How To Successfully Sell Your Products On Amazon- Tips & Tricks

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How To Successfully Sell Your Products On Amazon- Tips & Tricks

We just have one word for you: Amazon. Is it necessary to say something else? Yes: you can get everything you need from it. And you can sell your products there, becoming a great e-businessperson. How is it possible? Keep reading.

Opportunities in Amazon are never a waste of time. Even if you are just a curious customer, you may have seen that this platform is simply amazing, and e-commerce sellers have raised since it came up. Do you need buyers? That’s not a big deal; the real thing is to attract them to your site.

There are many people who sell physical products on Amazon, and not only physical products, but also computer-based products such as ebooks, which are very popular nowadays for being practical and cheaper than a paper book. Almost 70 million people are registered as Amazon Prime members around the world: this means that there are almost 70 million customers that buy more than once on the website, so you can satisfy them with your products. Therefore, there are almost 70 million reasons to convince people of buying at your e-commerce.

Starting an Amazon business shouldn’t be so complicated. Just follow some steps and you will be a great seller.

1. Open an account on Amazon

In you will have two main options to consider before agreeing with the company terms and pressing the button that will lead you to your future business.

  • Individual Seller Account: it charges a fee per each item you sell. If you are a business starter, this is a great option to enter the e-commerce world successfully without losing big quantities of money. You cannot collect taxes, report capabilities or offer promotions or gift services, but at least you will be sure that if something fails, you won’t have to declare bankruptcy.
  • Professional Seller Account: it charges a monthly fee that won’t change. This means that whether you sell one item or a hundred items, you will be charged a fixed fee. This is the best option for people who are known and sell many items, since they will save a lot on fees. You will have several benefits such as being eligible for bonuses programs and collecting taxes, so your business will grow as a tree in a few months.

After you chose the appropriate account for your needs, the next step is to set up your account. You will need to:

  • Have your business EIN or a valid Social Security Number.
  • Complete a tax interview provided by Amazon to have a report of your sells and the taxes they will produce.
  • Answer a survey and some other selling-related questions.

2. Self-fulfilment or Amazon fulfilment?

Now that you have opened your account, next stage is to choose between fulfilling the orders from your customers through Amazon or by yourself.

  • Self-fulfilled orders give you the control of everything, and you can even enjoy the advantage of having low rates on postage if you use the carriers recommended by Amazon. People who buy directly from you give you the chance to have a pre-paid postage label from your account, but you can always choose the carrier you desire to work with.
    • The only disadvantage is that you will have to pack and ship out your orders or hire people to do it for you, losing a precious time to sell more, and of course, losing money.
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is the option that Amazon gives you to save the money and time you will later need. They store, pack and ship out your products for a very reasonable price, and it is available for individual and professional sellers.
  • If you have an online store at Shopify, the FBA program allows you to sell your items directly from that website. FBA will sync your inventory immediately!

3. What should you sell?

Independent brands have a place in Amazon! In a beginning, this was a website directed to sell books online, but it has successfully evolved into a distributor and reseller company that allows unknown, independent brands to grow up and evolve, too. People like trying new brands instead of always consuming the same ones, and this is the reason why you should think of selling PL products, since they are fully supported by Amazon.

  • However, not everything will be profitable for you to have a business: as it happens in the real-life commerce, you must think about your customers’ needs and sell what they need to buy, so a market survey will be indispensable.
  • Avoid products that are already sold and popular in the 100 Best Sellers, since there will be a lot of those items and not enough demand: this means that you will have a lot of competitors who will offer lower prices to get the biggest number of customers. The idea is to sell something needed, but unique.

4. List and register your products

New branded products must be listed in the Amazon Catalog. Describe them in the shortest yet greatest way possible. Post pictures, explain why your product will solve a need, and make your product the most attractive. Then register your brand through Amazon Brand Registry to protect yourself from illegal copies.

  • Then, keywords! Just as SEO does with companies, keywords help customers to find your products first that others. Don’t forget this step or your products will be left to dust.

Do you want more details on how to pair your e-commerce products with Amazon? Wegacha has many more tips for you to start, grow and keep your e-business successfully. Stay tuned!


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