinking about the command users wanted to execute. Last wish: hope that the click worked. Or just bounce, abandon, leave...

Use this tool to test your site's speed: CLICK HERE

2. Call to action now!

Your website must be visual, so add calls to action everywhere without being repetitive, they should not be the same, they should always change to make people trust and do what you want them to do.

  • If you write all the time “Buy this”, that is a call to action, but is that an effective one? No. Change the sentences, invite people not only to buy but also to see your website entirely, let them know you, and then, they will want to buy, when they are pretty convinced that they can trust you. That’s how a call to action works. 

3. Try having white space

Yes, as simple as some white space on your website. It will improve the way of advertising, the design, the way people look at it, it also increases attention and retentive of the things inside the website… do you need more reasons? There’s one more, then: balance.

  • Having lots of white pace make the website look simple and omit information that could be really important, and having almost no white space means mess, chaos, too many spaces together, even if they are perfectly organized.
  • Be also conscious about how you set the words, and how many you set. They will also delimit your white space in a right or in a wrong way. Every detail, such as other colors, shapes, designs, and any other feature, will enhance or not your website.

4. Make hyperlinks different

Links must be identified easily, so every hyperlink should have a different color, length, and place inside the website. Make sure you follow this rule and every visitor will identify your hyperlinks at once.

5. Images and their importance

Have you seen memes? Of course you have. They are still popular because they say in a few words, maybe none, everything you are, need, feel or have. This is why pictures un general are so necessary for a website, because they express by themselves what other media does not express so well.

  • Stock photos are not so recommended, because people who search on the Internet for long period of time will know they have seen them somewhere else, and you will lose confidence and originality.
  • Use true pictures, taken by yourself or other guys who know how to take a picture. It will be cheaper for you in terms of customer satisfaction, since they will keep visiting your page and recommending to others.
  • Remember to take relevant pictures that are not generic, so people don’t get bored and just bounce.

6. Bullets are also necessary

People need information about your website and the product or service you are offering, so bullets make it easier for them to know exactly what they need and have an entertainment while reading, to make the reading more enjoyable. Even solving a problem is possible with bullets, and there are many ways of bullets, where non-conventional ones are the best. Create your own icons and have fun showing the right info to others!

7. Be consistent on every single topic

If you choose a specific type of heading, keep it in similar headings. If your image choice is dark and sad because your website is about a sad story turned into a book, keep it and do not put a carnival picture somewhere just for fun.

Be coherent and keep consistency, everything must be tuned up, because if you change one page from another one you will be giving the wrong message! It’s not a question of being repetitive, it’s more a question of being true and balanced at the same time.

There are many more recommendations, but these ones are the best to make you feel that it is possible to have a true website with a great user experience.

Remember that user experience, as well as a more human SEO, is becoming the most important part of a website, and if you do not know how to improve it, Wegacha will always be there to help you.

Send us an email and we will evaluate every single area of your brand and your website, so you feel better with your website!


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