How to tweet like a pro: all the tips you didn’t know!

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How to tweet like a pro: all the tips you didn’t know!

There is no doubt that social networks have a giant power in business nowadays, those brands that are not on social media yet are almost invisible to potential customers. Being into social media is extremely important in order to boost any business to the next level but, being there is not enough, there are a lot of things to do to highlight among the crowd.

With around 313 million users that use the platform actively each month, Twitter is such a great place to interact with current clients and attract potential customers too; moreover, Twitter is not as easy as just having an account, there are several factors that must be done to succeed.

Between the most important social media networks used in these days, not only for leisure purposes but for business too, Twitter has a good position, among the top 3, based on the number of users and the number of hours people spent there each day, this platform is an interesting place to share, reach people and create engagement.

On the other hand, Twitter is not an easy place to start; it is important to be aware that around 500 million tweets are sent, published and retweeted every single day on the platform, which means your tweets must be appealing enough to be noticed or they will be easily lost in this ocean of tweets.

Although it may sound a little bit terrifying to get into the complex world of Twitter, there is nothing to worry about, it is true that the process is not light but you will not die in the attempt if follow our tricks; studying your market, designing a good strategy and being persistent can be fair enough to succeed in this social media.

Also, as our goal is to help small businesses to succeed as we did, we have compiled the very best list of tips and tricks every starter up or entrepreneur must know and apply to get benefits of using this social network.

Everything you should know about the Twitter world

Twitter is such a unique place, its main idea is quite different to any other social media, it is focused in the diffusion of short messages wherein people can also attached images, videos, GIFs, and links. Moreover, as you may know, Twitter allows people to share short information, as each tweet has a top number of characters which makes the task a bit harder.

At the very first beginning of the bluebird platform, the maximum number of characters allowed in each tweet was 140 but it has been recently changed to 280 characters which have been applauded by users due to the flexibility to write by having the double number offers.

With all this being said, it is time to start developing your very own strategy to boost your brand to the next level through Twitter, read carefully our tips and tricks and then you will be ready to rock on this amazing social media.

First touches

Be clear: even when you have been told many times to be creative and let your imagination run free, it does not apply when creating the username; the simpler and related to the brand it is, the easier it will be for users to recognize it and associate it with the brand. After all, you do not see big brands such as Nike having a twitter account named @wemakewonderfulshoesNike, right?

Customize your brand: be sure you have an appealing profile picture that can easily represent your brand. Keep in mind that people tend to pay more attention to images than text so it is important to have a cool but clear profile picture to catch the attention of users.

Also, add a good background image; make the page so cool people would love to visit you. There are several ways to create and optimize the images you want to post on Internet; moreover, if feel unsure about you being capable of doing it, try setting a budget to design the images you will post, think about it as an investment and not like a waste of money.

Write a cool BIO: in this section, all you have is 160 characters; in here, try to use the most of them describing the brand. Also, in this section, you can allow yourself to be a bit funny, make it interesting to people who may read it and please –seriously, please- do not lie.

Follow back: nothing makes a brand account look more arrogant than having a bunch of followers and just a few following. Fulfill your account with important people, famous people, entrepreneurs, influencers, other brands. Be aware that Twitter is an amazing opportunity to help the brand to be seen more human by users, so least thing any brand can do is given them so love back.

In addition, there is no doubt that an account with few followers has low reliability. In social networks, the more followers you have, the easier your content gets viral, create more engagement, and are able to reach to more people. In some cases, to increase the growth of your followers with less effort, you can talk with some expert to help you out.

Extra tip

Be sure the number of followers is always higher in comparison with the number of people you are following; do not look so desperate!

Start tweeting

There you are, your brand profile is done, the coolest images you could design are already on your profile and background, you are already following some people and some others started following you, it is time to be sharing with users.

For tweeting, there is not something like a hidden secret or key to having success right away, it is more alike to a group of techniques and tools that will lead you to your goals: engagement and popularity.

Define the writing style: some brands tend to be very formal in the way they write and share their posts, while some others use humor as a friend to be social. It is all up to you, remind to be polite no matter which style you pick.

Use hashtags: they are by far the best way to make people who are not currently following you get to know the brand and content shared. Be original, use something easy to understand and remember and, when using hashtags that include more than a word, remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of each one; by doing it, #ItIsEasierToReadIt than #itishardtoreadthis

Do inbound marketing: if you already are in this world of social media and businesses, you may know how important inbound marketing is nowadays. Moreover, the use of content marketing is a vital part of inbound marketing. Use your tweets to share valuable information with users.

Be clever: when trying to share information in 280 characters, things can get a bit complicated. In here, imagination is a key part, do not stay only with written content but try some other forms to share valuable information.

An acute way to add extra information through tweets is by using other types of media and not only written information. Actually, Twitter allows people to attach images to tweets and videos up to 140 seconds.

Include visual content: as you may have heard, visual content attracts many people who prefer it instead of written content; customize images, use memes, share infographics, upload videos, make them allies of your friend to engage people with useful information.

Take advantage of Twitter tools: look after trends, separate your targets through lists, pin the most important tweets at top of your timeline or you can even pay for an ad tweet to reach more people. There is a myriad of available options in here.

Be patient and don’t give up: keep in mind that these types of actions may not give huge results in short periods of time; in this world, being persistent and patient is vital. The more you tweet, the more chances tweets have to be seen by more people.

Keep updated: in social media, trends can change rapidly; be sure you have all the topics covered so your brand does not get left behind by others; and, from time to time, dare yourself to create something innovative, maybe the next trend can be caused by you.

Last minute advice

It is extremely important not to get overwhelmed with all the things you have to take into account to succeed in Twitter; sometimes it is as easy as following your instincts. Also, thinking like a customer is an acute form to create content based on them.

The best thing to measure how your campaign and managing is going is by tracking your statistics; they can be separated in months or weeks. By paying attention to this numbers, it would be easier to known important things such as: how many followers you gain each day in average or which kind of tweets have a better reaction in users, and so on.

In brief, apply these tips and tricks and boost your business to the next level by correctly using social media; take advantage of the rush platforms like Twitter have in business nowadays, keep in mind that if you aren’t there, your competitors are already winning.

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