Wondering where is better to sale? Here we explain it!

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Wondering where is better to sale? Here we explain it!

Internet is considered one of the most important inventions in the history of the entire world; if we rank a top: fire, light bulb and internet will appear on that list. Sincerely, we have no doubts about how the Internet has changed our lives in many different matters.

First of all, the World Wide Web was rarely more than emailing and sharing some data in internal servers; however, the concept has evolved enormously from that very first moment. Something we cannot discuss is how the web has improved many aspects of daily life, including the way we sell and buy.

With the development of search engines and social media, giant industries and entrepreneurs realized that the web was a great –and with great we mean incredibly big- space to do marketing, making the meaning of digital marketing something new and very interesting.

In the early beginning, the most popular form which through enterprises used internet to achieve more clients and prospects was Google AdWords, yet what is it?

Launched in 2000, it is defined as a very powerful digital marketing tool, also known as paid search. Even when Google has never been the only search engine yet the most used one, by advertising through Google, you will be able to get in touch with almost 90% of internet users based on ComScore statistics.

If an engine works for almost 20 years and keep being considered as the main influence in the area, it has to be doing great things.

Google Ads is the world’s biggest Paid Advertising Platform in the entire web; the target of keywords is the main process here, the utilization of specific words or phrases included in the search bar. Google works based on the searches users does and offer links to other websites that contains value information about the topic.

Pay Per Click is the name under which this process is known; however, Google not only concerns about money, several others conditions has to be taken into consideration to be on top of the results’ list. Matters like relevance and good quality of content are incredibly important to get best organic results and positioning; matching the keywords between content and search is extremely necessary.

Can you imagine how Google would be if they did not care about information yet just money? No-one couldn’t find acceptable info and the Search Engine will go down until die, this is mainly why Google always do the best effort to offer the greatest options first.

The main advantage of Google Ads is the fact that users are indeed looking for something, and your content can solve their doubts, or your product can help them, which increases conversions on website. On the other hand, Google has another enormous pro; ads are not only shown in the search engine but in Google Display too; it means that media like YouTube and Gmail can be a perfect spot to advertise your content.

Nevertheless, Google has competition. Every year, different websites –especially social media- have begun to explore this wide market in order to get a higher conversion.

Facebook Ads is a pretty good example of this situation. In these days, Facebook Ads have been considered the strongest competition to Google Ads. However, they work differently and each one has varied forms of working.

Opposite from Google’s Paid Search, Facebook is qualified as Paid Social which leads to the practice of advertisement in social media. Facebook is the most active social media in the world, millions of users spend hours in here every month; also, this app is very easy to navigate on mobile phones which makes users get connected more frequently as they do not need a computer to get in touch.

It is considered as one of the best spots to advertise and get lucrative results. However, they work based in different matters: while Google Ads matches keywords to offer ads; Facebook Ads just appear on the feed “randomly”. It directly plays with customers’ curiosity as a determining factor to make them click into the advertisements.

One way or another, they both lead to the same goal: selling more, attract more traffic and receive engagement from the users. They differ in the process and maybe one of them can be more helpful than the other. Here are the main differences:

Search intent

Google searches are specifically looking for something while Facebook users are not. However, ads are shown in Facebook based on the interests and likes of each person. Each of them has both pro and cons; a Google user will not stop looking until he finds the desired answer to his concerns, once there the marketing work ends.

On the other hand, as in Facebook no one seems to be necessarily looking for something to buy, so it allows you to advertise to people who are not currently looking for your product. It leads to create awareness about your brand, and potential customers as well.

To sum up, Google Ads is the most direct form to get to the customers you know are looking for your product or services, while Facebook Ads is capable of expand your target market through making people know about your brand.


Once again, AdWords is all about intention; you put in a tender that give you permission to target people under specific characteristics in the buying process. It means you can advertise for any topic that shares the same keywords that the searching phrase. By doing this, the ads will be shown to target people who is interested in what you are offering so they get the perfect offer just on top of the list.

In contrast, the power of target option is really huge. Facebook platforms is an enormous data base which allows the brand to separate targets based on several factors like age, sex, interests, likes and many more.

Also, your target are designed and selected by you, which means that you can do them as close and specific or loose and wide as you want; by doing this, you will be able to have control over the users that see and interact with your Ads.

Cost per click

An extremely wide range of prices are available in each platform. In first place, advertisers can pay up to 100$ per click in competitive industries.

In opposition, Facebook Ads can be as cheap as 0.25$, it does not mean that all the advertisement campaigns are around this price, yet they actually tend to be way lower in comparison with Google Ads.

Cost per Acquisition

This metric is considered more important that the Cost per click one by several experts. It is because the amount of money you receive have to be exponentially higher than the one you invest. As Facebook Ads cost less, people may think that you will win more because you are spending less but it does not work like that.

Prices in Facebook can be 5 fives cheaper than AdWords; yet, Google’s tool convert 10 times higher rates than Facebook. To sum up, even when you pay less in Facebook, it cannot beat the fact that Google keep being a better advertising place when speaking about the cost per acquisition.


It is well known that people who search in Google look after common names; the more famous you are, the most successful you advertisement campaigns are going to be. So, if you are a small business seeking for expansion Google AdWords may not be your very best choice as many users will reject your offer based on the fact they not know you.

This situation barely happens in Facebook, as in this media all the topic vary almost every day, people is used to see different brands and products constantly. In case you are a starting up business, by advertising in this site, you obtain access to another audience which leads to reach more potential customers.

Last advices

If have tried traditional search ads for your business and it has worked well; there is no reason to not give Facebook Ads a chance; they are always more people to be caught and no one will ever complain about saving more money in a company.

On the other hand, if you have only worked with Facebook Ads, you definitely must try in AdWords, it will lead you to people who is looking for something, and maybe that something they need is exactly what you sell.

The main thing in here is the fact that maybe you just don’t need to choose where is better to invest, yet being aware that even when they are similar platforms they work in a very different way. In some cases, one of them will be more helpful to your business than the other and vice versa.

Several reasons have strong influence before picking the most suitable one; by knowing your intentions you can choose what will boost your business to the next level. Keep in mind that in some cases you may need both.

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