Virtual Assistants are Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

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Virtual Assistants are Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

Nowadays, Virtual Assistants (VA) arrived to take an extremely important position in any kind of organization. Since, in the beginning, it was believed that this service was only required and assumed by short businesses that could not afford the prices caused by the expansion of the enterprise like: more staff to be paid, more taxes as well, larger offices, many more office equipment, and so on.

Different from this belief, VA are necessary in any type of enterprise but, the main contrast between this new role and the traditional way to work is that the relationship existent between the client and the virtual assistant is purely virtual.

A VA offers an optimized, qualified and optimum service that will be paid by the client at the moment this one considers the assigned task as successfully done.

As a consequence of the inclusion of virtual assistants inside of any organization, no matter how big or short they are, VA have begun to be considered as a profession as well. Yes, as crazy as it sounds! A professional in any area whose work consists in offer his services by internet.

This type of relation that happens among an organization and its external employee is also known as collaboration and its characteristics may vary; even though, the principal variation within a freelancer, common name for VA, and traditional workers is precisely the absence of a set relationship. A freelancer was a person who offered a specific service to an entity without belonging to the same company and once the task is done, the relationship was ended.

However, this concept has changed a lot through time, so a freelancer now can work in long-term relationships for an enterprise without, for example, never putting a foot in their offices.

In the same way, when it all started, VA’s tasks were so limited to activities strictly related with administrations and/or web developing. This fact has changed a lot, it has been amplified to many others professional areas such as: translators, web developers, web design, graphic design, accounting, marketing, content writer, human resources, IT services, photographers. Architecture designs, and many more.

Some of the advantages you can find through getting this type of working relationship are: flexibility in job schedule, it can be set by mutual agree from both parts; also, freelancers can work from the comfort of their houses or personal offices, even they can wear pajamas and do their job very well!

Traffic and long-distance problems are nothing to this cases and variety in paying modes are also part of this remote collaboration. Actually, servers like Paypal, Payoneer, BTC, and so on are very important in VA’s working life.

Based on all the facts mentioned before, it is possible to say that there is not dependency in between, fact that favors the optimization of money and time enormously.

Another important aspect to be considered is the communication; we all know that team work cannot be possible without it. In this case, they are, of course, virtual. Based on this, Internet connection is absolutely vital for this type of businesses, as well as the use of certain platforms like Skype, Google Duo, task managing programs, and e-mail servers.

The particularity of remote working, can also bring you some other benefits such as external perspectives than can help to fix some deficiency the enterprise may have. Remember that a freelancer is an entrepreneur, so he or she are in the capability of bringing new ideas, taking important decisions and innovative content that would obviously add a great value to your company.

By the same token people can help you to delegate certain responsibilities and make your role inside of the company a little bit lighter, these skills are not only related with humans but technology as well. With all the advances we all have noticed, there are lots of systems, webs and apps capable of monitoring your remotes collaborators from the distance.

Some of the actions these types of programs can do for you are: monitoring the attendance of freelancers, tracking the amount of time they spend working in their assigned task, same as the number of tasks they finish in that period of time, manage some projects, work sheets, intern e-mails, automatized payments, reports and many more tasks.

One of the most known mechanisms is Hubstaff, it is mainly a company that offers a monitoring of staff through their computers. It can measure not only time but clicks and typing. Other feature is taking screenshots to help the managers see the tasks freelancers are doing in a really easy way and, based on that, determine the efficiency of a freelancer worker in the fulfillment of the objectives.

The origin of Hubstaff and others programs alike is precisely the enormous development that Freelancers workers are done to the way businesses used to work. Placed on this premise, remote workers needed a remote system; also, it is designed to work with the principal operative systems worldwide: Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Ok, all that have been said is very interesting but, something extremely important is missing… Where do you hire Freelancers and how do you know who is the most appropriate one for you? Easy, thanks to Internet, this stage has become a really effortless one.

There are lots of specialized webs in offer and demand of remote services, wherein both interested parts create detailed profiles in which they include what are they offering or asking, money expected to pay or receive, time set to perform successfully the task and others conditions. A competition is created by the various suitable freelancers and the consumer is the one in charge to pick the one who fit the most in the task.

If you think everything sounds great, let me tell you that you have no chance to be defrauded! Those webs compel the client to pay the stipulated price once the task is finished.

Here you have the most popular ones

  • Freelancer: it is the most important platform worldwide, it offers more than 20 different specialties and it counts with more than 15 million users. Based on its own description, it is a web site where you can get literally anything you can think of done. Keep in mind that the best way to find greatest projects is as simple as being honest, always; be an active user and always be sure to finish correctly and in the set time all your assigned tasks, this would give you extra points for next tasks.
  • Upwork: is another platform that works all over the world, it has approximately 12 million users. This Upwork system allows clients to interview, hire, and receive the works made by freelancers in a remote way. Its main head office is located in California, United States. However, barriers like time, languages, and contracts are not a thing in this organization. A value fact to take into account is that some Upwork users, based on the payment they receive, can be eligible to pay certain fees to this web site.
  • Workana: is the biggest and most important Freelancers’ web site created and designed in Latin America and thought specially for workers of this area. They are defined as the highest connector among the best virtual assistants and projects present in the region. Due to its location, the majority of the offers are in Spanish; however, English language is required too because some tasks like translations, subtitling, content writing and activities related with web developing can be asked in this or other languages.

No matter which one you pick as your final choice, each one of this platforms and the many more that exist would be a tremendous help to the developing and performance of your business, Nowadays, it is believed that a virtual assistance is capable of doing any task better, cheaper, and faster than a traditional worker; because of that, millions of professionals have left their habitual office jobs to start working in this task at long-distance network that seems to keep gaining ground.



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