Learn This Before Getting Your Own Custom Website

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Learn This Before Getting Your Own Custom Website

Languages are always evolving beyond their frames, taking steps into many different directions with globalization thanks to Internet and technology. With this, the need to explain newer forms interacting with life makes experts of all trades coin new terms as developments shape language.

In that wave of new digital-oriented vocabulary (still in growth), words like “user-friendly” were created. Before that, no one really knew what to call or how to define a proper website; for that reason people had to spend more time explaining point by point whatever the site was lacking of.

On the contrary, a mediocre page was basically one that users had to struggle with to find the information needed, plus the aesthetical organization made their visits almost uncomfortable.

Currently, this has taken a whole dimension to itself. There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the Internet of which 200.000 million are active. With such a high number of choices, the audience has become very selective and understanding of what they need when they go into a new website.

After checking the numbers shown above, there’s no reason why you should deny the opportunity to have your business online (in case it isn’t already on). There’s no comparison to the amount of growth, exposure and customers that the Internet offers our businesses.

It doesn’t matter what your field is, the Internet still has room for good ideas. Providing customers with information about your brand and how to contact you beyond purchasing makes websites a mandatory tool.

It Takes Knowledge and Work!

However, owning a domain isn’t just about being online and letting people find you. This won’t happen unless you know how to build a proper website, or if you fail to do so, unless you know who to bring in and how much it costs to hire someone to build the right website for your brand.

Actually, it takes but a few second for the audience to notice whether your website is worth their time or not. Webpages are all about offering information with interactivity in an engaging, visual way, because of that, broken or redundant links, excessively long loading times and lack of descriptions may make search engines rank your page far from the audience to see.

As a consequence, there’s constant discovery and trendsetting in web development and design, so the characteristics of web pages are just as language, always evolving.

It’s All About Options

Attracting audience is one thing, but keeping users interested in spending more time on your webpage is a must. At same time, you need to be captivating enough to make users come come back to you. All this means that you as an entrepreneur need to take a decision on whether to hire someone or to go DIY in setting up a website.

So how much does it cost to build a website? Well, just like choosing a place to live, custom web designing is a relative subject when it comes to pricing. Aesthetics isn’t all websites are made of, there’s a coding infrastructure behind their surface that defines vital characteristics of the final product.

As we said before, things like HTML, SEO, loading time, and so on can destroy a website’s ranking since search engines like Google take this into account when positioning a website in their platforms.

For instance, in our custom website creation service we like to help our clients define their expectations and goals when launching a website, assess them in what they really need to penetrate the digital market and come up with an idea that satisfies both the business owner and the audience. One of the forms we achieve that is by establishing a pattern among the competition to have a better understanding of what customers are looking for.

Hiring vs Doing it Yourself

As I stated above, hiring a professional web designer from an agency can be expensive if you don’t look hard enough, don’t be afraid to consult. Nonetheless, charging is always relative in such a big market. I can safely say that the figure rounds up between $500 to $5,000 for a custom website design.

The reality is that hiring an agency to do this for you can be very powerful for your brand. Having an expert web designer at your disposal can help you solidify your message into a tangible asset that will turn into numberless possibilities with incredible ROI.

Additionally, the approach you use when it comes to leverage in online channels is essential; in such a crowded place, web pages begun to take a dull pattern that makes just the opposite of attracting the audience.

Therefore, a skillful web designer will also work as a consultant to come up with a unique, engaging proposition; a creative customized design to stand out from the rest of your competition. With this, your brand will have much more chances to get a higher ranking and increase exposure then turned into conversions, leads, reputation or the availability to hire better workforce from all over the world in the case you want to run an online business.

On the other hand, there’s the DIY way, for which everyone uses the Wordpress platform. This is a very simple website builder which allows you to have your own web page for a very low budget. It has pre-designed themes and hundreds of plugins that you can install in order to enhance the functionalities of your site, some are free and some are premium. You do need to know certain aspects of development to improve the site but in general it’s a user-friendly tool.

The main difference between building your own wordpress and hiring a professional to do it for you is the amount of personality that each one has. Wordpress is limited in the way that everything is predesigned, which is good for startupers with very low budget. Although, when your brand gets to a certain level of growth, the best choice is to have a fully customized website design with a dedicated server just for your site.

It’s one of the most intelligent expenses an entrepreneur can think of because it augments your exposure and growth, it attracts more like you to your project, it increases sales, reputation, reach and allows you to build a more direct relationship with your audience.

Keep in mind you might as well be losing hundreds of clients by being unreachable. Are you ready for that kind of growth? Make yourself the necessary questions, write down what you would expect from a website for your brand and don’t be afraid to ask for consultation.


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