Wegacha: Soaring Through the Web Design Realm

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Wegacha: Soaring Through the Web Design Realm

We all know it: Some websites are plain terrible. They don’t work correctly; they take too long to load; and it is nearly impossible to find anything. What makes the difference between a website that is a total flop and one that rocks the web? Visually, it is pretty simple... web design rules the game, and companies with a strong visual portfolio, like those on Visual Objects, perform the best. There are certain aspects of web design to which consumers should pay close attention, in addition to boosting your online presence.

But while certain facets of web design, like video, are important, you need to take a holistic approach to analyzing companies. Clutch is an online ratings and reviews giant that leads its industry. With client testimonials, case studies, and objective quantitative information, Clutch decides which companies are at the top and which ones are to be avoided, highlighting companies from web designers and PR firms.

At Wegacha, we make big things happen. Evidence of this can be seen through our recent award from Clutch as a top web designer in Miami! We have also been chosen as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Miami on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. A distinction like this is not easy to achieve. If it was, everyone would do it, but they cannot because ours is a selective industry--only the best survive! We would love to feature some of our clients, who have made a big difference in our success.

Angel Lacret, CEO CoBuild Lab, couldn’t get enough of Wegacha. “The quality of their work. We’ve tried to outsource to several other companies and freelancers in the past. The main difference with Wegacha is that they deliver good quality. The measure of quality or results is customer satisfaction. All of our customers have given positive feedback about Wegacha. They could possibly increase their speed but they deliver in a reasonable amount of time for the quality that they provide. I’ve tried other companies and freelancers that they deliver faster but the quality is much lower. Even if Wegacha is delayed by a couple of days, clients are satisfied because the websites look good, the navigation works, and the images are well done.”

Ilse Esteves, office manager at BettiBDesign, hailed Wegacha as triumphant. “We saw that they have the expertise, the knowledge, and the tools to support us right from the very beginning. They listen and provide the best service based on our needs and not what they’ve pre-defined. They understand what type of organization we are.”

A leading-edge firm, Wegacha has achieved success from the outset. Founded in 2017, Wegacha prides itself on innovation and client-success. Our clients gain peace-of-mind the second the start working with Wegacha. Our portfolio is impeccable, not unlike our reviews on Clutch and The Manifest.

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