Getting Started With Content Marketing — A Quick Guide

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Getting Started With Content Marketing — A Quick Guide

Do you know if the content you or others are creating for your brand is the appropriate one? Do you even have a content strategy? What target would you like to attract? Well, that’s the first thing you should be checking right now!

It is important you know that content marketing is essential nowadays for every brand. Why? Because people spend most of their time on a smartphone, a laptop, or any other device with access to Internet. People are always searching something new, or just hanging on, being on social networks.

First of all… what is Content Marketing?

It is one of the best ways to approach to your audience. The figure of a content creator is important because they will write articles for your blogs, websites, and social media.

Digital content creators are the link between you and your possible customers, who are readers before being buyers, and texts here are more than words: they are selected and written not only to explain the importance of your brand, but also to show how your brand is engaged to the evolution of marketing.

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To write effective articles, you must set goals with your content creator. The most basic one is to know who you want to attract and why, and what advantages people are going to have after they read your content.

  • In this sense, you must find relevant content that can be related to your brand, and also remembered by readers. Imagine you have a vegan food restaurant: how do you link talking about makeup or clothes to vegan food? It’s almost impossible, so the main goal here is to search about topics which are related to cooking, the food supplies that the restaurant uses to prepare the meals, and how the environment benefits from you, for example.

Here we’ll show you how to connect with your readers through effective content marketing:

1. Make readers feel incomplete without your content

The use of words here is vital. You must convince readers from reading your texts; otherwise they will be missing important information that could serve them later. It’s not about buying your products (but of course this is one of your goals), it is about feeling engaged to you because you give them relevant info.

2. Help people fulfill their own goals through your content

Purpose: that is the word. Your article must have a purpose; it must make people say “Hey! This article is awesome! I must share it for others to know about it.” People should save your articles not to read them later but to have a reference of your content and keep reading from your feeds.

3. Be the triple C: Coherent, Cohesive and Concise

  • Coherent: relate your texts to the purpose of your brand.
  • Cohesive: use proper grammar and vocabulary.
  • Concise: be direct, don’t explain a point too much or you will annoy.

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4. Don’t mention your brand every three words…

… or every three lines, or every three paragraphs. Just one or two times in the whole text is enough. And sometimes, not mentioning yourself at all also works: people will try to find who provided the text and for sure will find the name of your brand somewhere on the website.

5. Write creative, original content

Even when other people have written about the same topic, don’t copy and paste. People respect brands that create new content that calls them to read more.

  • Not only texts are available: you can post just a picture with a good copy, or infographics with short points and great designs. Even memes could work, depending on the purpose: they work when you want to break the ice, but do not abuse.

6. Know your people’s needs

Once you connect with their needs, it will be easier to write. When you post content, it is directed to other’s needs, not the ones you have.

7. Use different styles depending on what you want

If you want people to subscribe to your feeds, for example, or new customers, write useful info that makes people want more, and at the end, call to action.

8. Check your content once you wrote it

And have an additional proofreader just in case: sometimes we are really tired to check our texts and we just post them without a second look.

9. Interact once the content is posted

When people read your posts, they comment them sometimes. Be polite and thank every comment and suggestion. Do not play the “Insult Reply” game; some people sometimes do not know how to answer to posts they don’t like and they just reply with rudeness, so be patient and try to ask them what happened with the article and how you would do to improve your content.

10. Check periodically what people like at the moment

Ask readers if they would like some other types of content to read: remember that staying at the same point gets boring, and it will make people forget you and jump to a more interesting content.

To finish, it is important to remember these questions:

  • What do you want to do and which is the target?
  • Are people going to be interested?
  • How are people going to get a benefit from my content?
  • Am I calling to action effectively?
  • Are you setting goals for your content?
  • Is the text appropriate?

Our team of experts have the key words for your brand. Ask Wegacha to explain you how you can reach the greatest satisfaction levels through interesting content that affects your readers in a positive way. Remember this: all of us are possible customers at any time, even when we are not thinking about it. Trigger that desire of people for new content, and you will trigger their hidden desire to get your products!

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