Increasing Engagement to its Maximum with illustration Design

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Increasing Engagement to its Maximum with illustration Design

Whether you’re offering a service or selling a product, focusing on delivering good quality is rule #1, we all know that. However, there are more aspects to be considered if you want to reach success; today’s market is flooded with competitors that offer just the same, therefore consumers use the Internet to decide which brand to go with.

If you want your business to make a difference among the rest communication is the key. You need to establish a strong communicative link between your audience and your brand. The more you keep in touch with your customers, the better your online image and reputation will be.

In line with this, consumers are looking for personality and relatability, so they care about what your brand stands for, the values it treasures and its contribution to their lives and the world.

Consequently, both vision and mission become vital for building your brand’s personality and to make sure it resonates throughout all media channels it comes across with.

Only business that don’t have these ideas clear are the ones that hide and end up failing. Customers don’t like brands that never appear on social media and are hard to reach out to. Numerous brands hardly ever handle these aspects of owning a business nowadays. Some actually have a web page but they’re either poorly made or they don’t show the necessary information. Ultimately, this affects the brand’s image and negatively inclines the audience.

Illustrating your brand’s ideals

Now, every major brand has understood that part of their success is in investing the right time and money on transmitting a message customers can feel aligned with, and that this is as important as having top quality products.

There are many ways to condense your brand’s personality and turn it into a unique, captivating marketing tool. One of the most effective strategies according to the statistics is the use of illustrations. The perfect choice to boost your business’ visual identity.

Since illustrations are customizable (unlike stock photos), they help your brand mix many of its characteristics in one: its values, its products, its customers, etc. All to create vibrant, unique illustrations that will make people recognize your brand wherever they see it.

So if you are not adding illustrations to your marketing channels, you might as well be losing potential customers or engaging to a bigger audience.

You might have probably been attracted by this type of work when visiting major brands websites’ illustrations at some point, as well as the way they use them to get inside the audience minds. Illustration design used as a marketing tool grants businesses a sort of life and personality that grabs people’s attention instantaneously.

Why Not Use Stock Imagery?

Additionally, we can make a comparison between stock images and customized illustration. While a bank of images is available in seconds, identifying the brand’s ideals with these resources can be difficult, plus, these kind of pictures don’t really connect with the customer. It’s unimportant information, so the brain gets rid of it in seconds.

Whereas customized illustrations help solidify the visual identity of the brand, can be fun to watch/read and are 100% tailored-made. What’s more, using art to condense a message is far more interesting and interactive.

The mixture of illustrated imagery and interactivity allures clients to spend more time on your webpage, reading about your products, getting to know you and anything else you may have of value to them. Also, if their visit or purchase is pleasant and interesting enough, customers will share your brand with their colleagues, thus, creating word-of-mouth marketing.

Besides, the right set of illustrations can be the start of a universe for brand’s identity and how others can relate to it, reaching a higher scope of people. For instance, take a look at our own superhero “Andy Quint”; the online response and feedback we had when we first introduced the concept to our audience was immediate and it was very positive.

In fact, we had a number of new customers due to those posts. Some from referrals and some other from the rest of our online channels. Take notice that these combinations of art with marketing tend to go marvelously if they’re well planned. Having clear which the intention is and what is to be transmitted through an illustration is primordial in order to have success.

As we said in the beginning, imagery (specially creative one) tends to create more interest in people than straight letters do. Understanding your buyer personas can be very useful to come up with better designs to help brands make a statement in a simpler, more consumable way. The right illustrator is able to understand your vision and infuse it into an artistically appealing visual story that your audience won’t be able to escape from.

But hiring illustrators is too expensive!

We get this phrase a lot when we try to convince our clients that this is one of the best ways to create engagement and shareability. But the truth is that depends on what your expectations are for your brand.

The prospect of hiring the right illustrator can be something you haven’t thought of before and we understand that some business owners are afraid it will break their banks, although as you now know, it brings much more benefits than it brings expenditures!

For instance, we offer a custom illustration design service in which we offer a variety of hand-picked experts with a bunch of benefits at half the price that our competitors do. So in the end it’s all a matter of finding the right people to do the job.

In short, condensing your brand’s ideals and personality in illustration design is one of the most successful marketing strategies out there. It helps businesses get a strong visual identity, earning them recognition and increasing audience engagement like stock images never would.


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