Andy Quint: the superhero your business was looking for!

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Andy Quint: the superhero your business was looking for!

When growing a business, there are many things that can confuse you, many things to have done, many others to think about, and tons of efforts; for some people, the basic idea of having to solve a lot of business problems before succeeding is enough reason to say no at the first moment.

Moreover, starting up a business or being an entrepreneur is not that hard, there are certain key steps and everything will flow naturally; passion and dedication are vitals, having clear goals are too. But, what if we tell you that you do not need to go on this road alone? Let us introduce you the Superhero your business is in the need of!

This is Andy Quint, or how we like to call him: Chief Andy Quint! This guy will help you and protect you against all evilness that surrounds having your own business or starting one. He was born here in Wegacha, as we realized many customers needed a hero to solve their tasks for them.

Andy is the result of a long process of designing, programs like illustrator and Fireworks were important ones in his creation; but he is finally here to save you all from business troubles. In case you were wondering what this incredible guy can do for your business? Here we go!

Chief Andy Quint has his amazing Growing Gun, it is something you will not find in any other place, his gun is as unique as he is, we are absolutely proud of having Andy in our Wegacha Team. With the Growing Gun, all Andy needs to do is focus on your business and with a simple shot your small business or starting one will grow enormously, you will be amazed.

Andy’s hobby is designing and we know how important are images, logos, identities, and designs in this interesting digital world. For businesses specialized in designing or others that work in different areas yet need their own images done, your best ally is Chief Andy!

Andy is the best images editor we know, optimizing your images will help a lot to improve your website and brand. Moreover, what if you have had no time to create and launch your website yet? Do not worry, Andy has your back once again, the landing page is incredibly important nowadays and you will have the best if trust Chief Andy for this task!

However, not everything is digital yet, there are some other things that our Superhero can do for your business, he is incredible, we know! A thing every brand needs is an appealing logo, an identity that must be easy to remember by clients in few seconds and guess what? Our amazing Chief does it for you!

Looking for a fancy business card to handle? Many opportunities can come by the simple action of giving well-designed business cards in meetings and events; here is our hero to save you! We cannot be more proud of Andy; it seems that there is nothing he and his gun cannot do.

Fall in love with our chief and in short you will be wishing your brand to have an amazing character as we do, yet Chief Andy is not selfish at all, he loves sharing his ideas and why not having a friend in another brand? He will personally help with the brainstorming in order to create the coolest Hero or Mascot custom illustrated for you!

Yes, we know that Chief Andy Quint seems to be the very best hero in the world but he has a final announcement before getting back to work, his friends are coming!

Can you imagine something better than a Superhero League ready to help small businesses to grow up and succeed? We don’t!


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