How Influencer Marketing Can Up Your Conversions.

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How Influencer Marketing Can Up Your Conversions.

Word of mouth is a marketing tactic brands around the world forget about way too often and we are here to change it!

Getting people to recommend your product doesn’t only happen in real life interactions but on social media too.

That's where influencer marketing comes into play.

Influencers have a big community behind their account, which means anything they say and like will get their followers interested.

Another good reason why you should be working with influencers is that you will be able to create quality content for your brand’s account.

But how do you start doing any of this?

We’re going to show you what you should do to work with your first influencer and make it as ROI positive as possible!



Learn Which Influencers Can Benefit Your Brand

You can’t go and pay the influencer with the biggest following right off the bat.

You need to do your homework and see if they are a good fit for your brand.

Ask yourself these questions and use your answers to align which type of influencer will have a positive ROI.

  • What type of audience is the brand trying to reach
  • What product is it trying to sell
  • Does the influencer create content around the industry the brand is in?
  • Does he or she have an engaging community or is it pure numbers?

After answering these questions you'll be able to choose an influencer that'll be a good fit for your brand

Which Platform Should I Use?

Our personal favorite has to be BuzzSumo by far since it’s simple and hassle-free.

With it, you can filter the influencers by location, date, and type.

You can check out the type of content that they put out and see if it’s a good fit for your brand.

There are thousands of alternatives you could consider too if you aren’t too keen on using BuzzSumo.

Try these and see which one suits your brand the most.

Entice Action On Social Media

Getting an influencer to do sponsored content for your brand is the first step to increasing your conversions, but if the content you create doesn’t make people want to buy the product or service you're offering, then it’s better if you go and burn your money elsewhere.

Instead, you should be creating content that makes the influencer’s audience want to go to your website and buy it.

A simple way you can do this is by creating a unique hashtag and asking the influencer to use it. He can then challenge his or her community to create a post using the hashtag itself.

You can do this to bring more attention to your brand as a whole. You could also do a giveaway that in return will have a lot of people buying the product instead of trying to win it.

Since we are talking about conversions and selling more of your products, it's better to do both.

As soon as people see how their favorite influencer uses your hashtag and check that it’s also a giveaway, they’ll be want to be a part of the hashtag.

Something you should take into consideration when choosing an influencer is how they present the brand they are working with.

You have to see if it would make your brand look good or not.

Supporting a good cause with an influencer can be beneficial too since 78% of the consumers prefer a brand that's using its money for good.

Think of a foundation that you would like your brand to be a part of and create a campaign with the influencer talking about it.

You can even make a special edition of your product with the cause in mind and use part of your profit to help even more with the cause.

A good example is Apple and Head with RED.

You should like the cause and support it 100% though.

If you don’t believe in it or you’re doing it for the money and attention, don’t do it.

These are some of the ways you can up your conversions by using influencer marketing. They can help you reach your desired audience as long as you’ve done your research and created a plan.

Try them all and see which one would help your brand the most!

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