Engaging people is possible, storytelling will do it!

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Engaging people is possible, storytelling will do it!

In this wonderful world of electronic commerce and marketing, everything seems to be it's the way to automation, the form we used to do things, develop projects, apply techniques, and so on is way different from the way we used to do it a few years ago.

With the huge rush Artificial Intelligence, bots, and programs that learn by itself constantly appearing in the market, the figure of people in the industry has been vanishing but, there are certain things in which technology cannot beat the human brain.

With this, we do not want to say the technological advances are bad or have negatively affected the industry because it is completely the opposite; however, they are some other things that people must keep doing, and artificial intelligence is not the best options.

Things but, what things?

It may sound confusing for entrepreneurs a blog claiming not to prefer robots instead of human beings at this moment when the most automatized it is, the better the quality but, let’s be honest robots have not feelings and no matter how crazy it sounds, feelings are extremely necessary for business.

Yes, emotions and feelings are both useful and necessary and, unless developers create a robot capable of feeingl or make people have the same reaction as humans do, they are not the very best option.

As human beings, we are moved by our emotions and sensations, based on our personality, state of mind, and mood we take decisions that are directly affected by our feelings, including shopping.

It is possible that this is the main reason why content marketing is being so effective in these days, and one of the most used forms of marketing we can find in the actual market. With content marketing, what potential customers receive is useful information that adds real value to their lives and that content is produced by humans.

Through content marketing, it is possible to offer people solutions, tips, ideas, answers that are actually looking for; it is also possible to be that friend who is always available on the internet.

Moreover, there is another important thing to know about marketing and using content marketing specifically, you are not the only one doing it on the Internet, which also means you really need to do something different and appealing in order to stand out of the crowd.

When looking for that special touch to differentiate your brand and content from others, storytelling is such a good option as every story in the world is completely different, even those that are based on the same topic.

It is vital to take advantage of the singularity each story has, highlight its uniqueness in order to lead people to think that even when they are looking for information that could be in many other places, the one you are offering is special, reliable, and interesting.

The rush of storytelling

All this trend has caused a movement in which not only entrepreneurs started using storytelling to increase their sales and drive more traffic but also people that are not directly related to business have begun into this movement too.

For instance, students from the University of Montana are taking advantage of the lessons they have received in their classes of creative writing to create their own portfolios of unique stories both fiction and non-fiction and started selling them on the Internet.

On the other hand, colleges are currently innovating with the creation of contest, events, and prices given to their students that worked creating engaging digital storytelling during the school year.

Storytelling: different versions

The art of telling a story is not only a wonderful but also serious process; telling a story combines a wide number of factors that work together in order to relate the experience someone had with the goal of entertaining, teaching, supplying solutions, etc.

In addition in the content marketing world, any story can be told in many different ways: in a blog post, a video, an infographic styled image, a live streaming, which means you have enough options to choose how to tell your story and reach your target market.

Moreover, telling a story is not so simple, it needs planning, dedication and time, not because it is something that happened to you or the one who is going to talk/write, it means it does not have previous steps because it does.

Creating and telling the perfect storytelling is an art, it combines a sort of script which is completely necessary to not lose the idea of the story but it totally needs to sound natural, like the person is telling the story from his personal experience.

Benefits of storytelling

First of all, it appeals to emotions; when a brand have success in the attempt of reaching people by their emotions, the brand has gained loyal customers for ever. People very often based their decisions on feelings and opinions which are exactly the main purposes of storytelling.

Also, it gives a human face to the brand; people are social by nature, we love to know from who we are buying, who is the person behind a brand, thing that rarely happen with big companies but, by having a storyteller (it can be the owner, an employee, a customer, an influencer, etc) it gives the sensation of a more humanized brand, it makes us feel like we are buying from someone we know from very long time.

In addition, when people decide to read, listen or watch a story from you, it means they are going to spend a good amount of time in your website, reading your email, in one of your social media profiles, or some other platform, the more time a person spends on you, the more likable he is to buy something from your brand. 

How to create the perfect storytelling

A big number of those entrepreneurs that are considering adding storytelling to their marketing arsenal, frequently ask themselves how to write a business storytelling, wondering if there is a formula to succeed with a story.

However, that is precisely the art of the storytelling, there is not an exact form to do it because it includes a big portion of the personality, the magic of owning a story and sharing it with people from your own perspective, giving it the emotions and feelings, etc.

Moreover, there are certain things every storytelling should include in order to be interesting, appealing, capable of engaging people and useful to the brand to create a community, following these steps do not mean all stories will be the same but it is very useful to create a sort of guide to follow.


There are enough reasons to consider this tip as the most important one, it is clear that storytelling is based on personal experiences, reviews, opinions, and stories to tell but it is extremely necessary to be careful when picking which story you are about to tell.

For instance, if what you sell is makeup, it will not be logical for you to tell a business story of how was the process to select your car insurance just because your target market may not be interested in that topic for content and will not spend time, making your strategy fail.

Find your area and stick to it

Once you have decided which topics or area will work fine for your desired market, stick to it. Keeping with the makeup business example, good themes to write stories about is personal care, skincare, makeup products reviews, makeup tutorials, and much more.

Consistency is key in here, making people aware that you can be a good source of information about certain topic or area is the best thing you can achieve by storytelling and it is only possible if you keep your stories based on the same area. Do not worry, it does not mean you will run out of ideas or topics to talk about.


Yes, we all want our story to be the best one, the most impressive and interesting one and from time to time we use to add certain touches that are not necessarily the real facts of the story but, it is vital to no use those techniques in here.

Creating an almost fiction storytelling will lead you to lose credibility from your viewers, a user that does not trust in the brand will not buy from it so; it is important to be honest and tell the things exactly how they happened.

Call people to action

Do not forget the main purpose of content marketing, and storytelling too is to connect people with the brand, making this connection will lead people to make the final decision of buying from you.

Based on that reason is why motivating people and inviting them to act is very important and clever when doing content marketing. There are many phrases that keep stuck in people’s mind and lead them to buy, “you must try it”, “My life changed after I tried it”, “you really need to give it a chance”, etc.

Emotions, it is all about emotions

In marketing, everything is about persuasion, telling people the right words to help them to trust you, get loyal to you, become your clients and refer your brand to others. The best option to do so is to use the emotions as your allies.

In the same way, you get impressed or emotioned by a commercial you watched on the T.V. that is exactly the same reaction you want your potential customers to have after reading or watching your storytelling.

In brief, storytelling is such an incredible way to develop content marketing, it seems to be more relaxed in comparison with other marketing strategies based on the customer experience, but when you do it right, the power it has is huge.

Be careful when picking the topics you are going to develop and let your imagination run free to write the most emotional and effective storytelling that leave people waiting for the next one to come.


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