Content Scheduling Shouldn’t be a Hassle

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Content Scheduling Shouldn’t be a Hassle

Making content for social media can be stressful if you are doing everything yourself and publishing it on every platform the old fashioned way (going into each one and posting from the app itself)

We are here to show you how to schedule content in a way that saves you time and energy because we know how tedious it can be to post manually!

Have a clear goal

This is by far the most important step when you are going to make content. Are you looking to build a community with posts or are you looking to get people to buy your product/service?

Let’s use the terminology Gary Vaynerchuk used in his book “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” where he says that “jabs” are posts to create a community by bringing value (information your followers need) while “right hooks” are the posts you use to advertise your product (asking for your followers to buy it)

If you go and only post “right hooks” then people will think that all you want is money and feel like you are trying too hard to make a sale, making them unfollow you but if you go and only post jabs then you won’t get sales out of it either.

In boxing, it happens the same way, if you’re only throwing right hooks then you will gas out and get KO’d and if you only throw jabs then you will never KO your opponent.

By finding the right balance between both right hooks and jabs you can get people interested in your brand (they trust you) and let you sell your product/service to them with better conversions!

After you understand what your specific goal is, you can make content that goes better with what you want to do.

Use a Social Media Management Tool.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t use tools like these and end up wasting time going into each social media platform to post content rather than schedule it all in one app and let it post it at specific hours.

There are 2 main management tools people go for when choosing where to schedule their content, Buffer, and Hootsuite. Both are great and have different features we are going to dwell in now.

Buffer: Out of the 2, Buffer is best suited for personal brands and people who are looking for a minimalist interface. If you haven’t used a tool like this before then we suggest you go and start with this one. It doesn’t have as many integrations with social media apps like Hootsuite but they still have the main ones and do it well.

Hootsuite: This is like the bigger brother of the 2 but it is a bit complicated to use. It’s suited towards brands and companies that have a team of people creating content and scheduling it. It has integrations with social media apps you might have never heard of and can give you a report of any social media app you have inside it. You can still use for personal brands since it does everything Buffer does but will require some time getting used to.

After you pick which of the 2 you want to use for your brand, you need to grab all of the content you want to post and schedule it in a specific time.

A good rule of thumb is to post when you know most of your audience isn’t working, studying or sleeping since it will give you better engagement with your posts.

Rinse and Repeat

If you did the first 2 steps you are all set! Yes, it may take some time in order for you to get a hang of Buffer or Hootsuite but after you get comfortable with it you will be able to get a weeks worth of content scheduled in an hour!

All you would have to in order to schedule content now is create the content itself (which is the fun part of the equation) and put it into your management app of choice!

If you don’t know what to put in the brand’s caption or if you don’t have enough time to schedule content, we can help you by running your social media accounts and giving you a month planner where we show you what we are posting and why!


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