High Numbers on Startup Creation in Miami Doesn’t End in Bigger Growth.

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High Numbers on Startup Creation in Miami Doesn’t End in Bigger Growth.

The news, blogs and podcasts have been talking about entrepreneurs for a while now but talk about places like New York, Los Angeles and Austin while not talking about Miami as much .

The amount of startups being created all through Miami have been exponential if we would compare it with other big cities like Los Angeles.

We know startups are being created here and there but only a handful can go out and be successful.

This is because most brands go and make a product people don’t need at all and try to sell them to a large audience. If you don’t go and take the time to understand what product/service people need then you are doomed from the start.

This is normal between brands all around the world but is showing up more and more in Miami.

Another problem startups have is they don’t know how to use social media to market their business. They go and use cheap strategies that welcome fake followers into their accounts.

Inflated numbers on social media has become common between new brands but this doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to have. Fake followers don’t bring new leads and sales, they are simply there to boost the ego of the brand.

Here at Wegacha we can bring real leads and followers to your social media platform by creating an actionable strategy which doesn’t rely on spamming people. Engagement is crucial on social media but spamming is not.

Miami (Fort Lauderdale to be more specific) was ranked number one in startup creation since the amount of people creating a new business high but at the same time Miami was ranked as the second to last place where startups grow to over 50 employees.

Creating a brand isn’t the hard part when going to the business world but keeping it afloat and making it grow on a consistent basis.

Our number one goal is to make your company grow and we look for innovative ways to make it happen.

We want to make you feel like you didn’t spend money for nothing but rather make it like you took advantage of every penny.

Agencies can often seem as a factor most brands don’t need because they can handle everything by themselves but everyone needs help from time to time to achieve a certain goal or project.

Reducing the failure of any startup in Miami is the goal of our agency.

There are great ideas being wasted with bad marketing and bad ideas being promoted with good marketing. While both aren’t good, there is still room to change it and make it go in the right direction with some guidance.

If we go and compare the startup market from Miami and Austin we can understand why there is stability in Austin with a solid creation of startups while on Miami there is a enormous amount of startups being created with little growth.

Getting Miami to the prestigious position of Austin is something that takes work from every startup being created in the area and the support of agencies across Miami itself.

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Having a solid growth for a company comes from a good set of strategies when marketing any product/service. We could help you bring all of your marketing to whole new level by showing you the best ways to implement them in the short and long term scenarios.

Rapid growth is good but a steady flow of growth for upcoming years is better.

Contact us so we can help you create a better overall brand with modern techniques and practices.


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