A Few Simple Tricks To Boost Your Email Open Rate By More Than 30%

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A Few Simple Tricks To Boost Your Email Open Rate By More Than 30%

It’s almost impossible to stop many marketing emails from arriving directly into the Spam folder: the most popular email providers have improved their search engines, which send unwanted contents directly to Spam, and then you have a month to choose which mails will stay and which ones will leave your inbox forever.

However, it’s even more difficult to take them out of the Spam folder once they get there, because if they went there is because the brands that performed these email campaigns and sent these emails became completely annoying for users, and the engines ‘realized’ it.

Let’s face this: how many times have you erased emails without even looking at their content? Could you think of two or three reasons why it happened? We can give you a thousand reasons, but there is ONE which is the most important, and here you will discover it.

You can make your marketing emails jump from Spam to the Inbox throne in just a few steps, getting the number of responses you want, positive responses all the time. And yes, there’s one simple trick… but not now!


No more templates!

Are you using templates for your emails? Stop doing it: people smell that scent of distance and repetitiveness in the environment and won’t think of sending your mails to where they belong. One single email for all of your possible customers is just trash, and you know where the trash goes.

  • Personalize and customize your emails, be direct and know your target to know how to talk to all of them as if you were talking to each one.

And how can you personalize your mails?

Piece of cake. Just write their names in the email, be concise and mention common topics. Sometimes you may go deeper, but that will depend exclusively on the response levels your mails get.

‘Go deeper’? How?

Sometimes, even when they see their names in the recipient box, customers do not feel the need to get engaged and just throw the mail without looking at the inside content. This may change by adding their names in the subject and involving them as if they were going to help you! (in fact, they are going to help you, but shhhhh! They don’t have to know it)

If you want to advertise your cooking website, you definitely can’t compare this:

“Hi there! Wanna see our website?”

To this:

“Hi there, Ann! Cooking is our passion, too! Let’s have a talk.”

You know, as well as we do, which subject will get responses and which one will go directly to rest with others like it, until all of them are beheaded and buried in the cemetery of forgotten, annoying, spamming mails.

  • If you want to be closer to your crowds, try to know their likes and dislikes. It’s obvious you can’t make everybody happy by liking all they like, but your target is not made of ‘everybody’… that’s impossible! Choose a real target and connect your tastes as a brand with your customers’ tastes.
  • Start your letter with their name, too. They will get more interested. And don’t give many details in the subject, just a hint for them to be curious, and the rest will come out after they open the mail.
  • Some companies really believe that they have to talk like children to get to younger audiences. It will work depending on how they use words, but the customization of name/likes is better than a “Yo, bro…”

First, name… then, likes/hobbies, and now… the address?

Well… not exactly. Don’t become a stalker; that’s more than annoying, it’s disgusting and weird. No, in fact, it’s ILLEGAL. You should not be guessing where people live and then telling them through an email that you know it to get responses. But doing some research to know at least the city and country where they are located, that is a good step to follow.

Latest news and recent happenings are trendy

Informing your possible customers and followers from your latest actions, and relating them to every move you do, is also a great step. Of course, as we said before: be concise. No one wants to read a testament. Make it simple. Make it entertaining. Make it nice to read. Make it fresh.

Be natural and disruptive

No more boring sentences to begin a letter, such as “We hope you are fine. Can you read our blog?” We who? Why should I read it?

  • Use a letterhead in which it seems that the letter wasn’t sent by the Content Creators, but by a coworker at your company team.
  • Be creative and colorful. Not in excess, but break the rules from time to time.
  • You can also use the “Because method”, which is just explaining the goals of your mail with the unmissable word “because”. It works and increases response rates up to a 5%.

So now… what’s the trick you mentioned above to boost email-opening responses?

Oh, yes, the trick… do you really need a trick after all the tips we showed you here? Ok, here we go…


We can repeat this as many times as you want us to do so, but if you don’t assimilate it, these will be dead words. Engage people to your emails as you do it with your contents on social networks, and they will not only open them… they will be waiting for them to see what’s up!

Only by trusting a team of professionals like Wegacha, you can achieve these and all the goals you’ve ever wanted as a brand. You won’t regret of calling us to perform aggressive campaigns and get the results you want to see, ask now!


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