Hacks and Tricks in SEO to Drive More Traffic to the Website

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Hacks and Tricks in SEO to Drive More Traffic to the Website

Increasing the traffic to a website is the main goal of every small business that is willing to grow; using SEO correctly can improve the performance of the website, bringing hundreds of benefits.

Having a website is just like having an opened window to a myriad of opportunities, a window almost every person in the world could see; the way you take advantage of that site will positively or negatively affect almost every aspect of your business.

The number of sales, the reputation, and popularity the brand has, the level of awareness from potential customers, the quality of your content, and many other important matters are directly related with the traffic of the website.

It is simple, every time a starter up comes up with a brilliant idea and decides to begin a new business, one of the main goals is generating traffic to the website in order to succeed and accomplish some of the goals mentioned before.

Moreover, the How to… part is the complex one of the process. This stage will take time, resources and effort but, definitely, there are many forms to do it and not to die in the attempt.

Before starting to apply different techniques in order to drive more traffic to your website, it is important to have in mind some details. First of all, knowing your target market will help you to choose which strategy can work better.

Having clear and set goals will truly help to organize the time, resources and ideas; knowing the audience you want to attract will clarify which technique could be more beneficial for the business.

On the other hand, knowing the benefits applying SEO techniques and driving traffic can bring to your website and, consequently, to your business:

  • More people seeing your content.
  • More potential customers around your products.
  • More awareness about your brand and what you do.
  • More interest from potential customers, considering coming back to your website.

Once you know what to expect, it will be easier to identify is a technique is being effective or not, if it is necessary to change the strategy or keep going in the same direction.

In regards to driving more traffic to a website, there are many different ways to do it or techniques to be applied; some of them are useful in almost every case, while some others are often used in particular sites.

In order to choose which one should be applied in your small business, it is important to have professionals in the area by your side. At this point, all these processes can be very confusing and frustrating and have support from an expert to boost your SEO is completely acute.

How to cover all the sides

Blogging, link building, email lists, generating content, guest posting, etc. There is a myriad of activities any entrepreneur can do to take a website to the live. Luckily for startups, these activities are not too hard to perform.

Something that plays an important role in this step of the process is being able to offer many different ways to find you. The easier a person can get to you on Internet, the more likable your site is to drive more traffic.

Offering diverse types of content and being available in several platforms will consequently make your website even more reachable, which means people will get to you easily.

Keep in mind that on the Internet, people get bored almost immediately so marketers and entrepreneurs need to be very clever to catch their attention right to the website.

As we have been saying, there are several forms to reach potential customers and those who already know from you. Here you have the top 4 ways to drive more traffic to a website.

Email marketing never gets old

Even though people may consider this strategy as old as dinosaurs, it does not mean sending emails has lost its effectivity.

Actually, the email marketing has a lot of benefits for businesses. First of all, it allows the brand to keep in touch with pre-existing clients while adding new members to the list. Also, it gives people extra time to pay attention to the information.

When someone is on the internet, the amount of time the person has to spend on your website can be very limited, which means the information you have to show may not be seen or appreciated.

The opposite happens with emails and newsletters, people often take more time to read their emails which means the information you have for them will be read. Moreover, having time is not enough but the quality of information is.

Be creative when writing down your email, in this step, every detail counts.

  • Choose a good template, colors, and font.
  • Use appealing titles, headlines, and links to lead them to your site.
  • Add all the information a user must know about the brand.
  • Promote your newsletter, the more they know about you, the more likable it is to generate engagement and loyalty.
  • Study your target and find the best time to send the email.

Content Marketing is key

From the last couples of years, the content has been an important part of the way people sell through internet. Offering free, original and valuable information to potential customers is an incredible way to show them the brand care about them.

People love to be taken into account, the less they feel they are being used only as consumers of products and services, the more they tend to be part of a brand. This is the main reason why content marketing has had so many success.

On the other hand, the options to share content are infinite. Written, visual, audio, combined; there is a myriad of forms and places to show content and wait for the engagement it creates between users and the brand.


They are by far the most popular way to sell through content marketing, and they actually have enough reasons to be. Blogs are included on the website which creates a perfect space to pass from useful information to buy products and vice versa.

Blogs are perfect places to show an informal face from the brand; in there, it is possible to share any type of information which creates a closer relationship between the brand and the customers.

In addition, it is necessary to be aware of the power a good How to … headline can have. In these days people tend to use those words in almost every search they do on the internet and every brand is trying to be the site wherein people solve their doubts.

Guest Posting

Taking advantage of the valuable content you are creating is a clever decision. Moreover, it is not necessary to keep that information only to be published on the blog of your site.

Becoming a guest blogger is an acute form to lead people to get to know you. Make profit of important sites that are directly related to your topics, those places where your potential customers may visit.

When you guest blog, be sure you are creating an appealing content, capable of catching the attention of potential customers. Include enough information about the brand without abusing from advertising.

Do not forget to include links to your own blog section and your products or services. Once the post is finished, select places with higher numbers of followers, try in multiple sites and you will see the results.

Visual Content

In marketing, it is not all about written content. Actually, the rush videos have in these days makes marketers, entrepreneurs, and experts consider visual content as a strong tool to advertise and generate traffic to a website.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe this is the reason why images, GIFs, infographics, and videos are so important nowadays.

As people tend to get bored really fast on the Internet, it is extremely necessary to keep them interested in the content you are trying to show; doing it can be easier through visual media.

Youtube channels, live streamings, posting on social media, compiling interesting and useful information in infographics, etc. are acute forms to combine information and interaction at the same time.

Link building

When talking about links, there is something very important every entrepreneur has to take into consideration: quality will always beat quantity, especially for link building.

Creating a network based on links that connect the website the entrepreneur is intending to promote with other spaces such as social network profiles, job profiles, links in other places such as guest posting, and much more.

The main benefit of having a good wide link network can help a business to work better in Search Engines. For instance, it is well known that the higher number of times your website appears in Google based on keywords, links from others sides, tags, and topics will directly affect the traffic this site receives.

Moreover, having a good linking network adds tons of reliability to the brand. If customers are able to find you in a website, in a guest post, a LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too -just to mention some of the various places wherein a brand can be- will give extra confidence to customers.

Social Media

Social platforms get millions of people reunited; using them to drive more traffic to a website is a very effective strategy. However, it is important to be careful when planning the place where to advertise.

For some experts, the social media platforms are the best place to find the target market. In social networks, there are several things entrepreneurs can do in order to catch people’s attention and lead them to the website.

From tweeting shorts videos, memes, quoting parts of a blog post to posting infographics on Facebook, doing giveaways on Instagram, reviews and tutorials on YouTube, and much more.

Social media are also very good places to interact with both current and potential customers, such a great place to create awareness and receive instant feedback about the products or services.

In addition, social platforms are places wherein things go viral really quickly, wouldn’t it be great for your business to create a rush in a social media? A good one, of course!

Not to forget

Even when it is true that there are thousands of ways to succeed when trying to generate more traffic to a website, there are some other things every starter up should do, no matter which strategy or techniques are being applied.


In order to catch people, it is vital to offer something nobody can do, if the content the brand is providing can be found in other place, people will not feel the need to go to your place.

Refresh your old post

In the incredible world of sales and e-commerce, trends and topics pass very quickly. Do not throw those posts that have much time posted, just give them an update. Do the pertinent research to refresh your posts with the actual trends and post them once again.

Call people to action

An acute thing to do is to take those people who actively consume your content and make them your allies to share your information. Keep all the share buttons always close, if people are able to see them easily, they are more likable to share it on different platforms which will mean more people seeing it and generating traffic.

The faster, the better

As you may have noticed, in this world every second count. Having a page that takes short time to load is crucial; keep in mind that people lose their attention extremely quickly on the Internet.

Having a fast loading page will improve the customer experience and will upgrade the chances of people spending time on your site.

In brief, generating traffic to a website is by far one of the most beneficial things for small businesses and, even when the process may be long and complex, the rewards when success come are incredible.


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