How Beyond Meat Uses Its Social Media To Attract Customers

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How Beyond Meat Uses Its Social Media To Attract Customers

When Beyond Meat was founded in 2009, nobody knew who they were and what their goal was.

Jump 10 years later and Beyond Meat has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, worth 21 billion dollars.

So, what did they do to build such a big empire with their meat alternatives?

For those who don’t know, Beyond Meat sells 100% plant-based ‘meat’ ranging from burgers all the way to sausages. They’ve disrupted the market by creating a product which is as close as any other brand has ever gotten to plant-based materials tasting like meat.

So their product is amazing, their goals are good and they are trying to show the world that people can eat good burgers without real meat, but there is something else which helped them grow into such a colossal brand other than their good products.

A solid social media strategy.

Let’s go over several points which showcase how good their content is on social media and how you can replicate some of their ideas on your own account.

They Use Their Customers To Make Their Product Shine

Using customer reviews and testimonials isn’t anything new for marketing in general but Beyond Meat has gone and introduced it on a monthly basis and in different ways.

They might create a post showing the latest tweet of a customer talking about how good the product is.

You could see a video of someone eating Beyond Meat’s products and loving it (no, it’s not a McDonald's pun)

There are also some instances where they post an image a customer posted on social media and add the caption they left on it talking about Beyond Meat.

The idea behind posting content created by your customers is that it makes the brand feel genuine and interested in their customers more as simple buyers.

This type of strategy is great for brands who sell a physical product and want to show real reviews from people all around the world

It can also work for brands selling services but it’s a bit trickier to do since there’s nothing to showcase as an image and that the customer can take a picture of.

They Use Celebrities In Their Marketing Strategy

Beyond Meat is great at getting celebrities on board with its mission which helps them reach a broader audience.

This is influencer marketing at its finest! They create videos and images with celebrities like Jessica Chastain, Snoop Dogg, Chris Paul, and many others, to increase the awareness of 100% plant-based meat.

Sure, most brands don’t have the budget to get influencers like Jessica Chastain to try and review their products, but you can take into consideration the posts and videos from a production standpoint and see how you can improve your own.



It’s also important to take into consideration that for small to medium sized brands, it’s better to have multiple micro influencers which are inside of your niche than one influencer with a million followers who doesn’t have a following which could benefit your brand as a whole. 

They Compare Their Product With Their Main Competition

Yes, comparing has always been a dirty move to pull off, more if you’re a brand, but Beyond Meat has found a way to do it without throwing any shade towards brands selling a similar product as them.

What they do is compare their plant-based products to regular meat products and create a list showing why their product is better in flavor, quality, and eco-friendliness.

Applying this to your niche depends a lot on what area your brand is in, but it’s possible if you take your time and compile all of the improvements your products have over the rest.

Let’s take Beyond Meat’s burger patty post as an example, they put it side by side with a regular burger patty which showed that they looked pretty much like the same thing. Then they started to explain how their product surpasses any meat-based patties out there while doing as little damage to the environment as possible.

Give your industry a look and see if you can do the same with your product!

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They Interact With Their Following

This is a no brainer, more if your a small brand looking to create a community around your social media accounts!

Although Beyond Meat doesn’t respond to every single comment on their posts since there are hundreds of them, they still take the time to respond to at least a dozen of them in order to show their followers that they care about them and their opinions.

It’s easier for smaller brands to respond to messages since they don’t have to deal with thousands of them at a time!

This means there is no excuse why your brand shouldn’t be responding to every single comment they receive and trying to bring as much value as possible.

Beyond Meat is a prime example of what brands should be doing with their social media accounts, no matter the industry they’re in.

Now that you’ve got this knowledge, what are you waiting for? Go and make the respective changes and keep your social media content on point!

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