Low on leads and sales? A Landing Page Is Everything You Need

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Low on leads and sales? A Landing Page Is Everything You Need

For more than a decade, the term -landing page- has been used by marketing experts to define a strategy to allure people to make an expected choice. But that has changed now, landing pages are a basic characteristic within the online business for all brands out there regardless of their nature.

But why should you use landing pages? In case you don’t know, landing pages are basically the site in which people end up after clicking an ad or an email driving them to a particular part your website. It is not your homepage but a more aimed place where you want to direct the audience to with a specific purpose.

A great landing page quickly gets its point across, it makes the audience understand the purpose of the site and what they will get out of their visit right away. Many are the aspects that position this tool as engaging as it is, you can check out some examples.

One of the great features about landing pages is that they increase lead generation and bring about excellent data for your team to define your user personas. In fact, applying such a tool can get you closer to highly increasing conversion rates, the thing is that building it successfully requires expertise and patience.

In line with the previous, there’s a myriad of landing page builders available in the market, but finding the right one can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, my priority with this article is to tell you what are the benefits of having this awesome marketing tool at your disposal.

Build a High Conversion Landing Page

Converting a persona into an offer is the first objective of a landing page. The only reason a customer can be directed to your page from an ad or an email, is because he/she is acknowledging a level of interest in the offer you published. For this reason, if your landing page builder knows the essentials of a landing page he will give a limited amount of options for people to focus on opt-in, buying,etc.

That’s why landing pages differ from homepages, the first one has one specific purpose, the latter offers numerous options and tabs to access the company’s information.

On another dimension of the subject, one way to get the best out of your landing page is by linking your social media contacts to it. Use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn friends to increase its traffic and conversion rates. Also, customizing it for each channel is the wisest choice to strengthen engagement probabilities; if you run ads on these platforms and give recognition to the audience derived from them, you will create higher convertibility.

What’s more, well segmented landing pages give you the chance to funnel leads in a more effective way to direct them to the specific topics they’re more likely to turn to. You can use funnel survey applications together with your landing pages, so that the very audience is the one to tell you which direction to take focusing on their preferences.

Another way to have successful landing pages is by posting a lot of local content, this is sort of SEO way to get better ranking. At Wegacha we recommend designing landing pages that often work with location focused content; for instance, we work with Miami as our main location because it’s where we are based in, and consequently that’s a portion of the US market we specialize in.

You can’t pretend to own the whole market in the beginning, therefore, reducing the scope to a local reach can be more beneficial to get higher rankings in search engines for local inquiries. Of course this is all relative to the type of service/product you sell.

Offer value and follow up

Yes, landing pages are an awesome tool to generate leads like no other. Regardless of what you have to offer, whether it is a discount, a free webinar, a product per se, etc, remember that designing fill up forms is vital to gather the lead data. However, we recommend to make the user’s visit interactive and attractive. You can do that by using videos, infographics, etc.

To be honest, no one wants to read a sales pitch, plus, remember you have only 8 seconds to catch a user’s attention, add to that the fact that they come from clicking a link to the landing page. Prove the point and show your audience how your offer will add value to their lives and do it in an engaging, intuitive way.

Indeed, I’ve said it before, interactivity is a must in marketing. Of course, never forget about placing your CTAs to finalize the visit, generate a lead or concrete a sale. Afterwards, keep in touch with the customer, don’t just sell them something and vanish into thin air. The idea of landing pages is to show how your offer can enhance users’ lives and with this, hopefully start a loyal relationship.

Reflect Consistency and Purpose

A good landing page design service will always conjugate with engaging advertisements; experts invest in targeting well-placed ads and links to sites that are straightforward and interactive in further explaining the information on the publicity they just clicked on. Thus, since your time is limited, you need to be transparent when stating the purpose of your message or you won’t get conversions.

In relation to that, both the continuous posts you make through your social media channels and the info in your landing pages need to be alike. It wouldn’t make too much sense if we spoke about online marketing techniques in here but then the next day we post an add for computer maintenance.

Our customers wouldn’t make sense of it right? They follow our content for a reason, hence the fact that every campaign needs to have thoroughly coherent content.

To wrap up, don’t confuse landing pages with homepages, the latter shows general information while the first one has one specific purpose. A good segmented and interactive landing page can make an expert page builder increase lead database hugely and get better conversion rates out of a handful of sites in little time.

A proper landing page design service can help you do this without breaking the bank, so add this tool to your marketing campaign and get some amazing results for your brand.

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