Wegacha Maintains Impressive 5-Stars on Clutch Profile!

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Wegacha Maintains Impressive 5-Stars on Clutch Profile!

Digital marketing remains increasingly crucial for businesses to reach their target market and best present their brand image. Without implementing the correct strategies with frequently changing digital trends, companies could be placing themselves at a disadvantage that could stagnate their growth.

Luckily, that’s where Wegacha comes in. Here at Wegacha, we provide digital marketing services ranging from branding to SEO to even website management. With our help, our clients can rest assured that their digital marketing needs will be met with the perfect match of experience and creativity. 

Since our work is so focused on our clients, their words regarding their experience working with us are extremely important for our future projects. It brings us great joy to see a 5-star average rating on our Clutch profile across 10 unique reviews from former clients.

Clutch is a B2B site that uses ratings and reviews from clients to evaluate solutions providers across different industries. With the support of this site, companies can select which providers would best meet their project needs by reading about past work experience from former clients themselves.

One of our older reviews on the site is from Fine Chocolate Club. Fine Chocolate Club wanted us to help them work on e-commerce web design and development. We worked with their Wordpress site to adjust the HTML and refine the overall site to better accommodate as an e-commerce platform. 

We are incredibly happy with the results and quality of their work. They always had the best attitude towards changes and questions we had along the way.” -Founder, Fine Chocolate Club


Another one of the reviews on our profile, but more recent, comes from a baby apparel company. We updated the company’s Shopify site to create a more user-friendly interface that would help improve the overall image of the brand, and also make the site more easily accessible for customers. 

They’re honest as to what they can execute based on their skill set and the client’s budget. The team is very responsive when problems arise. If there was ever a deadline extension, it was because I requested something extra.” -Co-Founder and Owner, Baby Apparel Company.


You can also find us on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. The Manifest is an additional business platform that provides insightful business tips to better help companies find their best partner for an upcoming project.

If you would like to learn more about our past work experience or would like to get in contact regarding an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to let us know!


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