Interactivity: The #1 Rule in Email Marketing Campaigns

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Interactivity: The #1 Rule in Email Marketing Campaigns

The creation and recreation of marketing tools keeps expanding every day and marketing experts need to be ahead of the curve in order to not become stale and draw success to their companies. SEO, content creation, PR and Social media management are some of the marketing classifications that have been on demand for just a few years ago, although, a few of the older ways are still on demand. Such is the case of email marketing.

No wonder why since for more than a decade; A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric came to the conclusion that email had an average ROI of 122%, which is more than four times higher than other marketing channels examined, including social media, direct mail and paid search. Regardless of the myriad of instruments that can be used for a marketing campaign, email marketing is just the right choice.

You should know that putting together such a strategy can take time: lead segmentation, the message to be delivered, customization, imagery, timing and more are the characteristics that emails need to have carefully tailored before getting launched. But there’s no need for someone to send one email a time, nowadays technology has given us the power to automate these deliveries with platforms like MailChimp.

Mailchimp is a software that allows you to build and run mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns and so on. It lets you have total control of your email marketing campaign and how you want it to be done. This tool is user-friendly to an extent, plus, the platform allows you to interact with email campaign tools that are at just a click of distance.

We particularly use MailChimp because of the benefits it gives over other similar channels of the business. It’s our #1 option for new brands looking to get some digital leverage with email marketing and we want to tell you everything about our approach once you have understood the possibilities your brand has by implementing an email marketing campaign.

Specifically, in this article I want to show why you simply can’t ignore the advantages of adding an email campaign for your brand’s digital marketing plan.

Why an Email Campaign?

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most versatile strategies due to the closeness and high level of customization they offer, being able to be automated at the same time. There are many approaches to leveraging an email campaign and making it a vital part of any marketing strategy. Its success remains in setting up a campaign that performs better for your company and your vision of it.

For instance, email marketing can be used to increase exposure, bolster engagement, raise brand awareness, attract new customers and so on. Therefore, while email marketing has a wide arrange of possibilities that can conjugate to many strategies, there can be certain challenges that need to be addressed in order to have a successful campaign.

Sadly, many people do email marketing the wrong way and end up spending time and money with no return whatsoever, mostly because they focus on the wrong things. For that, I always recommend entrepreneurs and business owners to hire a professional email marketer to help them build a high conversion campaign.

Engage Your Audience

As we said before, the demand for email marketing takes origin in its extremely customizable personality; engaging email leads or subscribers calls for the application of aspects such as the aforementioned, geotargeting, content optimisation and CTAs.

Another way to attract new audience is gamification. It depends on your buyer persona, but it’s often an underrated strategy. The interactivity can boost your conversion rates since it immediately focuses the customer’s attention to the email. Regardless of the form and your budget, if you make sure you entertain or give something of value in return of the client’s attention and have a well placed CTA, you will create interest and start building trust.

Mix Strategies to Reach More People

If you need to reach a higher number of people and get the to subscribe to your listings you can apply many strategies. One of the most populars is to give away ebooks or discounts in order to have users sign up to the newsletter; although popular, this approach can be counterproductive as leads may merely subscribe to the newsletter in order to get the free content without the brand actually engaging with them afterwards.

As I said before, using games can be very effective for engaging new audience and creating loyalty. In fact you could mix the two strategies and have customers use the interactive ingredients to reach a goal in the game, the higher the goal, the better the reward. Therefore, you’ll create a more impressive and engaging email that will surely have your visitors come back to know more about your brand.

What’s more, this strategy is much less invasive than other types of email campaigns trying to sales pitch all their leads without getting any conversions. You are making the audience play a game that will reward them in the real world according to their efforts. Plus, while they do that, you are introducing your brand directly to their feelings and senses through elements inside the gamification so there’s no way they won’t engage.

In reality, the possibilities are limitless, but if you want to have a successful investment, take care of how shareable the content in your email campaigns is. It is very important that whatever you send to people creates excitement and encourages them to click on the share button. That’s why I talk about interactivity or engagement and not sales pitching for you brand.

Regardless of the intention, give value to those who may get to know you with ot without intention and captivate them.

Let me insist in this, there are way too many ways to approach email marketing campaigns, but as you saw in the beginning of this article, investing in such a strategy is a no-brainer for engaging new people and creating loyalty.


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