Growing your followers on Twitter will boost your business!

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Growing your followers on Twitter will boost your business!

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most powerful social media available in these days and, almost every person can take advantage of it and boost a small business to the next level by growing the number of followers on Twitter.

With the right use of the platform, acute strategies, a lot of patient, and some other touches, Twitter is capable of helping small businesses to generate more traffic, reach more potential customers, engage people from all over the world, and eventually increase sales.

When trying to grow a small business, there are many things the marketers need to do; there are also multiple options and forms to do it but the important fact in here is that the bigger number of people is aware of a brand, the more of them are more likable to buy products or services from that brand.

Based on that, marketers and entrepreneurs may find in Twitter such an excellent place where to reach new clients, create a huge awareness, engage both ancient and new clients and boost the business to the next level.

Twitter on top of the list

Some marketers prefer other platforms to develop their marketing campaigns; however, Twitter is on the favorite ones and it has enough reasons to be. First of all, Twitter has around 320 million active users each month which mean great chances to generate traffic from a good portion of those users to your profile or even your site (out of Twitter).

Also, users from Twitter come in a myriad of likes and shapes; given the fact the number of users is so big, there are many types of businesses that can reach their target market through Twitter, it is possible to say that there is enough space for all.

Moreover, benefits of advertising in Twitter go beyond being popular and engaging people –which are good reasons, though- but lately, Twitter has surprised investors and marketers, among others with incredible numbers of revenue.

The Twitter stock market is finally having good news for investors, as the stock price of twitter has never been as high as it is at this moment –which means a lot for those who were considering investing in this market-; also the predictions about the Twitter stock value is seemed to be a step in the right direction.

The shares of Twitter have increased their value significantly which means more benefits for users, especially for those ones that use the platforms for economic purposes, just like marketers and brands do.

Actually, some people may call to action to those who were wondering when to buy Twitter stock as experts consider that the platform is finally having a real profit after this growth.

The growth of shares value and others improvements the company has had in this quarter represent very good news to small businesses and marketers because it can even improve the ROI or Return on Investment.

In addition, twitter developers seem to be very conscious about the huge number of common people becoming very popular quickly, also brands and advertisers that use the platform in order to increase sales and reach people, so they are constantly trying to include more tools and benefits for users.

Taking advantage of Twitter

We could spend hours explaining how good Twitter is to advertise and engaging people to a brand, but on the other hand, there are several factors every starter up have to take into account when trying to gain more twitter followers.

Be aware that around 320 million people are monthly active in the platform but, a great number of them are in the same duty you are, trying to gain twitter followers, engage people, generate traffic, increase sales, etc.

The main step is being aware you are not the only one advertising in twitter, once you know it, it will be easier to understand that it is necessary to do incredible things in order to highlight among competitors.

Here you have 4 vital process and daily things you need to do in order to engage people and grow your twitter followers, keep in mind that having a lot of followers will boost your business right to the top!

Be sure you have an unbeatable profile

Creating a profile on Twitter is easy, first of all, the access to this social media is completely free, anyone can create an account from scratch; moreover, having an appealing profile takes a little bit more of time and dedication than signing up.

First thing you need to have done is the username, create a username easy to recognize, easy to read and extremely referred to your brand, do not get too imaginative in here, you will have enough space to set your imagination free later.

Same happens with the profile picture, pick an image that people can easily relate to your brand, your logo is the perfect option. On the other hand, you can always put something a bit different in the background picture, but do not go too far, make sure people identify your account easily.

About the biography, include all the necessary information about the brand: location in case of a physical store, and contact number but also add a short text about the brand, what you do and focus on catching the attention of your intended market.

Another important thing that should be part of the biography is an external link, for example your own website. Almost every time a person feel curious about visiting a website or online store, he will go straight to the Bio in order to find the link, if that link does not appear in there, the person can lose his attention and not searching at all.

Find your tweeting timing

Tweeting is a complex but fun process, it is extremely important to find a balance when planning to tweet from a brand account. Tweeting too much will bother your followers and will lead them to unfollow you, be aware that if you do not look to be overwhelmed with tons of spam or ads, your followers do not like it either.

Moreover, on the other hand, tweeting too little times will make your tweets get lost among the ocean of tweets that are sent each minute, that is why having a balance between too few or too much is the key.

On the other hand, numbers are not enough if tweets are not sent at the right moment. Even though Twitter has a huge amount of active users daily, it is necessary to know the exact people the brand needs to catch.

Knowing the target market will allow the person to study them, know when they are online, which type of content they like to see, which hashtags or keywords will catch their attention, and much more.

Once all this information is completed, the marketer or community manager will be able to create a tweeting schedule based on the desired market. Moreover, there are many forms to tweet, any person can do it manually but there are also settings that enable you to send certain tweets at a set hour.

In addition, there is another feature recently included in the platform which is pinned tweets. It consists on setting a tweet always on top of the list of tweets, this strategy is very useful to lead attention to something you want to highlight, as it is always on top, it is more likable to be seen, generating more traffic.

Offer the best quality you can

There is something we cannot discuss and it is the fact that no matter if a brand has found the target market, if it tweets at the right hour and in the exact number of tweets, if the quality of content included on the tweets is poor, all the process is a waste of time and resources.

It is vital to be extremely careful with the content you are planning to post on this social media. Take care of little details such as misspellings and typos, be sure your content is completely original and there is no plagiarism in them.

In addition, there are many types to post content in this social media; given the fact that 280 characters are kind of limited to share information or content, people tend to use other ways of posting such as images, videos, GIFs, and links.

Referring to images and videos, they are completely versatile, there is a myriad of topics that can be treated through them; they also enable people to practice inbound marketing which focuses on offering to potential customers valuable information that leads them to buy from you.

On the other hand, in case the brand style and area allows it to use written content as a part of the inbound strategy, the best option is to post a link to a site wherein the article is developed.

Moreover, with links every starter up has to be very careful; years ago and due to the short number of characters allowed in Twitter, people tended to short the links they used to post and the results were not so positive.

Why is that? With chopped links, users cannot have a clue about what they are going to see or read by clicking it, not having a single piece of information was reason enough to lose their attention.

Nowadays, with 280 characters, it is easier to create an URL that can contain a piece of information about the content of the post, this short piece in advance will play with the viewer’s curiosity and lead them to click on the link generating more traffic.

When we referred to balance, we were not only speaking about the number of tweets but in general. In Twitter, there is a tool very useful and important: hashtags, they are keywords used to reach an intended group of people.

Hashtags are very useful, but just do not abuse from them, using one or two per tweet is just okay, try to avoid spam. Moreover, using them is not the only way to take advantage of hashtags, paying attention to which ones the target market uses is an acute way to discover which topics and trends catch their attention.

Interact and give love back

Twitter is a completely interactive platform. In here, users are able to share tweets, repost other’s tweets, mark them as favorites, create threads, response them, and much more.

Taking the time to do some of those actions by the brand account is undoubtedly a huge step in the right direction. Making your followers feel like they are important for the brand and their opinions are valuable, will lead others to be part of your list of followers.

There are many strategies a brand can use to interact with its followers and catch the attention of some more each day. First of all, solving their doubts both in mentions and direct messages, retweeting their messages or liking them, following back, and so on.

In addition, there are two trends in these days; creating polls to ask for people’s opinion, they are extremely interactive and give to people the sensation that their opinion matters, which is correct.

On the other hand, we find giveaways, wherein it is possible to find brands that give one of their products as a gift to one follower picked randomly after following certain steps, especially asking to follow an account or like any post.

Be honest, always

The worst thing a brand trying to grow up by its social media is to lie. Telling people things that are not true or using fake news as a method to gain followers will not work as a long-term strategy.

Never, and with never what we want to express is not to consider it even an option, do not buy fake followers or bots to increase rapidly your twitter followers. There are two main reasons why a starter up brand should not buy fake followers:

  • They will not buy something from you: keep in mind that main purpose of growing your numbers on Twitter is to increase your sales and they will not do it.
  • They will bring down your reliability: having fake followers will bring the wrong impression to real followers. There are a lot of famous people buying and using fake followers and people from all over the world criticize it strongly.
In brief, growing your Twitter followers takes time and dedication but the results can be really profitable to your business. Having an expert to help you during the process is really acute as it will manage all the strategy and all you need to do is relax and see how your Twitter followers grow effortless.

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