Want your business to start the 2018 with the right foot? Learn how!

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Want your business to start the 2018 with the right foot? Learn how!

A new year is almost here, and with it thousands of opportunities to start all those projects you were wondering, to improve the ones you already have and to correct all the errors you have done through the year.

Every year is a new beginning and starting with the right foot is very important. However, nothing that involves success has to be with luck but studying, analyzing and working really hard.

With the proper process done, the acutest decisions taken and the best advising your business and your new project will be a total success. Here in Wegacha we have a goal: helping others to succeed, and you are not the exception.

As we always care about you, here are our well-kept secrets about how to be successful with that new project in the New Year. Be aware about the importance marketing has nowadays, having a big idea and not knowing how to advertise it means like you have nothing.

Nevertheless, creating a marketing project is as simple as creating accounts in social media and releasing a video, it is much deeper than that; yet it is not impossible, all you have to do is research a lot, pick your strategy and develop your project.

Best way to create a new project

For much people, beginning and adventure in e-commerce can be very confusing or frustrating because not knowing what to do or how to do it, the answer to all that questions is marketing, which allows you to connect with your clients, develop relationships and sending the message that will lead to sales and money!

Without marketing techniques, failing is really probable and here you are going to learn how to avoid failing. Once you have your idea, product or service, all you have to do it make the world know it.


  • Know your target

Consulting services in strategic sales is very important. Know what you want to sale, how you are going to do it and which one may buy it. There are many types of sales on internet: virtual sales, sales for physic products, services, and some others, it is vital to define which one you are going to sale.

Based on the Market Studies will help to analyze the current and future market, you will be able to know who can be interested in your product and service, it is known as target so you can focus your advertising to that group of people. By knowing your product and your target, you can do the best advertise thought in your potential clients.


  • Study the Market

The more you know about the environment where you are selling, the better product and services you will offer. Entrepreneurs and companies often need to rapidly analyze the market wherein they intend to sell. There is another factor that strongly affect the way you sell and it is your competition.

It is truth that you are not the only one selling on Internet and competition in here is very hard. It is really important to study the market and your competitors, so you can do better things in comparison with the ones they do.

Look after what they do, how they look, what they offer and how they offer it and then create more innovative advertising, better quality products and services, offer something unique!


  • Establish short and long term goals

This step is very important for many reasons. First of all, it helps you to keep focused in the project; also, it is really good to maintain you motivated. If you do not set short term goals, you may get disappointed by not achieving your main goals right away. Keep in mind that this project takes constancy.


  • Take Advantage with SEO

This technique is one of the best ways of selling in e-commerce. The use of keywords and positioning techniques can help your brand to get to more potential customers. In here, thinking like a client is vital, how many times do you pick the first option that appears in the search engine? Almost always, right? Well, you need to be that first option.

SEO strategies will help your brand to obtain best organic results and positioning which leads to increase conversions on website.


  • Use Content Marketing

The investment in content is by far one of the best strategies used in this year and it will be in the market for many more years as it has shown been very useful and effective in this particular way of selling. Content marketing is very beneficial for your e-commerce business goals.

Good writing can boost your business, by using this technique you have two big chances. First, by using blogs and articles you get to much more people that your usual market as content is available everywhere. Also, you give to your viewers the sensation that you are more interested in their wellness than in selling, which can bring your business to the next level.


  • Use Social Media

Millions of users spend hours in the different social media networks and apps every day which makes them an amazing place to advertise. Being an active brand in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter can be very beneficial to your business.

We all that being said, we hope you have an idea of what you should do to have the best marketing campaign in order to make your brand a successful one in this New Year. However, we are aware that marketing may not be your strong point, so we suggest to select a marketing team that can help and guide you during the process.

Nevertheless, picking the right team is something you must not do in a second, you need to be careful and analyze several things to get the very best team to help you get things done for you.


How to pick the right one?

First, look and ask. Maybe some of your partners or employees have heard about a marketing agency that they can suggest to you; if not, Google is your answer. Select from 2-5 agencies and then start your own research about them.

Please, do not select just one as you cannot compare it with anything else so you will not be able to see if they are the best option. Look for reviews, years of experience, other brands currently working with them.

Everything is valuable here. The best agency you can find is the one that makes you feel like it is interested in your wellness, the one that the partnerships seems like a friendship. Time and money are matters you should discuss before agreeing; the most expensive one not always means the best, yet the cheapest neither.

Having defined objectives is key, if you do not have what you want to get from the agency, it would be really hard to get satisfied about what are you going to receive. First, set all your goals and ask the agency to do their part aiming to accomplish those goals.

The moment you find an agency that fairly has everything you were looking for, and you are also conformed with the research you have done from them, prices and time too; you can be sure you are in good hands.

Wegacha - We really got you!

As you may know, Wegacha is an agency of virtual services, we work with the very best team of experts in different matters in order to offer our customers good quality services and good prices.

Here, we want to be an example of what a marketing agency can do for you. We offer freelance services for entrepreneurs, starting up and small businesses that are looking for help in the marketing area.

Our main goal is to bring your business to another level by managing all your advertising campaigns, creating content to attract more viewers. Help you to boost your business, creating videos and improving your pictures.

A good agency must be able to give you advices when taking decisions for your company and accompany you during the entire process. Creating a website from scratch and social media accounts too, growing your numbers in them and so on.

To sum up, a reliable agency has to be capable of taking away from you all the concerns related with the e-commerce matter, so all you need to worry about is your product or service, the area in which you are really good.

If working with a good quality team, 2018 is going to be a very successful year for all your new projects and your business. Grow will be guaranteed and day by day more potential customers will be aware about how necessary you are in their lives.

In brief, investing in e-commerce is an excellent way to boost your business and doing it in collaboration with a reliable marketing enterprise like us will bring amazing benefits to your brand. You will notice it sooner than you think.


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