Starting a new business on Internet? Learn what you need to do!

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Starting a new business on Internet? Learn what you need to do!

Electronic Commerce, also known as E-commerce is a trend that has increased its popularity dramatically in the recent years and it seems to keep growing many more years to come. Selling by Internet is as famous as selling in physical stores nowadays.

Every day, new techniques and strategies are developed to improve the way E-commerce works, these innovations allow sellers to offer products and services that any customer can buy from almost every place in the world, easier and faster.

In E-commerce competition is hard as millions of brands, stores and entrepreneurs sell there. However, there is space for everyone. It is up to you to make potential customers notice you and pick your brand and products instead of someone’s things.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, has a small business or just got tired of from 8 to five lifestyle and now you are wondering what you need to do to start up this new business, we know it can be so confusing yet we are here to help you.

If you are interested in starting up a business in this amazing world of E-commerce, it is possible that you may have heard about dropshipping, a brand new business model that definitely has gained ground in Internet.

So, what is Dropshipping? How does it work? Which tool should I use? Just do not worry, we can answer all that questions for you and we will do it in this post. Let’s start by saying that this method is not the only one available on Internet, but it offers lots of benefits.

What it is Dropshipping?

Also called Drop shipment, it is a model of selling online through which the store or sellers does not need to have all the products stored; it means that physic inventory is no needed.

So, every time a customer buy a product from the web, you need to get the exact product from a provider or retailer and then ship it straight to the client. It means that your main purpose is to serve as an intermediary among the client and the retailer.

With this model, there is low probabilities that you get to see or have in person the product as it is not necessary at all. This technique offers advantages for little business that don’t have enough money to buy all the products and then sale them.

Your incomes may come in different ways: you may set higher prices in comparison with the ones the retailer offers or you can arrange certain commissions for every sale you help the retailer to do. There are some tips and tricks to success in Dropshipping that can work really well for your business.

It sounds pretty awesome, and it is but there are some things and steps you must complete in order to be successful in this type of business. First of all, you need your own webpage wherein potential customers can see all your products on sale and do all the necessary process to buy from you.

Also, it is necessary and very important to have a trustable provider. Without any doubts, an essential part of this business is having a reliable provider capable of ensure you availability of any product you are offering and quality too.

Advantages of Dropshipping

Less money amounts: probably the best part of selling in this way is not having to invest giant amounts of many to start up. To start a traditional business you totally need high bank accounts to afford everything you need, but with this method you do not need to buy anything unless you have sold it before.

Easy to start: handle an e-commerce business is much easier when you do not need to deal with physic products. In this model you have not concerns about: renting establishments, organizing and packing products, controlling inventory and many more other things.

Few fixed costs: also by not having to buy inventory or renting places, your fixed costs will be considerably low in comparison with traditional stores. It means you can get more profit from every sale you make.

Experts may say that this type of business can start with $100 per month. Of course, while your business start to grow up so your fixed costs but they will remain lower than other ones.

Work from anyplace: To have this type of business, few things are required: any place with a computer and internet connection can work really well. In fact, a big percentage of successful dropshipping business are managed from a small office or even from home.

From any place wherein you can be in touch with clients and suppliers you will be able to handle your business.

Sell everything: as you may have notice, if you do not have to rent a space or invest money to have your products, it means you can offer any kind and type of products. It will work in the same way by selling only one type of things or selling 30 different ones.

Also, it is really good not to be worried about that old products you bought and could not sale. It will not happen in this brand of business as you do not need to buy anything until a client ask you for it.

By offering a wider selection of available products, you are more likely to sell more.

Ok, all that have been said sound pretty interesting and you are now seriously considering to create your new business in the e-commerce area but, which platform should you use to do it?

Using good tools will absolutely help you to succeed easier and there are hundreds of websites that offer services necessaries for this commerce; yet the decision is very important for your business.

Be wise and analyze every feature before choosing. In addition, we can suggest Oberlo, as it is one of the best places to work with; offering a wide selection of suppliers, products and services with affordable prices.

What is Oberlo?

It is a platform designed to work in partnership with Shopify. In these days, it works in several forms: website, app and plugin too. As they explains in Oberlo’s website, it allows you to easily import dropshipped products into your ecommerce store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

Oberlo also works with AliExpress which is a giant brand established in China. Through Oberlo you can import products straight from AliExpress.

It is really helpful as you can do all your services in the same place, in Shopify you créate your page to offer products, by using Oberlo you order them from AliExpress and your customer receives the product son and without troubles.

What we can truly ensure you is the fact that using this app you will cut off the time of selling and doing all the stuff dramatically.

How to create your business

­Investing in this trend of e-commerce. Creating a new business from scratch can take you less than a day, if very enthusiastic a couple of hours will be more than enough.

Here we are to explain you all the detailed process!

Pick your name and domain

First of all, you need to create your store in Shopify, which is a free spot to create virtual stores and it works with Oberlo. Shopify may supply you with a free trial domain but we recommend to buy yours for more freedom.

Select your name, pick something interesting and clear to understand. You can use a search engine to help you match the perfect name.

Add your payment information

Your PayPal account will be required in the first moment, in order to receive your payments by this platform. Keep in mind that later you can make changes to this area, like adding new payments forms or changing the original one

Set your own Terms and Conditions

This section is very helpful, you can set all your terms and conditions for specific cases like return of a product or money refund.

Establish the shipping prices

Go to Shipping section and set all the options of your shipping process, like prices, time and promotions. It is also good to offer free shipping specials for certain orders; it help you to make clients do the final choice and buy from you.

Be careful when doing this step, add all the information you think is necessary as it will be helpful to avoid misunderstanding and bad reviews.

Create Categories

In Shopify, they are called Collections and you can add as many as you want. Keep in mind that in this type of business you can offer infinity amount of products and services from any kind and purpose.

Carefully separate them into collections so potential customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Add products

As we have told you before, it is not necessary to have everything stored to begin selling. All you need to do in here is add all the stuff you are interested on selling.

Let’s say that you are doing a certain role of advertiser until a client ask for one product, then your labor begin; when it happens, you pay to your provider and it will ship the thing directly to your client address.

Make partnerships

The very best option to be sure you will always have available inventory is to contact a reliable retailer to buy from. Here is where Oberlo comes to be your very best ally.

It can be hard to meet a retailer that fits in all your likes so you can simply let the hard work to Oberlo. It connects your store with the retailer automatically and in few minutes.

This useful platform allows you to import from the giant AliExpress which offers the widest variety of products in considerably low prices which makes it the ideal partner to this type of business.

The lower prices you find, the higher your profit can be and with AliExpress you do not need to sacrifice quality in order to obtain low prices.

On the other hand, Oberlo is currently working with another market too. It is called Oberlo Supply and it is a providers market working hard to offer great quality products in affordable prices to be suitable in this e-commerce branch.

Install Oberlo

Download the app and install it and you will be ready to go. Selling and importing products through this app will be a piece of cake!

It is important for you to be aware about prices in Oberlo; it is free for low activity sellers. If you sale under 50 products and work with inventory under 500 the access to this amazing app has no cost.

Moreover, for stores with higher movements and inventories prices are already set.

Ready to rock

Once you have completed all this simple steps your store is officially created and you are completely done to start selling and shipping to and from all over the world.

However, there are some other things you can do to boost your business. In this part, it is very important to think like a client and add to your page all those essential things you must have in a page.

Think in everything that makes you feel confident about buying in a place as your clients will feel the same when buying from you.

About us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refunds, Shipment process, Tracking, Contact us are some of those important matters you should have.

Tips to succeed

There are many matters that can help you to make your store more attractive. Not only the product and the price matters, even colors and pictures and important.

Design your store

Customizing your store is an essential part. Make something unique that catches the attention of potential customers. Brand identity is very important. Create a logo, and personalize every detail that must be remembered by customers.

Shopify sets plain default themes to each store and it is up to you the way you want your shop to look. Highlight the parts you want to have more focused and pay attention to details, viewers will do it.

Be smart when describing products

Just in case you have not noticed yet, the title and description of any product works in the same a synopsis of a movie or T.V show does; if it is not capable of catch the attention of your potential customers, you are already losing.

Describing a product can be considered an art, you need to say everything a customer wants to hear in order to convince him to select your product. However, it is also a delicate step.

You definitely do not want to sound arrogant by saying that your product is the best in the market. The key in here is not telling the viewers all the wonders of your product but all the reasons why they need your product.

There is not an established number of words or style to do it, the best advice we can give to you is try to sound natural and give enough reasons to customers to make them choose your product instead of one from the competition.

Content Marketing is the key

In these days, there are hundreds of options to advertise and increase your sales. However, not all of them are directly related with the product itself. Only talking about your product and all its wonders is old-fashioned.

On the other hand, selling content is the brand new trend; but, what is it? Well, let us tell you that content comes in many sizes and shapes. From written information, interesting and funny infographics → do you need one?, videos and tutorials and some others.

The purpose of these type of information is creating less aggressive or indirect marketing.  By doing this, your brand is more likely to be seen by clients as your name and information is spread over all the media and not only in areas with selling purposes.

Some of the reasons to invest in Content Marketing are that the incredible influence it has had in the way of selling. How many times have you searched for information through a tutorial video or blog? And how many times have you decided to buy a product based on a review or item you saw in one of these type of advertisement?

Also, it can get almost anywhere. Written information in blogs, videos in YouTube, Live performs in Facebook, images in Instagram and so on.

This passive advertisement is very effective, people have not intention to buy but they are so exposed to products that they up buying something they say in internet.

With all this being said we have no more to add than wishing you the best in your beginning in this interesting area of e-commerce. By following our advices success will be guaranteed.


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