Using the 2018 World Cup to risen Brand Awareness

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Using the 2018 World Cup to risen Brand Awareness

Every four years the world prepares for its biggest event: The FIFA World Cup. And this year’s occasion is not the exception, with its largest viewership projection, almost half of the total population on the planet is expected to watch the World Cup during its whole transmission from June 14 to July 15.

What we are looking for with this article is to help you take advantage of events like The 2018 FIFA World Cup to increase the value and popularity of your brand.

Seizing the opportunity

An event of such behemothic proportions makes for an extremely naturally rich soil to plant seeds in marketing-wise. The problem is that half of the world might as well be asleep while the matches are aired, bringing a whole lot of distress to brands wondering how they could favorably use the Russian-based World Cup to positioning in social media despite of this peculiarity.

A little piece of advice does no harm

We consider this a fitting thing to say: some things are out of your control, but that does not mean you have to lose your own control as well. While you must mandatorily keep an eye on the vision for your brand and which is the path you take to get there, if you aim for success, things like time zones, geopolitical issues, moral principles and so on are natural characteristics that affect markets and marketing; in fact, that’s what defines them.

Study the field and get to the finals

In the face of circumstances as marketers, part of your job is to turn obstacles into opportunities and so is the way that businesses keep in touch and increase followers/customers, even if there’s no live game transmission.

Due to the fact that matches are played during people’s sleeping hours, brands and businesses are not able to use momentum for branding purposes, to increase awareness, popularity and thus, trendiness throughout social media platforms.

Since the majority of users aren’t able to watch the games live and can’t afford the time to watch TV reps, it is these platforms that allow them to find out the results, watch the repetitions and pivotal moments, read opinions, summaries, share and comment about.

Based on this, brands which anticipated the issue, came up with strategies to offer users valuable information related to the Cup and its matches as the results unfold.

Thanks to certain aspects of Twitter like chronological order and immediacy in sharing clips and such, the very company states that World Cups and soccer-related traffic is one of their strengths, helping the platform retake popularity. What we are trying to say is that in order to reach the largest number of users, you must go where they are, which for this case, is Twitter.

This is not to say that you should forget the rest of social media. Just like in football, if you invest the right amount of time preparing and creating a game plan, you will boost your chances of winning. Define which social media platform can help you represent your brand the best and spend the most time and work on the one you choose accordingly.

Just don’t leave the rest behind, use the resources available to you and invest some money on content management and publicity, they all have their own uniqueness that will potentialize your value proposition.

Creating engagement with every post or tweet can be difficult but one example is to use polemical feed and promote user engagement through questions, hashtags and surveys in order to broaden reach, awareness and create organic traffic.

But be careful of the content you share, keep in mind that your brand should have its own values, you do not want to create the opposite effect of what you are looking for. At the same time, you must segment your buyer persona because to be fair, you won’t be able to satisfy all tastes and engage with every kind of user. For instance, some people don’t like football. Can you believe that?

Regardless of what your business deals with, Twitter’s own metrics revealed that only in the UK more than half of the users are not bothered by publicity and online marketing done by companies and brands officially sponsoring the World Cup, on the contrary, they tend to become referrals to the most creative publicities.

Friends, this is not a sales pitch

Even if this is a good opportunity to do some selling in every post or tweet, avoid overdoing it. Be subtle. As we mentioned above, those with official sponsorship get better feedback from audience. In any case, they pay top dollar to get themselves the space.

In occasions like these, discretion is a much more friendly attitude. We understand that it sounds provocative, but refrain from looking like a sales pitch and be mindful of the idea that taking advantage of an event such as the World Cup or alike is done to increase awareness and engage with a larger audience.

In the end, the fact is that occasions such as the World Cup render an endless number of possibilities to create the necessary strategies to increase awareness, engagement, grow your community and ultimately further your brand’s value. Just be wary of the content and the strategies you apply; whatever your plan is, do it ahead of time and don’t hesitate to invest a little bit of money on social media and effective branding.


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