How to Cut Long Pieces of Content for Social Media

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How to Cut Long Pieces of Content for Social Media

Having a blog or creating videos for your brand is a great way to have content on your website at all times that can showcase your companies knowledge which in return can bring people that trust your brand with their eyes closed.

However, what else can you do with an article? Most brands simply make the article and distribute it in their social media accounts so more people can read it in their blog and then they forget about the article and leave it there.

We want to change the way you think about content creation itself and how you can grab an article you made and create smaller pieces of content for your social media accounts!


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Think in Scale

When you go and create an article for your brand's blog (or your personal blog) it’s normal to think it as a content piece that can only be seen there in the blog and nowhere else.

Let’s start by telling you “That’s not true” If you think you can’t grab a piece of your article and transform it into a short snippet people can check out on social media then you might want to stick around!

Imagine that you created an article and it had some parts full of emotion or with great tips people can benefit from regardless if they read the whole article or not. These parts are something you can grab and shape into a post for social media.

For example, if you have an article talking about the importance of having a good team that works together and inside it you talk about the characteristics of a good team, you could grab said section and use it in a post for Instagram where you showcase them and ask people to go and click on the link in the bio (you should have the article set up there) so they can read the whole article.

This makes it easy for you to go and make old articles shine again via social media while giving you fresh content you can post about.

You can’t do this with every single article though since there will be some that don’t have anything you can share without people having to read the article from the beginning (they won’t have any context)

Now, if you see your articles/videos like a pillar of content which you can break into smaller pieces for social media, you could start creating them with parts that are easy for you to use on social media without it needing anything else.

These can be quotes, tips, guides, etc.

The idea is for you to utilize the content you create as much as possible without it being annoying and tiresome.

By making use of your blog as a content creation machine for social media, you can have more posts ready without too much hassle.

Don’t try to fit a full article in a single post though since most people won’t read it and it won’t be as interesting as a smaller piece of the same article.

It’s not a matter of how good the article is since your article may be amazing, it’s rather about the way people consume content in a specific platform. People who use Instagram won’t like to read a whole article there as much as they would in a blog inside your brand's website.

Videos, on the other hand, are something you can use in both ways on Instagram since you can post a small piece of the video on your post and tell people at the end of the video that they can see the complete take on IGTV and then post it there.

The same thing can be achieved if you use Youtube rather than IGTV (We recommend this since the format of Youtube fits better with an Instagram post) since you can make a sneak peek of what the video is about and put the link to it in your profile, making it easy for people who liked the post to go and take a look at the whole video

The idea is to get as much content flowing as possible while getting people engaged with your brand in general!

There are thousands of different ways you can use content you made for your blog or your website on social media, you simply need some creativity and time to think!

Hey, we get it, you are busy running a business and taking the time to find out ways to make better content for Instagram isn’t something high in your priority list! We can help you with the whole process that needs to be done when creating content for social media and customize it to your specific needs. Try us out if you want to get organic growth without having to put in hundreds of hours per month in order to achieve it!


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