How Having a Mascot for your Brand can Boost its Advertising.

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How Having a Mascot for your Brand can Boost its Advertising.

Advertising is a core part of marketing having been used since the 1900’s and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. People tend to forget one of the tactics advertising used n order to make it feel more thought out was to make a mascot for their brand with the idea of showing a representation of the brand people would love to see and would make them buy the product.

Fast forward a few years and now it’s a common trend of big brands all around the world like Old Spice, M&M, Kellogg’s and many others!

The real question is, how can a mascot benefit your brand when it comes to generating leads?


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Mascots have been used before the advertising strategy to help kids learn a topic since it let’s them relate to the mascot itself, Adults are the same. When they see someone with a similar problem to them, they become engaged and want to solve the problem the same way the mascot (in this case) did.

Another thing to think about is that mascots are cool/cute no matter the age of the person watching it, making it easier for them to like it.

When it comes to choosing your mascot for your brand it might seem overwhelming since there are a lot of different mascots to create with different end results but for the sake of it let’s talk about the main ones looking to target a specific kind of audience.

If you want to target older people then the mascot should be looking to generate some sense of nostalgia and or intelligence, be it a turtle or a animal with similar aspects.

Now if your main target are families with kids then aiming for an animal that is cute and resembles the features of a dog, cat or rabbit is ideal. If you are willing to go the extra mile then you could make a whole family of mascots with the intention of simulating a real life family (making it that much more relatable.)

You can tinker with its appearance as much as you want but if it doesn’t have any sort of personality to it then you might as well make a box and call it Jimmy.

Give it some sort of personal aspects you would like your brand to be remembered for.

Go and take Old Spice as an example of a mascot that shows you what the product is able to do and how it neutralizes odors (with lasers is a bit over the top though) while making it entertaining enough for you to want to go and make the purchase.

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Old Spice has been known for having this type of personality and over the top products making it logical for them to go and create a mascot with an actor like Terry Crews.

Having a clear knowledge of what your target audience likes makes it easier for the brand to create a bond with different people using only your mascot as the sole advertiser.

A plus of having a mascot is that you can create more content for social media with him in it, making it look better and customized.

If you use the mascot for enough time people will begin to relate the brand with said mascot making it easier for people to recognize the brand without seeing the logo. A good example of this could be Gecko with its mascot being recognizable with people all around the world.

Making a mascot can take time but as soon as you have something which feels and sounds like the brand, it will let you create bonds with new people!

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