Is a WordPress Website what your Brand is looking for?

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Is a WordPress Website what your Brand is looking for?

There you have an established company in which you work every single day in order to grow it and increase your sales. Moreover, you get into a point when it seems to be stalled, and it is completely okay, those first stages can be extremely confusing, not knowing which one is the next step and which option can be more beneficial.

However, while some things look like they are not necessary at all, there are some others everyone consider a must-have; things like a  having a market study plan, a well-defined market, those who may buy from you, a defined logo and identity, having profiles in different social media platforms, creating a proper website, etc.

Also, some of those things can truly help to boost your business to the next level in short and long terms; it is important to keep in mind that anyone trying to grow a business want it to last forever so it is vital to think and make decisions that bring benefits now and in the future.

Doing business on the Internet

Let’s be honest, the Internet has invaded every single space in our lives, the way we communicate, the type of entertainment we choose, the form in which we share information, including the way we do business. Based on that last thing the internet has changed is mainly why every brand –no matter how small it is- needs its own Website in order to have a presence in the important world of the Internet.

Ask this to yourself, in which brand would you trust the most: in that one does not exist on the internet or the other one you can easily find with a few clicks? You pick the second option, right? That is exactly the answer you want your customers to give, and you should be that second option.

Having a Business website can be very beneficial for growing businesses, it allows small businesses to have a good portion of opportunities in relationship with giant industries as they share a common space wherein people is always seeking for answers and something new to discover.

Among the wide and valuable range of advantages that having a WordPress Website can bring to a small business we can find:

  • Credibility: small businesses have to struggle every day with those potential customers that do not trust in them completely but, having a website dedicated to a brand –no matter how small it is- will supply extra reliability to potential customers as it gives a more professional and responsible face to the brand.
  • Reachability: in these moments, there is something we can have for granted: the easier is for a person to find you, the more likable the brand is to be chosen by a potential customer. Actually, it is something we do almost naturally, the internet era is so attached to us that we build trust from something we can easily find in our favorite search engine or preferred social media platform.
  • Building relationships: in economy, commerce, and marketing too, having a strong relationship between the brand and the customer is extremely important. Building laces with viewers, showing them you care, you take time to build sites in which they can solve their doubts, see what is coming, get in touch with you, and much more are strong features to build good and long-lasting relationships.

When a brand is beginning, people get curious, and having a business website is such a great opportunity to show them your story and give all those necessary information to generate trust from users.

  • The best for your budget: even though we may think to build a WordPress website should something really expensive not all can handle, it is completely the opposite, especially when it is compared with other types of advertising or sites to show who you are. Having a website allows you to do as many changes as you want, also to add all the features and sections you need, to manage your campaigns, designs, and something very important: it is 24/7 available.
  • No physical barriers: different from traditional methods such as flyers and press notes, having a site on the Internet means it is visible from almost any place in the world; this advantage allows entrepreneurs to spread the business rapidly in order to reach with the desired market no matter which is their geographical location.
  • Measuring the performance: a website is such a good place to have metrics and analyze them in order to know how the brand is going on; analyzing those statistics and metrics will bring enough valuable information about your visitors, how many they are, demographics, time they spend in the site, if they buy or not, etc.
  • Increase sales: it is, in fact, the main purpose of each brand in the world but we are aware that it is a long and complex process. Moreover, having a Wordpress Website for your brand will help you to inform potential customers about the brand, it will also create engagement with the content and idea, and all these will come up with conversion wherein this audience becomes customers.

Between all the options, why Wordpress?

As a matter of fact, only around 53% of small businesses have their own website, which a low percentage given the fact having one could be very beneficial for them. On the other hand, a good number of those that do not use a website thinks having one is too expensive for their budget.

However, this story about the high prices creating a website from scratch costs is just a myth; in WordPress, it is possible to buy a domain, pick a theme and do all the setup with less than $100.

Maybe this considerably low price is one of the most important reasons why Wordpress has taken the first position in the list of Websites. Actually, a few years ago HTML was mainly the only option when creating a website but this trend has been changing in the late years for the right reasons.

In addition, Wordpress is a software qualified as a CMS or Content Management System, probably the best and most efficient available in the current market, that enables people to create domains in a wide range of options and topics.

In Wordpress, every owner of a domain is able to manage it, edit, customize, and the most important part: posting content and creating incomes through the site. It is more than a site for practice blogging, Wordpress perfectly combines blogs, e-commerce and business.

About security, there is nothing to be afraid of, as Wordpress developers are constantly improving their privacy settings in order to offer the best and safest experience for all their users.

Whatsmore, the advantages of owning a WordPress business site does not end here, apart from saving money, this CMS platform offers a myriad of facilities for beginners in order to have their own site without having to spend much time on them or getting frustrated in the attempt.

One theme for each purpose

As all the brands are completely different, it is impossible to think that one modality can perfectly suit in all the necessary things each brand needs, it is for this reason that WordPress offers a wide range of themes and types of sites so each one can pick the one that works better for its purposes.

From Business card sites, wherein all the necessary information of the business is shown, to portfolio sites, perfect to show viewers the type of work you do. Also, there is the product brochure site which allows you to show the products or services you are offering to the market but without selling them.

In addition, there is the e-commerce site which is probably the most complete one because it combines all the types mentioned before, you can show works you have done for ancient clients, also supply the brand’s information while you also offer your products or services and customers can directly buy from you through your site in WordPress.

Forget about programmers

One thing that made people -especially starter ups- a few years ago was the fact that websites needed hundreds of hours and dedication to program every single code, action, section, etc.

In order to have a working site, people needed from engineers, programmers or developers to be actively taking care of the site, updating and fixing errors, but it has changed, especially with Wordpress, sites are easy to manage and the figure of a middleman charging money by each hour is not needed anymore.

On the other hand, WordPress Business Websites still need some dedication but the task is now lighter. Actually, getting your site managed by an expert would bring many benefits to your business.

SEO is your ally

Wordpress sites are very easy to setup and manage in general, but there are more features you can use to boost your business to the next level. Apart from being a good and secure place to be, it is so simple to optimize with SEO strategies.

For those interested in growing their business, knowing that a site that does not work with SEO techniques such as keywords, optimization, meta descriptions, etc. is a site that will not receive enough visits. Luckily, WordPress offers plugins and tools to make this step easier and effective.

Have the best of both worlds

For some entrepreneurs, having a website is vital, while some others consider a blog site even more important but, why having to choose just one of them when you can have them both? It is possible by owning a WordPress website.

In fact, those companies that own an active blog and share good quality content there frequently have more chances to receive more traffic from potential customers, and lead them to conversion.

In addition, having a blog will not be another concern for you if it is what you are thinking; managing a blog and content in WordPress is quite simple which allows small brands and entrepreneurs to handle it and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of driving more traffic through the blog and increasing sales too.

Engage & Sale

As we have been told you during this post, content marketing is such a good strategy to engage people; by doing content marketing you show a more human face from the brand, you supply viewers with answers, alternatives, and solutions to their doubts and problems through your content and products too.

When people realize they have sort of a friend in you, it creates engagement that leads to loyalty, as humans we feel loyal to people or things that help us, makes us feel confident and is always available and that is exactly what any brand gets through content marketing.

Moreover, giving the customers all the facilities to buy from you will let them without excuses to not buy from you. For instance, if you post something on any social media or post and people find difficult to buy from you, they will not do it.

On the other hand, if they can buy from you by clicking a few times, it will help them to take that final decision and doing it which means more income for you and effective marketing strategies.


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