¡2017 fue el año de estas estrategias de marketing! ¿Continuarán durante 2018?

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¡2017 fue el año de estas estrategias de marketing! ¿Continuarán durante 2018?

Selling is a complex process, several matters are included in this area. It is not so simple as just creating something and immediately receiving money for your creation, among the myriad of things you need to do in order to have a successful business, advertising is a key part of the process.

Marketing strategies come in different shapes and colors, to be able to know which is the accurate one, determining the size and characteristics of the intended market is vital. Once you know your target you can have a better idea of where and how to advertise.

In case you already have determined your target market and decided to whom you are intending to sell, next step is simply creating a marketing campaign; yet there are many things you need to solve in this step.

Everyday the market gets more rude and selling can get harder, so what you need to do is creating an amazing campaign that lead to awareness of your brand for both new and old customers. If your campaign truly gets into people’s mind and thought, you are already winning.

As here we care about you and your business, let us tell you about the marketing strategies that have an incredible impact in the way brands were selling last year. Actually, here in Wegacha we are completely sure that these techniques are far from disappearing; maybe all your brand needs is one of these tools.

Live Streaming

As real interaction has gained much ground in marketing strategies, customers just adore to be in touch with the brand, and the idea of having interaction in real time makes it way even more interesting.

This strategy accepts almost any kind of marketing, which makes it a very interesting tool to get the customers feel the organization as human and close to their clients. It helps to get a really good relationship between the brand and the clients.

A myriad of topics are available for video live streaming; from interviews to important people of the company, how to use some of your products videos, maybe the making of a production or even the behind-the-scenes of a perform or release.

Many platforms count with this service. First of all, Snapchat began using live stream videos; moreover, we know that this app has lost many of their clients based on the fact that other apps and platforms have included the live stream tool and many other services being more attractive to users than SnapChat.

Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram already allow you to do and watch real time videos through which interaction is very much appreciated. What we know for sure is that this trend is just beginning and it will keep growing the next as many more brands will try this strategy.

Story Telling

This incredible trend has revolutionized the social media, especially YouTube and written platforms such as blogs and articles post; yet what is it?

The main purpose of a story telling is adding value to an object or service. This value is not precisely connected with money or tangible things but with personal experiences, memories and feelings.

The enormous reach this trend is having and will have this new year is just unbelievable. The power of conversion a storytelling has is amazing. When a potential customer watch a video or read a post from this type of technique, the person passes through different stages.

As they catch the attention of the potential customer that begin watching or reading, it creates an interest from the person to the brand or product, every word the storyteller say may lead the person to feel the necessity to have the same product in order to live the same experience the person is telling.

Once the viewer or reader is aware of your brand and is already interested in buying from you as a consequence of the video or any kind of media he just saw, the buying intention grows significantly.

The opinion of someone that the person may consider as an influential person can make the customer make the final decision and end up buying the product or service to feel part of the story.

There is an incredible experiment performed by Rob Walker and Joshua Glen about the impact storytelling has in the selling process, without any doubts, this strategy will be in the spotlight much more time.

E-mail marketing

Some experts may tell you that this technique is ancient and it does not work, yet some others may tell you the opposite. It seems that the use of databases; in this case, email ones, is very useful, having the right contacts list is essential this process as it will allow the brand to get in touch with their clients and build closer relationships with them.

By doing this, the enterprises practice the segmentation process wherein they design specific content and products based on the clients they know in order to create engagement and be sure that the advertisement is getting to the right people.

However, this method is strongly criticized by those who think that the advertisement has to be wider to catch the attention to all the potential customers that still do not know about you.


Artificial Intelligence is almost everywhere and it will not stop growing at all. It is incredible to see how everything is being affected by the use of AI. The utilization of Chatbots has done a huge change in the way companies used to work and the perception their clients get from them.

 A Chatbot combines a group of algorithms in order to work as a human being, they give the feeling like you are speaking with a real agent which main purpose is to serve you and answer all your questions immediately.

In the very first beginning, this tools were only used by giant brands like Facebook, Google and Amazon; however, this technology is now available in many other organizations. From restaurants, hotels, stores and retailers are currently working with this type of artificial intelligence.

Chatbots will keep being part of the brands given the fact they offer optimization in the processes of customer services, giving accurate responses in record time, also they take information from every client.

Through doing this, they are capable of learning about every customer, offering a better and personalized service which improves the level of satisfaction a client gets from the brand.

The use of Chatbots is here to stay long and based on the giant success they have had this year, this trend will grow exponentially next year as many more brands will invest in this type of services to their clients.

Inbound Marketing

This strategy based on adding value to the buying process, it does not focus in the product or service yet in the information or content you can bring to your potential customers, and making it as interesting and appealing as possible. By this process, you make them feel like they need the product.

By doing inbound marketing, users can find you through channels, blogs, search engines and social media. The use of this technique has shown significant growth to the brands that have implemented it in their business so many more organizations will try on this tool to get the attention of many more clients.

Without any doubts, the inbound marketing is a trend that is far from disappear. It is a soft strategy, concerned in the client and not in the selling process. By the way,  we can help you grow your followers and posting there your links is an acute decision.

Now, what about if we tell you the most relevant advertising campaigns we have seen this year? To classify an ad campaign as a successful one, it has to be known by everyone, those we can relate the entire dialogue or song without missing a single word.

Here are the Top 4 of 2017

“The Truth is hard to find”

It is a series of ads shown in television and internet too, produced by The New York Times in partnership with Droga5. They talk about the dangers you may have to face while looking for the truth, especially in countries where the current political situation is delicate.

They tried to make people aware of the danger that uncover journalists take day by day in order to help investigate, it urge the customers to value and pay for this labor. Each ad shows the story of a photojournalist telling his or hers own version of the story.

“The Fearless girl”

This campaign was so successful that it won several prizes the very first day of its launching. It is produced by the McCann Agency of New York City, and the main purpose of this advertisement campaign was to create awareness about the importance women may have in any industry.

What the agency wanted to fund was the support for women to be taken into account for more leadership roles inside enterprises; it is only calling to equality and equivalence of opportunities.

McCann Agency developed a bronze statue of a little girl looking very confidence –fearless- and placed her right in Wall Street.

Burger King: “Google Home for the Whopper” and “Bullying Jr.”

This restaurant chain did an amazing job this year with their advertising campaigns, working with David Agency from Miami, they created the first one called Google Home for the Whopper, which was a very clever strategy.

It combines two types of ads, it has a 15 seconds video that was shown both in traditional media and in social media too, yet this video invited the viewer to use Google assistant to find out how a classy Whopper is made. There, the second part of the strategy began; everyone was asking Google about the Whopper, creating a worldwide trend about the brand.

On the other hand, Bullying Jr. is a kinder and heartfelt campaign about bullying in young boys and girls. The name is related with one of burgers asked for these range of age: the Whopper Jr.

So, they created an ad wherein they invited kids to share burgers. The clever thing in here is the idea of showing to people the values of the brand, expressed with actions that mean the company truly cares about the wellness of their clients deeper than obtaining money from them.

In Brief, and as you may have noticed, the selling process is a group where hundreds of techniques and strategies converge.

While the competition get more intense day by day, brands have to be constantly improving their skills and act more clever and ingenious to create ads that truly get into the mind and heart of the viewers.

We are aware that doing it is harder than just saying it, yet it is not impossible. Moreover, this process should not be taken lightly.

An smart movement in order to create an appealing advertisement campaign apart from using the strategies that are in trend is thinking like customers, think in what you would like to see, something good enough to convince you will probably convince your customers.



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