How important is the content creation for a starting brand?

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How important is the content creation for a starting brand?

In these days, everyone around your brand is a strong competitor and every single detail can differentiate a brand from another, making one stand over the others, of course, every brand wants to be the one people are constantly talking about.

In order to stand out from the multitude, it is necessary to do two types of things: the ones everyone does and the ones no one does, but how is it? It sounds a bit confusing, right? Stay tuned and you will figure out which things we are talking about.

First of all, there are certain things, tasks or topics every emerging brand has to cover in order to succeed, get recognition, and increase sales; things such as marketing, campaigns, Ads, etc. As you may have noticed, those are the things everyone does, at least those that really want to boost their business to the next level.

On the other hand, we have the things in which everyone has to be different and it is the way you perform those common actions. With this what we want to get explained is the fact that it does not matter if you do the same things your competitors do, what matters is the way you do it, the methods you apply to be different and stand out from the crowd.

For instance, marketing is an area every brand practice; it is focused on bringing value by educating through useful information, and engaging customers rather than just “selling” products and receiving money from people.

Moreover, the way every brand develops their marketing campaigns is the point where each one differentiates from the others, the same happens with content marketing. Among the variety of formats available in content marketing, we find videos, email marketing, social media, and blogs, among others.

Great content marketing is thought in a specific portion of the market, the one the brand is trying to reach, and the content must be unique and original. Its main purpose is to offer products and services through speaking to an audience in a real way.

What makes content marketing so wonderful is the fact it allows the brand to engage people so easy, it gives to the product and services extra value because of the brand supply the audience with useful and clever information. In addition, it is almost impossible to have two identical contents, even when they are based on the same topic, which creates a huge diversity wherein the user has the right to choose.

The universe of content marketing

Content marketing is very extensive as they are multiple ways to develop it, written, audio, visual, audiovisual content are the most common manners this marketing branch is performed but inside each way we can find thousands of different types of content.

In this modality of marketing, it is possible (and very clever) to let the imagination run free as it will bring good quality content with a plus every user is looking for: originality.

Moreover, written content has the first place of popularity due to its versatility. Written content can be used almost in every single aspect of marketing, from blog posts, newsletters, and email marketing to the text included in videos, GIF’s, even the captions under your Instagram photos is important.

However, writing is an art; it requires not only imagination but resources, time and effort. Writing down good-quality content is a complex process that needs a combination of original content, style, literature resources, and much more.

Just for those that still are not convinced about how important and useful is to have good content for your brand, here we have compiled three mains reasons to not hesitate and start investing in written content.

Being visible means more visitors

This statement is known by everyone, the easier people can get to you, the bigger the number of followers and potential customers the brand will have. Being able to appear when people type a few words in any search engine is very important.

Every brand wants to be on the top three of the Search Engine Results page every time a user does a search related with the brand area, not only current clients but potential customers too. Also, you want them to find your information useful not only once but always, leading to engagement and loyalty.

All these things can be achieved by producing good quality content combined with the perfect Keywords, appealing meta descriptions, and good SEO can and will lead to more traffic to the website.

Be the solution

Different from traditional marketing, people on the internet is currently looking for something and you definitely want to be the brand that supplies the answers and solutions those users are searching.

In order to bring relevant information, blogs are such a great place to share opinions and data that can be used by people to solve doubts, learn and investigate. In addition, being visible for people goes beyond just helping them to solve their doubts, it also shows people:

  • You are reliable.
  • You care about your customers.
  • You pay attention to details.
  • You want them to feel satisfied not only with your products but with the entire experience of being your client.

Cheaper and more effective

When compared with traditional marketing, the costs of content marketing are lower, but when talking about effectiveness the numbers are higher. Actually, it costs around 62% less than traditional marketing.

All it needs is a consistency, time and results will come by. Additionally, the Return On Investment a brand can receive after leading content marketing is more than acceptable.

Using everything in your favor

In this incredible world of content creation, there are many tools and strategies every writer has around him to take profit and create the very best content, drive more traffic, create awareness, engage people, and increase the sales of a brand.

It is true that every single content writer (and brands too) have their own style, tone, and likes but, there are some other things everyone should use in order to create good content that really catches the attention of potential customers.

Uniqueness is key

Even when the topics you are writing are not something you exclusively own, it is always a way to create good content that stands out from the crowds. It is very important to avoid clichés, being redundant or boring.

Never, and with never we want to say Don’t you ever think about it, copy and paste content from other sites. Moreover, being innovative will potentially lead people to prefer your brand instead of others, why would them choose you if they can find the same content on any other site?

Define your topics

Content should work in the same line your brand does; let’s say you own a small business dedicated to selling printed shirts, it means the topics you should talk about in your blogs and sites must be related to clothing, trends, fashion, prints, etc.

This step may sound silly but it is vital, not having a clear line of topics can generate confusion among your viewers, it can give the wrong impression, a thing we definitely do not want.

Spread it out

Even when blogs are the most common and maybe the most effective sites to post written content, it is not the only one. Keep in mind the premise of “the easier it is to find, the more likable to be found it is”.

A well-written article can be very effective when posted in social media too, post the link on Twitter, add it to the “swipe up” section of Instagram, attach it to a Facebook post, take advantage of every single platform to drive traffic to all your profiles and sites.

Refresh and Reuse

Yes, it may sound crazy but content can be reused, but pay attention to this: content can be reused only if you refresh it. It is impossible to share the same post over and over again and expect to increase the number of visitors.

Moreover, if an article is taken, the information modified, adding new details, changing the trends, links, images, etc. the results can be different. Keep in mind that a good quality content generates traffic (and money) so, why not to exploit its potential to the max?

Find a timing

Posting like there is not something else to do is not the best decision any entrepreneur can take, people on the Internet get bored very quickly and overwhelming them with too many posts is a form to get them bored.

On the other hand, by setting a time, day, or frequency to post your content, it will allow you to a couple of important things:

  • Measuring the performance of each post separately.
  • Having time to elaborate good quality content.
  • Discovering the best times to post (When your audience is active).
  • Improve constantly by fixing the errors you notice in the previous posts.

About the time, it is impossible to set a perfect rhythm for everyone but some people prefer doing a weekly blog post while some others wait more or less.

Be more than simple posting

As we have been saying, people get bored extremely easily, in order to avoid that, it is necessary to keep yourself thinking about different ways to be innovative. Work in multiple types of content, it will help to attract people of varied interests.

Why not to post a tutorial, then a testimony from a customer, followed by a storytelling related by a client or influencer, after that, a product or service review could work, etc. Even though all those posts mentioned before are written content, they work differently and will bring the sensation of variety.

Try guest posting

Guest posting can work in two different forms: you are the host or you are the guest poster. Both of them are very beneficial for businesses but they depend on multiple factors.

Becoming a guest poster is an absolutely clever decision for those brands that are beginning in this world of electronic marketing; finding a website with much more followers than you and planning to post good quality content for them so their followers get to know you and increase your traffic.

On the other hand, for those brands with good numbers of followers and recognition, they can easily be hosts for beginners, it is also very beneficial for businesses as the users have more varied content and styles.

In brief, investing in the content creation is not only clever but also necessary on these days. Actually, it is possible to state that if you are not investing in content marketing yet, your competitors are already beating you!


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