Interesting Ways to Get Your Blog Content Noticed and Shared on Social Media

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Interesting Ways to Get Your Blog Content Noticed and Shared on Social Media

We get it, you did your research and put in the time to make an amazing article for your brand’s blog yet nobody reads it.

It’s common for brands to face this since most industries already have thousands of blogs talking about something similar to what they wrote.

Right now, one of the best ways to get better exposure for your blog is to use social media as an advertising tool.

There are 2 ways you can use your social media accounts in union with your blog for maximum impact on both platforms and we want to talk a bit about each one in order for you to make your mind by the end of the article!

Let’s start, shall we?

Cut Your Article Up!

Yes, instead of getting people to go to the blog in order to read the content, why not take the blog to them? Or in this case social media.

Most social media platforms have more than enough space (if used in a creative fashion) for you to publish a big majority of the article without it feeling or looking out of place.

The trick is to use the features the social media platform has in order to make your post look even more interesting.

The first step you want to do is cut your article into parts while still showcasing what the whole piece is about.

An easy way to do this is by creating a carrousel type post and talking a bit about your article on each slide.

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When Beyond Meat came out, nobody thought it would grow into the massive empire it is now, but what people don't realize is how much social media has done for them! They take advantage of having celebrities loving their products and use them as influencers, they value what everybody has to say about their 'meat', it doesn't matter if it's good or bad and they understand that social media is here to stay for a while! We go deep in our blog about how you can take note of what Beyond Meat is doing and implement it in your own social media strategy (with a few twists 😉) The link is in our bio! • • • • • #advertising #marketing #agency #branding #agencylife #socialmedia #business #marketingdigital #entrepreneur #startup #digitalmarketing #entrepreneurship #socialmediamarketing #sales #onlinemarketing #success #smallbusiness #marketingtips #networking #hustle #startuplife #entrepreneurs #successquotes #publicidad

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For example, this post talks about Beyond Meat’s social media strategy and how other people could use it for their brands.

See how it showcased the main idea in the first slide (the title) and then gave a little snippet of each point of the article?

If people want to learn a bit more about the article, they can go and read the caption which gives more information about what the slides were talking about.

The icing on the cake is the last slide which is a call to action for people to go to Wegacha’s blog and read the whole article.

You can apply the same technique for Instagram stories since they are a carrousel of endless slides!

The only difference is that you won’t be able to put a caption in, which may lead to some confusion.

Promote the Article as an Ad

We’re not talking about doing an ad, (although it would help a lot too) but instead creating a post that resembles what you would do to promote a product if it’s going to be used for ads.

What we mean is that you should be showing the focal points of the article itself while still leaving a bit of mystery so people can go and check the whole article in your blog!

It may sound hard to pull off since there isn’t any product to take a picture of, but if you take your article’s banner and change it a bit to fit the 4x3 aspect Instagram has.

When we say change your banner, we’re talking about rearranging it so it still looks similar to the original while fitting into the new form factor.

Another thing you could do to the image to make it even more obvious that it’s a promotion for an article is to put “LEARN MORE IN OUR BLOG” in the corner of the image, or if you want to leave the banner alone, you could create a carousel type post and put the CTA on the second slide.

Either way, people will know where to find the article if it’s of their interest!



You should use the caption as a way to further incentivize people to read the article and go check the blog. This can be done by creating a problem and telling how the article can fix said problem, talk about how the article can help them improve something in their life, etc.

The whole idea is to intrigue people to a point where they need to check the blog out and see what’s so good about it.

Remember you should be trying to pitch the article similar as you would if you were trying to sell a product via an ad.

The only way your article is going to get shared on social media, however, is if the content itself is good! Otherwise, people won’t even pay any attention to it.

This means you should be checking your article to see how much you can improve it before it gets published!

Before you even start to consider if you should share your content on social media, send it to some of your friends or co-workers and let them give their opinions about it, more times than not they’ll give it some sort criticism which you can take to improve the article itself.

Now that you know how to share your blog’s content on social media and understand the importance of having a good article, to begin with, you’re ready to start implementing what you learned in this article right now!

We’d love to see it, so use the hashtag #ficsmesocial so we can check it out! 


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