The Magic of Customer Storytelling

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The Magic of Customer Storytelling

Not everybody has the ability to make a whole room feel related when telling a story, and much less often do we see people who attract others who don’t even want to hear it a story in the first place. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what’s happening in the market right now, an overflow of fiction supposedly crafted to attract customers.

You see, whether casual or formal, people are truly engaged by storytelling, it's how we’ve related to each other during thousands of years, it’s just part of our DNA; each story is personal and unique. That’s what makes them so appealing, regardless if you’re telling someone how your day was or if it’s the tale of the most important decision you made when you took a leap into the entrepreneur world.

Your story is your own and only you know how to tell it best, nevertheless, the digital domain manages its own language and fundamentals which predetermines the success of the content shown there to some extent. Adapting storytelling to the world wide web, specially now in 2018, is something that needs rethinking.

For most purchasers, small businesses offer customers an unique feature aside their service or product. It’s that sense of proximity and human sensation which has become the truly attractive element of newer brands and the reason storytelling is an ever-popular marketing strategy during this last decade.

When posting stories like these, some aspects need to be taken care of, they need to be presented in such a way that you respect the customer’s own words but still manage to finish to paint the picture for social media. The wisest move you can make is to hire a professional storyteller. Someone who can create a good story without manipulating the client’s actual experience.

Technology has helped businesses to create and to follow in better detail the kind of experience they want their customers to have when purchasing a determined product from them, whether virtually or physically. Using technology to create an unique experience not only stands out but it also ensures you have 100% control on customer satisfaction and get the best reviews -self-made storytelling material-.

The magic of storytelling can help you transpose a client’s review into a reliable, written frame of trust where you can teach your audience more about your intentions as a brand and why this makes your products better. Not to mention that emphasizing in customer service storytelling has a positive impact on the engagement of employees towards the company and its clients.

When a customer tells their story, their experience, they’re likely to speak about it in detail, from the moment they went in, who served them, the ambience, etc. These elements say plenty about your interest in giving value to your customers and employees alike.

The Best Ways to Collect Reviews for Storytelling

The most appropriate approach to start gathering your data for your stories is by asking frequent customers to give you their feedback, allowing them to speak their minds freely is vital to get to the most detail out of their experience. When you do this, regardless if it’s meant to go on social media or not, people often speak about what they felt most satisfied by.

Customers can analyze some aspects of your product that perhaps you’re not there to see, therefore, what this does is it helps you put emphasis on the things that need the most attention; for instance, a customer may suggest you do some tweaking or train your staff some more. Again, it could work as valuable information to work on the elements that need to improve and to know the ones where you’re making everybody happy.

Another option you can take is getting customers to give you their feedback over on the phone. You may think calling clients it’s too old fashioned but with time being so expensive nowadays, this alternative is as effective as a face-to-face response. You have the opportunity to interpret their response by measuring some emotional features of their speech reflected on things like vocabulary, tone and speed.

This information can be of great use for your business, evaluating your customers’ answers behind words themselves can lead you to further conclusions, if you see excitement, doubt, ambiguity, all of this will determine whether they’re happy with your product or not. Apart from storytelling applications, getting a hold of this data can help you plan for new strategies based on customer service/experience.

Together with phone calls and interviews, there’s another way to go when compiling customer feedback: recording a video with the most passionate customers. Videos are attractive, deliver the message quickly and spread even quicker. For example, a video of a purchaser who had a complaint that was quickly solved by your employees is an appealing way to say that you care about more than just selling.

Making a video and using it for storytelling promotes engagement from both customers and employees, solidifies brand culture and of course, does for a sensational marketing tool in all it sense.

To say the least, getting your hands on experiences from your clients through these means to use them as a customer-based marketing strategy can prove to be very effective to engage with a new audience, to make your present one your brand ambassadors and to deliver your own solid brand statement to all the market.

To wrap up, really the idea is to come up with a strategy to dazzle clients. So, show facts and valued opinions about your line of work, develop metrics and statistics showing your impact and create contrast with your competition; using visual storytelling techniques combined with your customer stories will look undeniably attractive to the audience and it will keep your brand’s name in their heads for days on.


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