Tips on Building an Engaged Community on Social Media

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Tips on Building an Engaged Community on Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes brands and people, in general, make when using social media is they think the bigger follower number they have, the better.

In reality, you can have a following of 100k on social media without them caring about the content you post and you can have 300 followers who LOVE all of the content you post.

The difference between the 100k account and the 300 follower account is the way the brand/user is interacting with others on social media.

We’re not saying that an account with a big following can’t have an engaged community (check Garyvee) but for the most part, you can see brands with inflated numbers that don’t do anything for them other than show that they either bought the followers or used “growth hacks” which didn’t help them much.

We get it, building a community behind your brand is hard work and it takes a LOT of consistency to get it all to function together even after you’ve built the following.

But it’s worth it in the long run.

That’s why we made this article, to help you create a community behind your brand without using any cheap tactics in the process, it’s all up to you (or your social media team) to put in the work.

Let’s begin!

Provide Value

We can’t stress this enough! Your brand needs to bring something to the table on social media if it wants to stand out.

Social media is a place where engagement will not happen if all you do is talk about how good your brand is and why people should be buying products/services from it.

You need to give as much free value as possible for your followers to start engaging with your content on a consistent basis.

This means you should be creating content on social media which helps people out in some way shape or form.

This doesn’t mean you should be going super deep on social media (that’s what blogs and videos are for) but you should at least give people a bit of guidance on what they could be doing better inside of your niche.

The other positive of this is that you will be able to reuse the content in 3 months or so, meaning that you’ll be able to pump out a LOT more content full of value.

When you’re reviewing if a post is worth sharing, you should ask yourself “is it providing any value to people consuming it?” If it does, then you should post it.

Be Social

It’s insane to think that social media has become more about posting content than to be social.

Go and check 30 accounts inside your niche and you’ll see that most of them don’t respond to comments people leave them and probably don’t even respond to DM’s.

Sure, brands like Nike can get away with it because they’re known around the world, but brands that are starting out can't be leaving out potential followers out of the equation because they’re too lazy to respond to comments.

Being social means that you should be talking and interacting with more accounts on social media and trying to be their friends.

Yes, there are strategies you can use to create a community by being social. The biggest one right now is $1.80 by Gary Vaynerchuk which has you consume and comment on different posts inside hashtags related to your niche.

Sure, applying strategies like the one mentioned before, take a lot of time to do, but will assure you that the people who start following from it are interested in you and or the content you produce.

Even if you don’t apply the $1.80 strategy, you should be responding to every single comment and message you get on your account, it doesn’t take that long and it makes a difference to the person who left it!

Remember that it’s better to have 100 genuine followers who can’t wait for you to create more content than to have 10k who don’t care what you post about.

Involve Your Followers With Your Account

There are many ways you can let your following be a part of your account so we’ll talk about the main ones being used on social media right now.

User-Generated Content

For those not in “the know”, user-generated content is when your followers create content for you, which in return helps you increase your social proof. (a win/win in our books.)

This is a fun and easy way for your followers to show your products/service without it looking fake.

You can do this by sharing a picture on social media of someone using your product and leaving a call to action in the caption saying that you’ll be sharing the photos showcasing your product.

People like when their content gets shared, they like it even more when it’s shared by a brand they like, so use this to your advantage!

Going Behind the Scenes

Creating high quality is important, but letting people know your brand is being run by humans is even more important!

Show your followers how your brand looks from the inside and what they are doing before and after posting on social media.

It can be bloopers, takes you didn’t leave in for other posts or even a plain old picture of your office, the sky's the limit!


Having a good story behind your posts is as important as bringing value since people will feel like they're consuming content made by someone who cares about them rather than a brand that is looking to get their money.

This means you should be talking about topics where you have some experience and can elaborate around it.

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For example, you could be a graphic design agency and you could talk about the time you created 100 images with the wrong image size for Facebook and how you check your image sizes twice before creating them.

The story doesn’t have to be deep or emotional (bonus points if you can do that inside a post) but it should at least have a lesson or motive behind it.

There are thousands of other ways you can let your followers feel like they’re part of your brand than these mentioned before, but these are great to start it all of!


All of the tips before are great but none of them will be effective if there is no consistency to it.

You have to be able to post and engage with people on social media if you’re looking to grow in an organic way and get your following to build up into a community.

It takes a lot of hard work and mistakes are bound to appear but you have to be able to overcome all of it and keep on grinding.

You don’t have to do all of the hard work by yourself though! We offer different services to suit your specific needs no matter what social media platforms you’re looking to grow in.

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