Tips & Tricks to keep your Content Marketing on flick

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Tips & Tricks to keep your Content Marketing on flick

Content Marketing usually has a long life shelf, of course this is very much influenced by the brand economical sector. However, to promote your brand, generate awareness about it and achieve to maintain it on the top places of search engines is necessary to keep your Content Marketing under a constant process of review, evaluation and evolution. Whether you already have experience or you are getting started with Content Marketing, here are some Tips & Tricks to manage it better


1) Be always relevant

Something that you should always keep in mind is the relevance of the topics that you manage and use to generate content, and if they are truly connected with the brand but, above all, with the needs and interests of the target audience that you want to reach. A good way to work on this is to open a channel of communication with them, in which they can comment on themselves, their daylife, their environment, activities, what they really require of the brand, how they want it and, once they have lived their experience with the good, product or service, tell you how it has been. All this valuable information can be turned into varied, interesting, and creative content for them. Plus, it is going to be useful to attract more people interested in what you offer.


2) Give the public the importance it deserves

This is fundamental. You have to be very aware of the feedback from the public, determine if they really appreciate the content that has been generated. At this point it is important to remember that Content Marketing must be focused, in addition to informing and educating, in the fact of make people have fun, touching their feelings and provoking a response of admiration and engagement with the brand.

Within this aspect we must also take into account the preference of the public in terms of the way the contents are presented to them, whether it is text, images, infographics or videos. The platforms that we use also have their relevance here depending on the type of public we work for. Some groups prefer the text, while others prefer to receive information through videos. The public is an immense universe that must be studied before the creation of content so that the brand achieves a positive approach to them.


3) Analyze your posting frequency

There's no perfect number for determine the frequency that content should be published, everything depends on the needs indicated by the brand characteristics, its target audience and the platforms used to publish the content. What is extremely important is that you define a calendar of publications, and based on it, maintain a constant rhythm, so that the public becomes familiar with the brand, keep it always in mind and don't forget it.

Another valuable rule when it comes to this subject is that you should prioritize quality over quantity. It is true that while you make more publications you will receive more traffic, but traffic alone is worth nothing if it doesn't translate into engagement. Engagement is only achieved with valuable, creative and high quality content. The answers that you receive from the public are also a fundamental indicator to determine your publications frequency.


4) F5, F5, F5

You must ask yourself constantly if your content is updated and move quickly into action. Nowadays the information bombarding is gigantic through all media and, in addition, scientific and technological advances don't stop, so a content from a couple of months ago may already be obsolete. Stay alert and aware of reliable and official information sources to keep your content fresh and updated.


5) Make the people know your content is out there

Content spreading is extremely necessary, it is worthless to have quality content if few or, worst, nobody sees it. To do this you can create a network of connections in all the platforms that you have available, this can be achieved through a strategy in which you can administer pieces of information in each network, these pieces must complement each other conforming a global story. The idea is that you create a chain of information in each platform by using links.

You can also make use of your customers' data to notify them about new contents vi email or phone,creating a community. Finally, make sure that any physical article related to the brand be accompanied by the data of your website, social networks or another used platform.



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