Creativity: The Soul of a Successful Blog in 2018

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Creativity: The Soul of a Successful Blog in 2018

As we all know, the art of blogging has become extremely popular and demanding in the business world. This is due to its capacity to exchange information directly between the audience and the brand by engaging and creating bonds without invading their space, a modern inbound marketing approach.

Just take a look at the live data Wordpress offers: with approximately 87.2 million new blogs are posted monthly around the world and a total interaction of 51.3 million new comments. As you can see people do like reading blogs, it’s not a mystery why they are considered a must for every brand regardless of their size.

Disregarding this evidence, many entrepreneurs linger between two minds when it comes to opening a blog for their startups. The reasons vary, but one that remains certain is that startupers have too much onboard to take the time to even begin to think what a blog could talk about, let alone the SEO side of it. Therefore, many decide to just leave blogging as a side-project, neglecting one of the most powerful elements of marketing.

Poor content is worse than no content

Now, let’s say you hire a blog content writer for your state-of-the-art technology business to talk about the industry’s latest news and work hard to offer content of value to your audience. It’s a good idea, but the problem is there are thousands of other brands just like yours talking about the same thing to their clients in a million different ways.

This is the reflection of an excessively growing blogging trend which has led to content saturation. The situation that’s continually seen is that way too many entrepreneurs start a blog only to do sales pitch and online ranking without thinking of delivering value or at least just something in exchange for their attention.

Indeed, customers have way too many options to choose from. Consequently (and I’m not saying it’s a bad reason), pretending they will buy your product because your offer only the best is not enough, sure, unless you have the size and reputation of a global brand. The fact is you must give something in return to complement your showcase.

The paths taken. The paths to take

One solution marketing specialists implemented for businesses with a very positive response is to give away useful resources such as free courses, books, reports on mutually appealing material or even discounts, depending on their branch that is, in exchange for their information to priorly engage in a direct conversation and develop a relationship.

Marketing a product is a lot deeper than that. Ranking is one primordial aspect of a brand, but good SEO isn’t enough, search engines demand quality and purposeful content. To be fair, in the end you might be able to get some traffic with poorly written, shallow content, but you will also get a high rebound percentage, no shares and zero positive branding, which all translates into a waste of money and time.

I consider that content should now focus on not killing what is dead and more on harvesting new crops. Regardless of what’s written, the market currently yells for a more specific segmentation with subjects seen from a creative perspective, outside-the-box content marketing if you will. All that people seek in such a crowded marketplace is personality and a brand that stands and care for them.

When a subject is so wore off and saturation is unavoidable, relevance is taken away from websites and blogs, so regardless of budget, finding the right person to do the job is a must if you want to be ahead of the competition.

To make the difference online, it is necessary to put all efforts on making content worth sharing, it doesn’t matter if it takes time to come up with original ways of using the resources that exist in your environment, globally or locally. Challenge must be at the heart of your content creation process, writing everyday on a variety of off-topic content to force ideas to come is a good option.

For instance, the FIFA world cup fever is a subject prone to attracting audience, brainstorming and mixing subjects can lead to awesome ideas you can divide with your content writer, it could very well turn into a series of articles with a unique, creative stamp in them.

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Don’t be afraid of going back: there’s no problem in editing old content to update and make reissues of, plenty of bloggers do that to keep from saturating and provoking the opposite effect in either search engines nor audience.

The last strategy I consider useful to fend off saturation is guest posting. Contributing to another brand makes you look well positioned, the purpose is to increase leads and engage with a different community. For sure, quality content is obligatory if you want to make this move a positive one, you have to captivate your host brand’s audience and vice-versa to finally increase conversion rates.

In the end, blogging is still a mighty resource for your brand, just be patient but fully creative, you don’t need to bombard people with content to raise awareness or get conversion. Don’t fill your posts with overly revised information and risk looking mediocre and uninteresting.

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