Highlighting the Importance of Logos and Solid Brand Identity

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Highlighting the Importance of Logos and Solid Brand Identity

It is evident that with the millions of websites available online, users have a sharp eye to catalogue what they like and what they don’t like. As marketing moves forward with innovative techniques to attract new audience, so do people become more and more demanding. Brands with solid identity are the ones who engage the largest audience, it is because of this that companies now find themselves struggling to get consumers’ attention.

Consequently, improvements are a must in order to become profitable in today’s market. Brands have started investing in visually creative and engaging assets to imbue their image with a fresher appearance and strengthen their identity.

By doing this, companies are changing the role from convincing potential customers to a less invasive but attracting strategy to create relatability and make the audience feel the products they offer are everything they’re looking for.

A well achieved brand identity is a facet that makes your products instantly recognizable to your clients. What this does is to make an instantaneous connection to your audience brains so that they immediately link your brand identity to your product/service. Said identity is the main connection company - customer to build loyalty and shapes the mental perception they have of you.

Take Coca Cola or Adidas for instance, these are the kind of companies that have been able to build a very confident brand identity. In fact, so much so that people could unconsciously relate a color or a shape with everyday products. This isn’t easy to do, the best way to approach this is by hiring a professional designer to create a strong brand identity who can keep strong focus on keeping your brand relevant regardless of outer factors.

What is the difference between brand identity and brand image?

There tends to be some confusion on what is a brand identity system. a logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design and identity design are different parts of the mechanism which united form a solid image for a business.

You see, the difference between brand identity and brand image lies in that a brand’s identity is given by the very people inside the company, it’s developed from within. It’s the logo, the slogan, the business cards, the specific words they use to communicate their vision and ideals, etc. Whereas brand image is what the audience interprets from all those characteristics put together, how they embrace the product/service and what experience they make out of it.

In other words, brand identity is the equivalent to the architecture while brand image is the final refined result of the planning and construction of, say, a building.

Imagine any logo you like, think about what it is that you like about it, if it grabbed your attention at once or if it was a gradual thing, what did/do you like about it? All the information you can get out of answering these questions means that communication doesn’t end with words, in marketing it goes far beyond. Therefore, the audience can choose a product over another not only by how it looks but also by who is behind said product and what is their purpose.

Affording the perfect logo for a good brand identity

One of the essential parts of a strong brand identity are logos. Basically, it’s the face of your brand, your product or service, it’s the most important visual asset of your brand identity. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs risk falling in the wrong hands when the need comes to create/redo a logo since they don’t take the time to find out what’s the best option.

So there’s a question that needs to be answered in order to take the right choice, and that is, how much does it cost to create a logo?

Well, there’s no “correct answer” to that but logo design prices vary in a broad scope depending of the kind of work that you want done. Of course, saying what price is fair and which isn’t may be confusing since we’re not all in the graphic design field. However, it also has to do with the kind of designer you hire; or if you are courageous enough to create a logo yourself.

Hiring the right logo and brand identity designer can be the bridge between you brand and its success. One alternative is to hire a low-budget freelance unexperienced designer who can quickly put together a logo for you, but of course, you get what you pay and most times this kind of choice leads to generic, poor made designs which can hurt your brand’s potential identity.

On the other hand you can hire a seasoned designer or make a contest paying some more money and getting a mid-range design service.

Furthermore, you can hire a professional graphic designer from an agency or design studio. While this choice is more expensive, is the best path to take if your startup/company needs to get a complete brand identity service. With this choice you guarantee the construction of a formidable brand identity with the work of a team of marketing and design professionals.

Lastly, if you decide to go DIY because that’s all your business needs, I suggest you check out some of the famous AI-powered logo makers there are online, for instance, Logojoy or Logaster. These platforms are filled with current logo templates to build a standard design for a small fee.


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No need to imitate to build a strong brand identity

Moving on, as I’ve been mentioning above the purpose of having a logo is to give your brand the face of its whole identity. Just like someone’s face, it represents your personality. A logo sets your brand apart from the competition, it increases brand awareness and with a good product, it can build trust and loyalty.

The not-so-new identity marketing strategy has led brands of all sizes to spend more money and time on designing captivating imagery, logos, messages, etc. While big companies like the ones we mentioned before can break the bank to get the perfect brand image, remember they have a larger audience and much more competitors.

However, you as an entrepreneur don’t need to leave your pockets empty to create successful imagery. The vital part is to grasp the ideal of what you want to transmit with your logo and find the right designer to work with. This way you’re showing superiority above the competition and customers will notice.

Evidently, when we talk about building and preserving a brand identity, there’s a lot of ground to cover and many details that can be overwhelming to keep track of. It’s a difficult but vital step to take your vision and ideals to create a personality for your brand in such a volatile and ever-changing environment. Remember the approaches can be many and the way you go can affect either positively or negatively in your business’ performance. Everything depends on your brand’s needs and the goals you set within your company.

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