Do Content Marketing and Digital Marketing really get along? Here's the answer

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Do Content Marketing and Digital Marketing really get along? Here's the answer

Content Marketing consists of creating valuable and relevant content to attract a well-defined target audience and encourage it to become future customers. But for this to happen you have to go beyond the simple fact of generating an ad or a simple article talking about the characteristics of the product, good or service that is offered. You have to go one step (or several) further and create a network of stories that enhance the values ​​of what you intend to sell.

Seen as a tool, Content Marketing allows Digital Marketing strategists to turn a potential buyer into the story protagonist of what they're trying to sell. This avoids the saturation that conventional advertising usually produces and also offers more innovative solutions to companies. It has been demonstrated that the use of good content creates a certain image that, within a well thought out digital marketing strategy, can generate demand, increase the customers portfolio and, consequently, makes sales go higher in the medium and long term.

Putting the content in shape

The content needs to be given special attention and care, as it will be deeply linked to the brand. The main idea is to inform, educate, entertain and generate emotions in the public, related to what you want to sell. The content must have quality, be useful and highly attractive, with the capacity to make make the public fall in love with it and motivate them to spread it massively, all without realizing that your intention is to sell them something. There are many resources that can be used to achieve this. Here, creativity plays a fundamental role in achieving that desired connection between the brand and the public

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How and where the content should be developed?

Go mobile, my friend

In the digital marketing era the brand have to be accessible on all platforms possible, and right now mobile device is the most important one when it comes to traffic. Make sure you create a friendly mobile website. That way your content twill be found easily.

Video killed the tv star

More than ten thousand videos are posted on Facebook everyday (something good to invest in). Most of the brands are aware of this and they use it as much as they can . Of course, YouTube is the king on this matter. There you will have the chance to show content with detailed explanations of your products, unpackagings, tutorials, etc.

Live from New York!

If there’s something popular right now it has to be Live Streaming. Instagram, YouTube and Facebooks, among others, give you the chance to stream  products testings, products launch events, Q&A sessions and more. An excellent audiovisual production is required here to get good results.  By using this tool you can target an immense audience for your business, obtaining a lot of and quality leads on the internet.

Newsletters work

It may seem a little odd right now, but a recent survey indicates that 75% of companies worldwide say email marketing has excellent results because lays on a direct and personal communication concept. Of course, this newsletter should have good content or will end up in the trash can. The advice is to express the messages in an easy and friendly, with no signs of spam.

Infographics worth more than 1000 words

Nowadays this is a well considered marketing tool. A professional and attractive piece posted on social media can make a huge visual impact, which leads to increase its traffic and the brand awareness in spectacular numbers. It is known that high quality infographics are shared three times more than any other ordinary content. This is a powerful resource to Digital Marketing.

The magic of Ebooks

Providing downloadable ebooks with valuable content will give your customers the opportunity to have useful and valuable information about your product, good or service. They'll be able to check it even when they don't have an internet connection.

Influencers have the power

Influencers are here to stay. Take advantage of their ability to approach large numbers of people to promote your brand. Here you must pay special attention in the fact that what you offer really match the personality and lifestyle of the influencer and, therefore, his followers. At the same time, the influencer must commit to showing the content in a casual, entertaining way and respecting the values ​​of your brand

Don’t lose focus

Now, for the public to receive all this material it is necessary to have the appropriate platforms to publish it, such as a web page, a blog, social media or some other communication channels. It is here when the content marketing will have its fireproof, when fighting for its main objectives:

  • Generate traffic, achieving a good SEO positioning (for what you can manage a few tricks to too)
  • Generate an opportunity reaction in the public.
  • Create a relationship with the public to accompany it in his purchase process.
  • Create a new client.

Always remember that the content must be created for the public and not for search engines. The main theme here is quality, creativity and approach. If you miss this three concepts the content will simply fade away. Writers should have permanent eyes on what’s going on in the world according to the subject they’re working on to keep the material fresh and relevant, so as the people can engage with the brand.

If you manage to create a perfect synergy between Content Marketing and Digital Marketing, the results will be legen -wait for it- dary. LEGENDARY!



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