A Good Product Description Can Do Magic

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A Good Product Description Can Do Magic

Have you ever think ok important is to describe your product when selling on internet? Not only describing it, but attracting people only with words? Yes, it is a key step on the process of selling through Internet.

Some people keep choosing the traditional way to sell because they can have the product in their hands before buying it, it gives them more confidence; for them, words are not enough. In that cases, descriptions have to be very convincing in order to make people trust in the quality of the product or service they are going to receive without having seen it in person.

With the Internet era getting involved in every aspect of daily life, new concepts were born; and with them a new style of buying and selling. Terms like Dropshipping -where you see, and buy from internet and then wait the product to be shipped- were everywhere.

However, convincing not always is related with thousands of words. In Internet, losing the viewer’s attention is really easy and it is something you cannot allow to pass in your business.

So, it doesn't matter how long it takes to successfully describe your product, which matters in here is the power of the words you use, the way they can engage users and convince them to be potential customers.

How to create engagement?

That is a very good question. In the very first beginning of the marketing and advertising techniques, it was all about the product and how good my product is, how many things it can do and don’t hesitate and buy it right away.

We can say that marketing was very aggressive, customers were surrounded by thousands of products and every brand was yelling out that theirs were the one you had to buy. All sellers were only telling you about their product, they were like a proud dad with his newborn child that only talks about it.

Yet, customers did not need that, what they needed to know is why that product was very useful and if having it was really worth it. Years later, with the appearing of electronic commerce, seller were forced to change the way of selling because competition were much more.

However, this has changed a lot (thanks lord!). Marketing techniques in these days are softer than they used to be, but not because of this less effective; actually, people tend to buy every day more. In these days, all the efforts are put in giving to the potential customers reasons to choose the product. and it is made through content, not advertisement. Content Marketing appeared and it seems to be here to stay for long time.  

Marketing experts have realized the importance that feelings, like, desires and emotions have in this market and they are now playing with them, appealing to them and taking them into consideration to find the best way to sell.

How is the perfect description?

It varies from one product to another, and from target to target too. There is not like an exact formula that states the right number or words, lines and paragraphs; it does not work like that. Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics that every product description must have.

It is truth that the description of a product can lead or break a sale, it has to include convincing phrases with information the user needs in order to make the final decision: shopping.

The use of keywords and appealing phrases about your product is vital if what you want is to increase the number of your sales and attract more potential customers every day.

In order to create the very best description, there are several aspects you have to cover:

  • To whom is your product designed?
  • Defining your buyer persona is an essential part of the process, you really need to have well defined for whom you are selling. Defining your target can boost the description. Gender, age, demographics, lifestyle or any other group can help you to use the right words and phrases to catch the attention of your desired niche.

  • What are the basic details of it?
  • Giving enough information is also prudential. Specifying materials, size, shape, weight, colors, and many other facts is very important in the process of describing your product. For some users, if the seller avoid giving too much details about the product may lead them to think the brand is not sure about the quality or doesn’t know enough about what they are selling.

  • Where can it be used?
  • Keep in mind that showing to your potential customers how useful your product is means a lot in the selling process. So, explaining details like it is good to be used indoors, outdoors, at night, during the day, underwater and so on will boost your sales as you are telling them how handy it is.

  • When should it be used?
  • Talking about the frequency adds value to your description. Specially in one season, once a year, every day, etc. It helps you to show the longlasting your product can be which means you are offering a good quality product.

  • Why it is important to have this one and not other from the competition?
  • WIthout any doubts, this step is one of the most difficult ones yet one that convinces the most to buy. Saying why they should pick you and not anyone else’s products is very complex. In here, materials and features are not enough.

    In this stage, appealing to emotions is clever, use them to make people aware of the benefits your product can bring to them and make them feel they cannot get those benefits if they buy the same product from other brand.

  • How does the product work?
  • If a person does not what to do with something, why would he buy it? Be very specific in this step. There are some things that need this part more than others.

    For example, as a customer you may think it is irrelevant to read a description of how a PenDrive works, you plug in a device and then save your files there; but, would you buy a drone without being told how to set it and use it?

    Answers this questions is a very acute way to do a good product description. But, there is not enough. There are many other matters to concern while creating the description of a product, we may say it is an art.

    SEO is your best friend

    When you have clear to whom you are writing, it will be so easy to get the right words. By using keywords, phrases and slangs this group of people uses; you are ensuring that your product will appear in the search engine when they look for something like the product you are selling.

    The SEO helps to get positionating and organic results which leads to more people viewing your posts and sales. These people may end up buying your products. What we recommend is to create the content based on your target and then including SEO techniques, or you can call us and will we help you get things done.

    Extra tips

    • Intuition is very positive in here, thinking like a buyer and not a seller is an excellent way to create the best product descriptions. Explaining all the benefits it can bring to users is just essential, no one would waste money in something that don’t bring beneficial aspects.
    • Do not be like the others, customers hate to be treated like children, don’t tell them things than anyone would tell or things are really obvious. Using terms like “high quality” is not a good idea; just think about it, who will classify its own product as a bad one?
    • Be persuasive using superlatives, they give the sensation that your product has special features that make it unique.
    • Dare to do different things, in marketing some risks are necessary to get benefits. Doing things that are not the same to the ones your competitors are doing can help you to be in the spotlight and increase your sales.
    • Use your target’s imagination and feelings, curiosity is one of the best impulses in humans.
    • Do not focus only in the product, content adds more value to your sales. Creating images, infographics,videos and other tools to attract people’s attention and to give them useful information will lead them to buy your product.

    Virtual Content changed the way e-commerce used to work, if you are not investing  in content marketing, your competitors are already winning. This trend has gained a lot of ground during this year and it will continue the next year.

    By using Virtual Content, you are giving to your potential customers thousands of reasons to buy your product, and you are doing it in a way they will not feel like something is being sold. When people do not feel under pressure to do something, they are more likely to do it.

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