Facebook Ads can boost your business to the next level

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Facebook Ads can boost your business to the next level

Advertising in other places is ok, but it is undeniable the power a good designed Facebook Ad can do for any business, even small business, starter ups and entrepreneurs can find in Facebook Ads an amazing place to start have success rapidly.

Facebook, the giant social media with millions of active users spending time in the platform each day, has shown us that its power is not only related with the capability of being a place wherein people can interact with each other but a place wherein anyone can make money with a reduced budget.

When looking for a social media where to advertise, increase the sales and gain popularity, nothing can beat this huge media. Easy to manage, cheap to start, very effective for businesses of any size, Facebook seems to be the prodigy son.

Even though Facebook’s main purpose was to be social network wherein people can share photos, videos, thoughts, chat, play and much more; moreover, the incredible rush Facebook has had since its beginning and still having in these days, makes the platform an incredible place to advertise and reach a lot of potential buyers.

Not for less around 94% of businesses have invested in advertising on Facebook, it proves the versatility the platform has and it is possible to say that there is space for all. However, what any brand can have for sure is that if you are not investing in digital marketing, your competitors are already winning.

Why Facebook Ads?

It is important to say that our very first example of digital marketing was much different from the way marketing works in social media; at the beginning, search engines were the main option to put ads and even when they continue being and incredible place now they have strong competition.

But, people who use search engines are potentially looking for something to buy and it does not exactly happen in social media which makes the tasks a bit harder, marketers have to be very smart when creating an appealing ad that leads people to buy even when they were not actively seeking for something to buy.

Why is Facebook so appealing for advertising if the users are not actively looking for something to buy? Well, there are many answers to that questions as there is a myriad of factors that make Facebook such a place to sell and make money.

First of all, Facebook has no barriers (language, location or ideology speaking), it means people who are intending to catch potential customers can reach any kind of audience they are looking for.

In addition, anyone can have a Facebook account, there is barely any restrictions to create it, which makes it work perfectly both for buyers and sellers; by having an account you can create ads or see other’s ads.

Actually, Facebook’s wonders do not stop there; for those who have a real short budget for advertising or marketing campaigns, Facebook is an incredible place due to the really low prices ads cost and the huge return on investment they can get from a simple ad shown in Facebook.

In brief, Facebook developers rapidly understood the great opportunity the platform is to offer products and services and they did not waste time creating the necessary spaces and tools for people to create their ads.

Facebook Ads as a booster

As mentioned before, there are thousands of reasons why advertising on Facebook can be very beneficial to a business; moreover, posting an ad is not always synonym of success, there is a myriad of factors that have to be studied carefully in order to create the perfect ad.

With all those brands already advertising there, just posting ads and hoping they bring enormous results is not enough, it is a long process but once it is well done, the results will come progressively.

Here in Wegacha, we truly care about small business that is trying to grow and succeed in this incredible world on digital sales and marketing, that is why we have compiled in here a short but meaningful list of tips and tricks about what to do while using Facebook Ads.

Be clear on what you want to achieve

Having clear goals is key in every process, by knowing what to expect is easier to measure in which stage of the process you are, if the results are good enough, how much time it took and much more important information.

It is vital to set realistic goals, both long and short term, once everything is well defined is time to start working. The product or service is done and you are completely proud of it, the moment to show it to the world is here.

There are different things we can achieve by using Facebook Ads: engagement, awareness, traffic, sales, followers, etc. Be sure about what you want to have at the end of your campaign and the process of designing it will be easier.

Know your audience

Even when Facebook enables brands to reach millions of people, much important is to reach those people who will be really interested in buying from you. From the 1.2 billion of users in Facebook, there is a big chance a good portion of them would be attracted by your product so, what you need to do is target your market.

Once the brand is aware of to whom they are going to advertise, it is possible to create ads campaigns that catch the attention of that target market. Having an incredible Ad and showing it to the wrong market equals at not having anything done, which is why knowing to whom you are going to sell is vital.

There are many options to select a targeted market: location, age, gender, ideology, interests, and much more. The Facebook Ads Management program enables people to set the specific parameters for those ads.

Appeal to emotions

In order to create an attractive Ad capable of catching people’s attention, a combination of resources has to be taken into consideration. The usage of eye-catching images, interesting texts are vital.

In addition, every detail counts in here, including font, size of the letters and the colors used in the image can lead to the creation of engagement or those people simply scroll over the image without paying too much attention.

On the other hand, not everything has to be about images; if a picture can worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video is worth? Many brands have tried on videos as a way to advertise and it seems to be working really well.

Play with intrigue

As humans, we are completely curious, when something catches out our attention but does not give us enough information we end up with the sensation that we truly need to know what it is about.

Curiosity is a great tool in here, linked with emotions can help a lot to increase the traffic a Facebook Ad can generate, especially in those that have an external link or need potential customers to go to another place in order to get to know them better.

Do not be aggressive

In these days, people hate the sensation of being used. The less sensation an Ad should give is that it is made up to persuade people. Do not sound like an ad and it will be more likable to engage people and lead them to buy from you.

In these cases, inbound marketing works great as it is less aggressive than traditional advertising. The goal in here is making people feel they need the product or service you are selling and not like the brand needs the money from them.

Launch and measure

Once all the previous steps are done and you are completely satisfied with the result, is time to launch the brand and wait for people’s reaction. Happily for brands, the interaction on Facebook is almost immediate which means you will see early results.

Moreover, it is extremely important to keep the track of the Facebook Campaign, analyze the results, see the metrics and watch how it is working. Based on this information, the brand will be capable of doing the pertinent changes if needed such as retargeting.

Get help

For some starter ups, the world of digital marketing can be very confusing, not knowing what to do or what steps follow can be really frustrating. In those cases when people can feel they lost their north, the best solution is to hire a specialist.

Having a professional manager focused on your brand, doing the hard job while you can focus on what you are really good is one of the best decisions someone can take. Having the Facebook Ads Managed by an expert will bring incredible results to the brand.

Don’t give up

We know this process can be hard if it is not your main area but it is not impossible to succeed, no matter how small your business is. Patience and perseverance are as important as followings all the tips mentioned before.

Go ahead, take the risk and know that here in Wegacha, we got you covered!


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