Facebook: not only a social media but a place to sell

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Facebook: not only a social media but a place to sell

Selling on the Internet is not an easy task; there is a myriad of matters that must be analyzed before creating an effective campaign and Ads too. Yet, having an appealing Ad is not enough to succeed, if you put it in the wrong place all the hard work may vanish.

A decade ago, the only spot on the entire internet wherein people used to put Ads and wait for them to generate more traffic to their websites was search engines; actually, Google Search keeps being on top of the lists of better places where to advertise nowadays.

Moreover, the giant Google has strong competition in these days, with the amazing rush social media platforms have had and the impressive amount of time their users spend on them, they seem to be an attractive place to sell every day more.

With the amazing growth, social media has had, they have gained a lot of ground in marketing matters; there are several factors that make social media platforms the perfect places to advertise and reach more potential clients, versatility, low costs, high reach, and much more.

Based on Facebook statistics, around 2000 million people used Facebook each month, while around 50 million users are actively on Instagram; also, around 1 of each 5 minutes used on the internet through mobile devices is spent on social media, enough reasons to convince marketers, huh?

A bunch of platforms to explore

Even though they are all classified as social platforms, they do not work exactly in the same way and, consequently, attract different people based on their interests and likes. Moreover, some of them seem to be on top of the popularity lists due to the fact they smoothly combine a variety of aspects catching the attention of users.

For example, Pinterest and Tumblr are mainly based on the post and sharing of images, ideas and GIF but texts are kind of limited; while YouTube is all about videos and visual content; Twitter is about short texts and images from time to time. On the other hand, there are two powerful media platforms which are Facebook and Instagram; those last two are a bit different from the others.

What happened to them? Why are they so popular and so eligible for advertising? Well, the main difference here is that the developers from both platforms created spaces wherein is possible to share, see and interact with many different types of information and sources.

Posting texts, sharing images, do live streaming, tagging people, liking people’s posts, adding friends, creating events and a myriad of more options are available on Facebook and its little brother Instagram (it was bought by Facebook in 2012), this is where we can find why millions of people from all over the world decide to spend their free time in here and not in another place.

But Facebook is on top

Based on this great amount of options users can perform on Facebook both in computer and mobile devices too, it means people can easily spend a couple of hours a day in the app without notice.

This incredible level of interaction and receptivity from users makes Facebook an optimal option to advertise, get in touch and interact with clients, help potential customers to get to know your brand, receive an instant feedback and much more benefits.

Moreover, all this valuable information is known by Facebook staff and they have enormously taken advantage of it. Facebook developers are conscious of the huge power its creation has and, even when the use of the site is free for users, the platform needed a way to earn money without frightening the users away.

Basically, in this way Facebook Ads were born, a short but appealing piece of publicity shown in the main page of Facebook, paid at very low cost (in comparison with posting Ads in other places) and incredible results.

Ads +Facebook = Facebook Ads, what are they?

It works with a determined Ad, created by the brand interested on catching new customers and it is published on Facebook and set to appear “randomly” in people’s feed so they can see it while scrolling on their homepage.

When we say “randomly” it has nothing of chance; actually, it is set to appear in the feed of people that shares certain characteristics that can match the brand identity. Determining the target market to which you are planning to sale is a vital part of the process.

Setting up a Facebook Ad is an easy task, any brand can do it and the relationship between price and benefits is incredibly good. Having an Ad on Facebook enables the brand to catch the attention to the desired market; in here, is easy to delimitate who could be interested in your product and specialize your ads on them.

Let’s say a brand that sells bracelets is designing a new ad to advertise on Facebook, the developers have to set which one will be the target market: women, from 15 to 40 years can be some of the features that help to determine the market.

In brief, advertising there allows brands to impact in people that will potentially buy for them, and as the brands only have to pay for obtained clicks, prices are very competitive. Also, as this network is so wide and millions of users are constantly connected, it is a flawless place to get things viral: create something appealing, wait a couple of hours and the entire world with be talking about it.

Why Facebook Ads?

In case the information has not convinced you yet about how powerful Facebook Ads can be here are some extra characteristics that will let every starter up wondering why haven’t started before.

Plays with people’s curiosity: different from search engines, people are not always looking for something to buy on Facebook, which means the ad will not only generate traffic to the brand page but it will create awareness on new clients and curiosity about the products.

Millions of people in the same place: nothing better than having millions of people ready to see what you are promoting, it happens in here. The huge user platform of Facebook enables the brand to have a wide list to select to whom they want to advertise.

Low costs, more time: buying an Ad on Facebook can cost up to 5 times less than advertising in search engines but, on the other hand, the conversion process is slower given the fact people is not actively looking for products to buy.

Perfect for those with few followers: in case you are just starting, it is way more possible that people that have no idea of your existence see you on Facebook than people going to search engines to search about a brand they do not know.

Easy to manage: Facebook has a lot of commodities for their users, through its platform people who are using Ads is capable of seeing metrics, results, impressions and much more in little time. Moreover, people can always have their Facebook Ads managed by experts.

There is something very important to keep in mind and it is the fact that Facebook has not an easy job, they have to accomplish two different tasks at the same time. In one side, they have to offer an incredible service for those who are seeking to sell but on the other hand, they cannot bother users with tons of advertisement.

Also, on Facebook there is more than one way to advertise, all of them are quite effective and they adapt to different types of businesses and purposes. Facebook has truly worked hard to develop this area into different modalities so they can offer a good quality service.

There is enough space for everyone

We have been told that Facebook Ads are very helpful to traditional stores, starting ups brands, established brands that want to reach more people or them that want to be in touch with their customers and so on; however, they are not all the types of businesses that can take advantage of Facebook Ads.

Dropshipping styled stores can also do their advertising through Facebook; actually, it is an acute decision given the fact their entire business is based on internet, there is no better place to the ad than on the Internet.

Working with Shopify Facebook Ads has brought enormous results to entrepreneurs. Both Shopify and Facebook Ads are considerably cheap which makes them the perfect combination for starter ups in a budget.

Also, another benefit found about Shopify Facebook Ads is the fact that your target market has not to be too reduced because Dropshipping businesses can buy and send to and from the entire world.

Interested in this amazing world of Facebook Ads? Start for creating a Facebook page and let the adventure begin. Keep in mind that this process can be done alone or you can even go out to find some help.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people studying the Facebook Ads, and some of them actually offer courses to learn about this process, just like Dan Henry does. Dan Henry Facebook Ads is one of the most famous gurus on this matter.

Probably it will be an interesting option learning about Facebook Ads by Dan Henry and boosting your business to the next level.


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