Social Media on Autopilot: Establish your Brand without Lifting a Finger

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Social Media on Autopilot: Establish your Brand without Lifting a Finger

Social Media are one of the most advertised topics at the moment. This happens because social networks are the best place to share news, important –or not so important- information, videos, memes… and products. Your brand is also part of the social media content, and this implies a well-planned online marketing strategy to make it the best one.

Are you present as a brand on social networks? No? Well, it’s time to start being social. Social media content has many advantages and almost no disadvantages, and you only need to plan a good strategy that will help you marketing your company.

Do you need a Social Media Agency to plan that strategy?

Unless you have a great capital to start your own Social Media department… yes, you will need an outsourcing team to help you achieve the Holy Grail of any company: clients.

Hiring a good agency, or even hiring a team of writing professionals (which is a great idea to give new people to show their work to the world), will ensure that you are correctly introduced to the infinite possibilities that social networks offer.

And what does that agency need to plan it?

First, it will need to know everything about SEO and the most updated techniques and trends.

· Remember every day is a different one, and everything changes as fast as people get bored of older or non-effective strategies, so they have to

Then, writers need to know what your company is about and direct their texts to make people know your brand. Influencers may play a role here: they will convince people about the effectiveness and ‘coolness’ your brand can reach or already has, so you’ll have to win their good will, too.

A good social media agency also knows which content it will choose to write about: each topic they choose should boost the relevance of your brand and does not necessarily need to talk about it in a direct way.

How do agencies create an effective strategy?

First, they trust and place marketing above all. Marketing here, marketing there. Marketing in all ways. Of course, social media agencies only think of online marketing through social networks, but if it is possible, other types of marketing can be applied, too.

1. Wegacha builds your brand

Wegacha is a small company that works under the belief of just doing what you paid for: you pay and we write the number of contents you want. That creates a solid relationship between your readers, who are possible customers, and you.

We get the attention of people by creating innovative texts.

Try Our Logo & Brand Identity Service

2. Wegacha works on different platforms

To say an example, memes do not work on a funerary site, but they work perfectly on sites like College Humor. The same happens with blog articles: some topics must not be mentioned or are politically incorrect in some websites, so we choose the right content for your brand.

· We also create diversity, since talking all the time about the same topic is a dangerous routine!

3. Wegacha gets the right target for you

No more hunting people on the streets to make them take a leaflet or a flyer… Internet is the 21st century flyer, and engaging people to your brand is our main task.

Constantly posting, liking and sharing the things people love, will capture more customers than explaining the brand to everyone like an ambulant “About Us” with a microphone and a huge speaker.

4. Wegacha shows the positive practices of your company

And does not ignore the bad ones… but tries to improve them through more and better content. We promote your brand as no one else by being honest and direct with readers.

5. Wegacha uses right vocabulary

And this is relevant to know, because many social media agencies have great writers who might be great at positioning the brand with SEO techniques, but the correct use of language, including grammar and vocabulary, is also important, even if it’s not noticeable!

6. Wegacha cares about metrics

We measure results and create interaction, traffic and revenues (if possible, since this is your ultimate purpose).

7. Wegacha listens to people

Any suggestion customers have is a command we follow. Then we perform better contents according to what they asked for.

Contact us at

8. Wegacha focuses on studying customers

What they like, what they hate, what they desire… and we give it to them, discarding what they dislike or trying a new perspective on the same topic.

9. Wegacha is always updated

If a new tool to improve your brand appears, or if old tools renew themselves (such as Facebook, which is constantly changing, or Googles Analytics), we jump a step further and renew ourselves, too.

10. Wegacha creates #TrendyHashtags

For social networks that use them, hashtags are useful to group information and stop looking tweet by tweet or pic by pic to see something people cared about. This is something your brand must not forget, and use it as a great tool to be known.

11. Wegacha produces Infographics

Articles are cool, but infographics are cooler. They group the same info without too many words, and include catchy designs, colors and templates. Easy to get, easy to share, easy to become viral, and easy to boost your brand.

12. Wegacha cares about your competitors

Competition is healthy, but only if you don’t try to hit your competitors or see them as enemies. We influence people, but not showing the mistakes others make. Through every article, we offer a fair competition for everyone, and you will feel it all the time.

13. Wegacha looks to the future

What we could be capable to do in some months, even years, Wegacha always tries to know it beforehand.

Take a look at our website and discover the pleasure of boosting your brand with Wegacha, the non-agency that works better than an agency!

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