Wegacha + SelfMade the perfect match for brands in Instagram

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Wegacha + SelfMade the perfect match for brands in Instagram

Managing an Instagram account for a brand takes dedication and time, two extremely important things entrepreneurs cannot waste in small tasks, having experts in the area managing your brand account and getting in charge of all the tasks is such a blessing!

Instagram developers keep updating the app day by day, very often new features are added to the platform and follow the rhythm takes complete dedication from a person; Instagram’s feed is far from being the same it was when the app just born.

Gone are the days when this wonderful app was only uploading blurry images and filling the caption section with hundreds of hashtags. In these days, there is a myriad of possible options to perform and attract people to your profile.

Moreover, gaining followers on Instagram, posting pictures at the right time, optimizing the images before uploading them, using the correct hashtags accompanied with an acute caption is not so easy, there is a lot behind the process of posting a photo that receives thousands of likes.

However, even when the process sounds long and complex, having a professional profile in Instagram is absolutely necessary for both emerging and ancient brands nowadays; Instagram is a huge place wherein millions of users are actively interacting each month, which means any brand is very likable to reach potential customers in here.

Have someone to manage your account?

For some people, allowing a third-party person to have access to a private account, knowing your passwords, and getting paid to get things done for the brand is absolutely impossible, maybe they consider it as dangerous or a waste of money but, there is much more behind this type of services.

First of all, when developing a new business, every extra help should be truly appreciated; in order to succeed and not to die in the attempt, being able to delegate responsibilities is extremely important.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why freelancers or external workers are completely convenient for small businesses that are trying to grow up; you do not need for extra space in an office, no insurance, no taxes, no transportation, just good-quality work made at distance by an expert.  

Moreover, a vital step in this process is picking the right person to help you out. Look after people or agencies you can check their reputation, ask for recommendations, follow them on their social media networks so you can be completely sure you are trusting in the right person.

In these days, it is easy to find hundreds of freelancers and agencies ready to solve business problems for you. Do all the necessary research before picking the right one, make sure they will assign you a professional in the area you are looking for, just like Wegacha does.

What will Wegacha do for my brand?

Wegacha has handpicked experts ready to solve the business problems of their clients and help them to boost their business to the next level. All the members of Team Wegacha are professional in different areas and they will be exclusively dedicated to your project.

In addition, those experts have under their sleeve the best techniques and tools available in the market to ensure our clients what they are about to receive is the best-quality product; we have been in that position and we want to help others to have success effortlessly.

As you may know, something vital in this amazing world of marketing is how quick things evolve, talking not only about trends but the way things are done. While a few months ago, the main posts were created to be in the feed, nowadays, the stories have a good position too, just to mention an example.

Based on that reason, it is very important for managers to keep updated with every brand new trend, tool, app, technique, etc. existent in the market in order to ensure his clients that he is offering the best quality possible.

Tools? Which tools?

In these days, there is a myriad of different gadgets and elements available to help experts have a lighter job. Those tools vary depending on the task or area to develop but, in cases like Instagram when editing images, creating a feed, reaching people, posting images, and some other tasks need to be done, helps like SelfMade are incredibly worthy.

SelfMade is an app that can be used both in desktop or mobile devices, including Android and IOs too; among the wide range of options that anyone can perform through this app are image editing, hashtag supply, automatic uploading, and much more.

Instagram Elite Management includes SelfMade?

Of course, it does! Just in case you are not aware of this new, SelfMade is such a brand new app in the market, it was launched privately last year, in November and due to the incredible success it had in that Beta version, there is a waitlist to be able to download the app in these days.

On the other hand, in order to use SelfMade is necessary to pay; it could be $50, $100, $200 or any other amount depending on the plan you want to receive but, it works differently when you decide to work with Wegacha.

By asking for the Instagram Elite Management service from Wegacha, there is no need for extra payments, you just need to get in touch with us and then relax, we solve everything else.

Among the big opportunities anyone can find in here to help a small business to grow through Instagram, there are:

Unlimited edits every month

There is not a top number of editions we can do for you, every time you need us, there we will be. When an entrepreneur asks for a service from Wegacha, a professional manager will be immediately assigned to that particular project.

This special dedication means that the manager will be available to listen to every single doubt and question you need to solve. In addition, there are multiple ways of contact such as emails and phone calls to be in touch anytime is needed.

GIF's upon request

You have no idea how appealing a good GIF can be. There are many types of them and why not to have your own? It is possible with us, the only thing you need to do is ask for it and our team will start working on it right away.

A GIF will create engagement between the followers and the brand as it gives a sensation of naturality and uniqueness, it connects the brand and the clients in a human way.

In addition, GIF’s can get viral really easy and, have the spotlight -for good reasons, of course- in the brand will boost its growth impressively; the more people know about the brand, the faster the brand will grow.

Brand Manager

What can be better than having an experienced, skilled manager honestly focused on solving your business problems and getting tasks done for you? That is exactly what anyone gets when picking this service.

A brand manager available 24/7 to work for you, with updated skills and tools to bring the brand the best options available; then, all you need to do is see how your brand grows effortlessly.

Content Sourcing

When we say we take care of every single detail, we mean it. On the internet, it is absolutely

necessary to be original and unique in order to stand out, this is why we pay particular attention to the content is going to be posted on the social media platforms.

In addition, having a great range of different options such as: tutorials, storytelling, empathy, leadership, etc are vital too. Taking advantage of trends,

Grid Planning

Arrange the perfect feed and plan posts in advance right in the app; in SelfMade, there is a good amount of available options for plans with different tasks. In addition, our handpicked experts will use the app to help your business to the next level.

Once you acquire this incredible service, your dedicated manager will recommend the propitious hashtags and times to post to reach your target follower and build your audience by gaining more Instagram followers month by month.

Caption Writing

A good image is just a simple one if it is not accompanied by a clever and appealing caption! Happily for entrepreneurs, they have nothing to worry about it, as we get in charge of every single detail, including the creation of the captions of each image to be posted.

In order to have a caption that really catches the attention from users, there are many features that must be taken into consideration and we manage them all, knowing the intended market, their likes, and style, knowing when to be formal, funny or silly, etc.

We Post for You

Having the coolest post and uploading it at the wrong time equals having nothing; posting is an art that we manage very well. After doing an exhaustive research to the desired market, knowing when they are active, what they love to see and much more.

In the same way, we take care of posting every single post for you, not only in the feed but the stories too, everything scheduled and directed by the manager in order to take advantage of every single post.


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